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  1. Hello, I wanted to share some tips for boosting Blur multiplayer trophies. At the time of writing, it's 2021 and the first Blur trophies were earned almost 11 years ago (April 2010), so the best way to get these trophies is definitely to boost. Plus, these servers won't last forever. Blur's developer was shut down over 10 years ago, and its parent Activision certainly doesn't make any money by running Blur servers. So if you want these trophies, boost them; and if you want to boost them, do it the smart way! @JimmeC hosted a boosting session that I joined, totally ignorant of the MP trophies. Jimme was the best boosting boss I've ever seen, so I wanted to write out his attack plan to get the trophies done smart. Blur's MP trophies: Friendly Competition Friends make better enemies Giant Killer Challenger All Rounder Living legend? For your consideration Modder Photo Finish Motor Mash King You'll be best off boosting 4, 5, 7, (maybe 9) and 10. You can earn this on your own. You just need a friend on the single player leaderboard to select as a This trophy is very buggy. You may not be able to earn it. See this forum post for further discussion. If you can earn it, you only need 1 friend with Blur. Optionally you can use an alternate account. This should naturally as you work toward (6). Challenger is a big discussion in its own right. See the details here. Likely the easiest option is completing Drivers Ed to 100%, Daily to 50% and Specialist to 50%. You can complete most challenges naturally as you work toward (6) but you may want to boost: Drivers Ed - Shock Evader III (Be targeted by Shock and avoid being hit 50 times) Specialist - Nitro Specialist (Win a race using only Nitro) Specialist - Barge Specialist (Win a race using only Barge) Specialist - Bolt Specialist (Win a race using only Bolt) Specialist - Mine Specialist (Win a race using only Mines) Specialist - Backwards Thinking (Win a race using only backwards attacks) Specialist - Pacifist (Win a race using no Power-ups at all: do this concurrently when you work toward trophy (5)) Also boost Ultimate Comeback Challenge (concurrently with trophy (5)) and make sure everyone completes the challenge before moving on. Also boost Retribution Challenge (concurrently with trophy (5) and (10)) and make sure everyone completes the challenge before moving on. With a party of 4+, make sure everyone wins a round of Hardcore Racing. Also make sure everyone gets to be on a winning team in Team Motor Mash or Team Racing. This trophy will come naturally after you have boosted the other trophies. You can also use a turbo controller to avoid getting kicked due to inactivity, and grind XP while you are AFK. This should come naturally as you play online, boosting should not be necessary. This should come naturally as you play online, boosting should not be necessary. This trophy came naturally for many online players, but it was a huge thorn in my side. You may want to boost it, but it's hard to plan in advance. Simply make an agreement to race side-by-side to the finish line and you should earn it eventually. You'll need some speed to place ahead of someone within 0.1 seconds. Boost this trophy, it's easy and fun! You need to: win a Motor Mash event Wreck your Multiplayer Rival (which you are automatically assigned every match). This is the perfect time to complete the Retribution Challenge in trophy (4). Earn 50 points in one event Good luck everyone.
  2. Greetings, I just got the cursed "Friends Make Better Enemies" trophy after some creativity & hassle. Note that my PSN account is from 2011. In fact, I remember buying my copy of Blur at the store! So, I don't have advice if your PSN account is relatively young. A few months ago, I changed my PSN ID; picked up Blur again in February 2021. My progress (online & offline) worked despite an ID change. However, I couldn't receive any Friend challenges. I talked to PlayStation Support to revert to my old PSN ID. (I just learned you can change to any previous PSN ID free of charge). I was then able to send myself (old ID) a challenge from an alternate account (created in 2021), and received it with my old ID! To earn the trophy, I beat the challenge and sent a re-challenge. Lastly, I talked to PlayStation Support and "re-reverted" my PSN ID to my current ID. Also, did not check if my old ID was on the leaderboard. I checked challenges first - that's what the goal is, anyway! Interesting note: On my alternate account, I was able to see that I had received and beaten the challenge, but naturally I did not receive the re-challenge on the alternate account.
  3. Have you tried deleting your game save/game data? It looks like 10 players have popped that trophy in Feb 2021 alone: Edit: it just worked for me too.
  4. I can tell you that some of the trophy titles look like they wouldn't compile in a program 😂 Just like you, I clicked onto the game page out of curiosity.
  5. RISK Factions seems very much delisted from PSN, now in February 2021: On PSN webstore: RISK Factions is visible, but does not have a price listed Viewing PSN from my PS3: RISK Factions game is not visible, but RISK Factions full game unlock is available to download I can keep playing RISK Factions on my PS3 console, but I don't see a way to download the game to my other PS3. What a shame 😔 EDIT: if you already have this game, don't uninstall it! Good luck to all RISK fans.
  6. Awesome, thanks
  7. Hi there, Does NFS Undercover require an online pass? I borrowed this game 8 years ago from my local library and I'm considering buying a copy to get from 1% to 100% trophies. Thanks for your time.