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  1. Yeah, you can select and complete as many as you want. If you complete over one game a month from your list they’re worth .5 points. Any game not on your list that you complete is worth .1 points too! You can also add or remove games twice per year in April and August. I’ll probably keep this open for a few months to see if enough people are interested in an event like this.
  2. Tekken 7 is around a 10 hours plat and it is really fun. I basically finished it in a few afternoons. There’s a slight grinding trophy for reaching ranks, but the story can be beaten in less than an hour if you skip cutscenes.
  3. Added! Thanks for joining! edit: added a new rule that says you cannot fall below zero points. There is no negative scoring. Also, lowered the point loss for not completing a game in a month from 1.5 to just 1 point. in the event of a tie, the person who earned the points first is ahead in the leaderboards.
  4. A small update on my progress: I’m halfway done with Dead Ops Arcade in Cold War. Made it to round 30 in solo advanced start this evening. I’ll probably try to finish the plat up over the next couple of days, and then move on to Onslaught. I already finished the Die Maschine Easter egg trophy a few days ago. I made it to year four in Pocket Academy. My expectation is that this will take longer than Game Dev Story by the same developer. The years go by slower and I have a tiny feeling it’s going to be much harder to hire Kairobot in this game. I’m guessing it’ll take around 15 hours. Plan to work on Hyper Scape tomorrow. I set up a boosting session tomorrow with a few people. Hopefully I can get the remaining trophies. I finally hit my goal for 80% completion after I ruined my goal of more uncommon trophies than common. Played some super easy Breakthrough games a few days ago. But I’ll catch back up eventually.
  5. I'm running a new backlog event throughout 2022. Come join to help clear out those pesky games and trophies!



  6. Completed my game for the month. Any takers for this event? I know there are several backlog events right now, but I’m feeling rather lonely being the only one on the leaderboard. 😭
  7. I’m going to throw out an odd suggestion and say you should finish the platinum for Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. I know the dlc is unobtainable, but it is a fun game and would be a good plat to have. I did it on my old account. The zombie/plant based kills only take a couple hours grinding.
  8. I have a small list of games I want to do on ps3. They include: -LA Noire -Fallout New Vegas +DLC -Fallout 3 + DLC -Dead Space -Doom Classic Complete -Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons -The Sims 3 -The Sims 3 Pets -Dragon Age 2 -Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time -Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus -InFamous: Festival of Blood -Far Cry Blood Dragon -Life is Strange -Pac-man Championship Edition Not sure If I can finish them all this year, but looking forward to getting into a lot of them!
  9. I’ll add my own backlog list shortly. I was thinking of adding points to any game completed throughout the year that’s not on your backlog list. Maybe it’d add 0.1 points to your total. What do people think? That should stop people from going into the negative margin at the end of the year from incomplete games. Edit: Added my list of games.
  10. Hi and welcome to the Backlog by the Month Challenge. The goal here is to pick a list of games from your backlog that you think you can complete this year (complete either the platinum or 100%) and try to complete at least one game per month from the list. There will also be a lifetime leaderboard that will continue to update for as long as the event is around. This is the first event I am trying to run, so if I am missing anything in this post that needs to be brought up, either PM me or leave a comment in the thread. Thanks! Point total will be monitored to see if they are too high or too low as the event goes on. _______________________________ How the event works: -Post a list of games you are confident you can finish this year – there is no upper limit, however you will need at least one game per month for the event depending on when you signed up – and then try to complete at least one of those games per month. For instance, if you sign up in January, you need to post at least 12 games, if you sign up in June you need at least 7 games and if you sign up in December you need at least 1 game. It's best to add as many games as you can, however there is a penalty for not completing a game that you said you would, so don't go too overboard! -You complete one game per month to earn points. The first game you complete from your list adds 1 point to your leaderboard total, while every subsequent game completed in that month adds 0.5 points. Any game that you complete that is not on your backlog list (but would've obviously been in your backlog) earns you 0.1 points each. -If you miss a month and don’t complete any of your backlogged games, you lose 1 point from your total. If, at the end of the year, you haven't completed the games you said you would from the backlog, you lose 0.1 points per game that you didn't complete. -However, you CANNOT fall below 0 points. There is no negative points. -In the event of a tie, the person who earned the points first is ahead in the leaderboards. -You can edit your backlogged list only twice per year to add or remove games (they can be edited the whole months of April and August, but only once per month in those months). -Every new list counts as a new game. So for example the Jurassic Park telltale episodes on PS3 count as five different games. I will try to update the leaderboard once or twice monthly. Please post in here with updates on how you are doing with your backlog. -No cheated games or hacked trophies allowed. Also, autopops don't count for points. -You can choose games you haven’t started yet, or games already on your profile. ______________________________ There will be prizes throughout the year for the top performers, given out at my discretion (probably a couple times a year and especially at the end of the year). Possible prizes will all be USA PSN cards (PSN Credit, Playstation Plus memberships or Playstation Now Memberships). ______________________________ Leaderboards: 1. Thirsty_Otter - 1 Point 2. VoltrefferNL - 0 Points _____________________________ Participant Information: - Thirsty_Otter - VoltrefferNL -
  11. I bought it and have been enjoying it. It's a pretty unique puzzle game and the graphics are pretty. I can see the screen warp and pausing trophies being tough, because you really need to pause the game at almost a perfect time for some of them and the guide says you cant make very many mistakes. I just beat world 1 - took about a half hour. Looking to attempt the 100%.
  12. Since I have some down time, I figure now would be a good time to make a post looking back at past games that I've completed. This is going to be a temporary thing, since I will try to keep up with my completed games in the future. Siralim 2 This is a lesser-known game, and a game that I feel like should be played by more people. If you enjoy pokemon or monster-catching game.... if you enjoy leveling up to ridiculous levels until your stats are barely legible in the menus.... if you enjoy random generated dungeons with quests and items akin to Dragon Warrior monsters, then this is the game for you. The game has so many great features. Just when you think you've seen everything the game has to offer, it throws a new game feature at you to mix things up. A lot of people might be put off by the pixel graphics, but don't be. It is an awesome game. It has relatively tough bosses, which were (for me) the hardest in the series. Every monster in the game has a hugely powerful trait that you can work to synergize with the rest of your team. There are spells, items, favor points to earn, endless dungeons, a weapon system that allows access to even more traits! The possibility for team combos is almost endless. All the trophies can be gotten in around 40-50 hours. There is a grindy trophy for summoning creatures, but you should honestly have more than enough materials by the time that you finish everything else that it should be no problem. Most of the trophies are for beating the in-game bosses. I'll leave the trailer below for your viewing: Dragon Age: Origins To be fair, this game is a little aged on PS3, but it's still a heck of a good game. I played it because I plan to complete all of the Dragon Age games. There are a few annoying trophies (the blight-queller can be buggy and I almost gave up trying to romance Liliana) including in the DLC (the Harvester has about ten times the health it should have, and you have to beat it on nightmare), The storyline is solid, the gameplay is good.... If you like western RPGs and haven't played this, what have you been doing for the past decade. The Wolf Among Us My favorite out of all the telltale games - I even like it better than The Walking Dead. It combines classic fairy tales with the real world (in the story I think regular humans are called 'mundys'). You play as bigby wolf who is the law enforcement for the local magical folks. Their world has struggled for a long time in poverty (to the point that many of the fairy tale creatures have to resort to illegal activities to get by) and they use expensive glamours to blend in with common folks. But when someone starts killing off the characters, it's up to Bigby Wolf to solve the problem before the fairy tale world comes crashing down. There's not much to say about the trophies. They're all obviously chapter related. I just wanted to throw out my support for this game and highly recommend you play it. WHERE IS THE WOLF AMONG US 2, TELLTALE! Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot I feel like I have to mention that I've wanted a game like this for a looooong time. Ever since I played the Legacy of Goku games on Gameboy Advanced, I was hoping for a bigger budget Dragon Ball Z game on consoles that was open world. This is pretty much everything I've ever wanted from a game like this. The game gives you the freedom to approach fights however you want and you can pick from a variety of characters (I'm not sure why you would use any team other than Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan though, as those are the ones you level up most through the story). There is cooking, fishing, material collecting (along with the dragon balls), side missions, great open world battles with destructible environments, and a lot more. I'd go as far as to say, if you've never watched the Dragon Ball Z anime or read the manga, you could start out with this game and be fine as far as the story goes (although I'd definitely recommend watching the anime first if you haven't seen it). This was one of the few games I have ever preordered, if that tells you anything. The trophies are fairly easy, which should speak for itself given how common the plat is.... But it could take upwards of 40-50 hours to finish off everything and there is a little post-game grinding. The most annoying trophies were the ones for collecting the Dragon Balls so many times because you have to wait so many in-game minutes for them to spawn back in (I think it's 20), so I'd definitely recommend going for them every chance you get as you play the story. I really hoping they're working on a game like this with the Dragon Ball Super or GT storylines. I feel like this storyline has sort of been done to death (which is my only tiny gripe about the game), but the other two would be awesome!
  13. It's taking me a little longer than I wouldve thought to complete this (not that I mind, as I'm having fun with it). Still not 100% sure on the requirements to hire Kairobot. I've heard some people say you need 3 game of the year awards and others say you have to hire other certain staff first. I'm having bad luck trying to get a game of the year award. I made a game with 350 fun and the rest were all above 120 and i still didnt win the award. I'd say my total estimate to completion is 5-7 hours... just going by what I've played so far. Also, this game is on sale right now in US for those interested. edit: finished it. took about 8-10 hours. Could’ve shaved off an hour or two had I gotten game of the year awards early. To help others, you need 5 game of the year awards to unlock Kairobot and you can get goty awards by having a game with 350 fun and 200 of everything else.
  14. My list of 2021 platinums:


    1. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    2. Stranded Deep

    3. Undertale

    4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Campaign Remastered

    5. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

    6. Teslagrad

    7. Access Denied

    8. Realm Royale

    9. Loot Hero DX

    10. The Walking Dead

    11. Mad Games Tycoon

    12. Heavy Rain

    13. Contraptions

    14. Subnautica

    15. Minecraft

    16. Baseball Breakthrough Gaming

    17. Racing Breakthrough Gaming

    18. Football Breakthrough Gaming

    19. Remnant: From the Ashes

    20. My Name is Mayo

    21. Little Adventure on the Prairie

    22. Chess Ultra

    23. Tekken 7

    24. Bioshock Remastered

    25. Football Game


    1. Thirsty_Otter


      My list of 100% Completions:

      1, Siralim 2

      2, Adventure Capitalist

      3. Apex Legends

      4. Don't Bite Me Bro

      5. Thomas Was Alone

      6. 8-bit Adventure Anthology

      7. Frogger Returns

      8. Skateboarding Breakthrough Gaming

      9. The Swapper

      10. Super Kids Racing

      11. Clicker Heroes

      12. Whispering Willows

      13. Race the Sun

      14. Paraiso Island

      15. Deliriant

      16. Party Trivia

      17. Aabs Animals










  15. I'd like to join! My goal is 90% completion, up from 76.92%. Seems like a big jump, but I don't have near as many games on my profile yet as some of you do.