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  1. Just earned my 1000th trophy! 😀

  2. Plat #15 -  Mad Games Tycoon (PS4)


    Fun, but buggy game development simulator. None of the trophies are bugged, but the menus and placing down staff/objects can get wonky sometimes. Had my entire staff permanently freeze and refuse to move/work, which I think happens when you change the game speed too much in a short time. 


    Rating: 6.5/10 


    It's fun if you like simulation games. Got it in a sale and do not regret my purchase for the price I paid. 

  3. Got Mad games tycoon done, now I'm working on Remnant From the Ashes until I can get Naruto UNS4 downloaded again. Probably try to get through Naruto UNS4 over the next few days and then go back to Remnant. Just depends on what I feel like playing tomorrow.
  4. All you need is the Elder Scrolls online base game and an ESO+ subscription to access all content. An ESO+ subscription gives you access to all DLCs (although I'm not sure if the newest DLC is available with a sub, but if not it probably will be at some point) and a lot of nice perks. It gives you a crafting bag with unlimited storage, 10% bonus experience earned, and a few other things. The ESO+ subscription is $15 (?) a month I think....
  5. Trying to get Mad Games Tycoon Legendary difficulty done. I hit a brick wall last night at around 5 million dollars, but I think I'm going to try to hire more staff since they are so cheap anyway and attempt to keep going. Also I'm going to get The Walking Dead done in a few days and start working on Naruto UNS4 again. After that I want to either start Horizon Zero Dawn or Remnant From the Ashes, not sure yet.
  6. 1. Pokemon Crystal (GBC) 2. Dragon Warrior Monsters (GBC) 3. Fallout 3 (PS3) 4. Doom (1993 - PC) 5. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (PS3) 6. Bioshock (PS3) 7. Dead Island (PS3) 8. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (PS3) 9. Apex Legends (PS4) 10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)
  7. I had the "save the nurse" trophy bug on me. Had to do another quick couple minute playthrough to get it.
  8. Hexagon Trials mode went up a few hours ago. I think the mode is up for the next three days. 3 rounds, 20 people, no team games/all Hexagons.
  9. Thanks for this! I'm just starting the game for the first time and hope I can plat it one of these days. Playing as a mage with lightning abilities and pets. I started watching the video in your first post and saved it to my watch list to finish later. At this point (this early in the game) I know it'll take so long that I'm just focusing on completing the story missions and getting what I can along the way. I'll get ESO Plus soon, because the inventory space limit has been horrible.
  10. Beat the Call of Duty Cold War campaign on veteran earlier. Now I'm working on a couple multiplayer trophies.
  11. It didn't pop for me the first time I played it without dying. I took some others advice and deleted my save file then beat each mission in order (exiting out to mission select at the beginning of every mission and if I died) and finally got it. Took me about 3-4 hours to run through the whole thing.
  12. I was just on ps4 a few minutes ago and was able to sign in fine. I'd do a password reset asap and activate 2-step on your account if you have a cell phone and haven't already. Just to be safe.... The playstation network service status says there's no issues either.
  13. It gets a lot easier once you stick with it for a while and get an idea of what you're doing. It was difficult in the beginning for me too and I never thought I'd be able to earn the platinum in it. I played for a few hours and got a few of the trophies and kept dying. Then I restarted with a better idea of what I was doing and I think I died maybe once or twice in the entire 60+ days it took me to finish it.
  14. You don't need the bats or the birds, and they also need to be dead. It worked for me after I added the hogs. All the places I looked said you needed just the boars, crabs and snakes but they added the hogs into the game with an update and changed the trophy requirement.
  15. Most of the trophy list was easy, but there were a few that were sort of annoying. The Blight Queller trophy didn't pop in my game during the main story, even after grinding out darkspawn kills in the alienage for several hours. If I had to guess, I had easily 2000 darkspawn kills after all of my save reloads. I had 500 before I beat the main game the first time, and I reloaded the alienage about 50 times and never got the trophy. They changed the requirements a long time ago so that you could only get the kills in a single playthrough and it has to be done with the grey warden with you controlling him. I got that one in the Awakening DLC instead. It's also so easy to lock yourself out of the option to romance Lilianna. You have to do certain things in a specific way, otherwise she will only be your friend despite having a full bar of relationship with her. The harvester boss in the DLC took a while too. Overall, I don't think the game is near as hard as you'd think based off of the rarity. It was just those three trophies that I personally had some problems with.