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  1. Finally got my plat. Winterhome Survivor was by far the hardest challenge for me but after about 20 attempts I was able to work out a successful strategy. Really love this game and looking forward to the sequel.
  2. I haven't commented on this forum in so long but I just looked up the trophies out of curiosity and when I saw that trophy I had to come here to see what people are saying. 😂 Is anyone talking about the rarity tho? I got bored after one page but a trophy like this in a game that was free on PS+ on release I would think it would be rarer. Is it easier than it seems or is trophy hacking that bad these days?
  3. Made a quick and dirty video of how I mostly grind fame these days. Fighting unarmed is the best in my opinion because you'll never lose a fight. My first fight was really sloppy but the next two should give you an idea of how fast and easy this method is.
  4. Well from a developer perspective I do sort of hate the fact that the games lag, freeze and stutter. I'm under the impression they have an internal software they developed to produce their games and that software is just fundamentally flawed in how it handles basic tasks like loading and memory management and they have been too busy churning out new games to update the software so that it doesn't suck. Probably not an issue on PS4 anyway, wouldn't know personally. The fact that I am still personally compelled to buy and play these games even tho as a developer that stutterring offends me deeply, I mean how you gonna have a game that is literally just a bunch of cut scenese strung together and you can't make it run something resembling smooth...well it's a testament to the quality of the stories and just the overal enjoyment I get out of those worlds. Not to mention they tend to be on sale all the time really cheap. I wasn't planning to play Wolf Among Us because I didn't know anything about the world or what it was but then it's on sale for like a buck and I'm thinking ok guess I'll try it...loved it and hoping for a sequal.
  5. Best Tell Tale game to date imho. Borderlands was sucha wonderful choice for a TellTale crossover. An awesome world with great characters and atmosphere and style but that you necessarily have to tack on 80 hours worth of FPS-RPG action so it can classify as AAA game. I remember the Bioshock guy speaking of this problem when making Biockshos Infinite. Speaking of which, how awesome would a TellTale Bioshock game be? Well maybe that's not really necessary but it's an interesting idea. My only dissapointment with Tales from the Borderlands (and it was palpable) :
  6. IMHO the only thing that needs to change with the average rarity statistic is, as some have already mentioned, it should not include DLC trophies in the calculation full stop as these have very bloated rarity. I have thought many times about posting a thread stating this simple fact but never bothered to actually do it since doing so on this site basically guarantees you to get a bunch of responses from people being like "who cares about that, we don't care, why do you care, only %5 care...etc etc...
  7. This game is really, really tediously boring. It is actually impressive how bad it is and the fact that the plat is ultra rare is a reflection of that. Here we have a game that: -Has no multiplayer -Has less than 100 Collectibles -Platinum can be earned in under 30 hours. -Has a difficulty rating of 4/10. So why, when you consider those facts, is the platinum ultra-rare? The answer is because the game is just boring and tedious, lots of loading screens and running around the hub ad nauseum trying to learn the map and also to earn the platinum in an efficient time you really have to follow guides studiously, basically you need to be watching video walkthroughs from the moment you start playing or that 30 hour plat can easily baloon into 60+ hours because any time you spend playing without a guide will more likely than not give you no real trophy progress.
  8. So basically a lot like the first one where 8% completion is enough to rock an A rank.
  9. As is often the case there are pros and cons to both systems so it's not really a question of figuring out which system is flawed as it is figuring out which system suits our purposes better. For example, who knows how many cheaters have been blacklisted from the stats on this site? But ultimately at the end of the day Sly's numbers are easier for humans to read and compare which is what makes them better. We're really interested in trophies rareness as relative to other trohphies, not in a vacume, so it's nice for me to be able to guage that relativity without having to count decimal points.
  10. The Shining fo sho.
  11. Perfect irony would be if they exile or kill Pete and then Rick's appendix ruptures. Yes if my appendix ruptured I would rather be under the care of a plastered surgon than a sober pizza delivery boy, personally.
  12. You guys don't get it. You wouldn't lose your spot on the board when you add a new game (which is exactly the problem with the .org board which causes people to do stuff like only play one game at a time and not sync their trophies until they complete it - problems that would all be solved by this system). In this system whenever you hit 100% your score would be updated but it's not updated or changed when you lose your 100%, only each time you obtain it. For those saying that you could get on the board by just starting a new profile and playing TWD or whatever, ya you could, but you would always be on the bottom of the board so i don't think the peopel who are interested in this type of competition would really care about the bottom feeders. For people saying it's pointless or it's not a stat that matters, you could easily say the same about the leaderboards in general. You could also argue that the leaderboards are "unfair" because some people are willing to play Hannah Montant but you only play games you like which makes you so righteous or whatever, lol. If you aren't into the competition, that's fine, most probably aren't, but features like this aren't for you, they are for the people that are interested to see where they stand. Finally, re: hiding trophies. Sly knows if you have hidden trophies. If such a feature were to be implimented it clearly would have to disqualify people with hidden trophies. Problem solved.
  13. This was my argument with my buddy who watches the show and I don't really get how nobody else sees this. A doctor in that world is like a friggen' UNICORN. You need that. If you want to live, you NEED that. If they didn't have Hershel in the prison half the group would have been wiped out, if not more. I hear everyone talking about how Rick is such a great survivor but I don't see anyone talking about how having a trained medical doctor actually trumps preventing wife beating, you know, in terms of survival - not to mention Rick even went so far to say he wouldn't do this for anyone else. It's not even about survival, or morals and ethics, it's about Rick wanting some poon. That guy has really lost the plot. Peeps are out to lunch. Maybe it's because 1 in 20 characters on the show end up being doctors. Pretty sure that ratio doesn't reflect reality.
  14. Although Sly prolly has better things to do, this is a cool idea and the naysayers are all peanut butter and jelous.
  15. Can't wait to play this episode. This is the best Telltale game yet for my money.
  16. This ^^ The bigger the game the more likely to have bugs. If you think GTA5 is that bad try playing anything by Bethesda or BioWare - games that don't even have multiplayer, trololololol.
  17. Exactly what I thought. Can't stant people constantly using the term 'hacked' this way. You didn't get hacked, you gave away your shit.
  18. Oh great now where am I suppose to flirt with other middle age dudes?
  19. Why would you want to fight a climax tho? GET IT GUYS? GET IT!!?? I'll just let myself out.
  20. 11% buying microtransactions doesn't mean it's a failure. This is long known in the industry when you have microtransactions in your games you are making 99% of your money of 1% of your players. The ones with really addictive personalities that just live in total denial of what they are doing until they see their 5k credit card bill.
  21. "Full Game" - more like Full Game*** ***Not actually the full game... It sucks but it's only going to get worse. The problem is that people actually buy them so they make more money this way. Console gaming is in a tight spot because they put more development into their games and make way less money than something like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. I read that konami was only going to make mobile games now. Microtransactions is where the real money is at. The recent South Park episode for freemium gaming was spot on.
  22. I didn't even know there was downtime. All I can say is the January plus lineup is sweeeeeet.
  23. When I first saw the trailer for this movie all I could think was "wtf". I still don't really know what to think about any of this, except that the whole thing strikes me as a bad idea from the start.