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  1. .. I keep my current I'm hesitating between doing a 100% completion secondary account or trying to do a 80-90% completion on my current one ( since I for sure won't do Bf4, bo3, codwwii due to expensive dlcs. ) What would you do? fact is, I have a few proud plat.. Titanfall, bf, all dlcs, dead by daylight and tlou.
  2. damn you played everything, what can i suggest you? Idk maybe bayonetta, does it have something to do with your games? No, but i can't suggest you fps since you played each one of them so here is the complete opposite.
  3. The games listed on the " easy completion " don't seem to be very interesting to be fair. I don't want to buy a game a game just to get 30 minutes worth of enjoyment.
  4. I don't want to plat-whore but I'm looking for fun, short games and non-extensive trophy list. tell me what you're suggesting.
  5. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom you're legendary
  6. I usually see a full european server of tsar operation towards 9pm utc. So no, now you don't need 20 people to start an ops, you can wait in one that have 1-2 players in it and hopefully it will fill up with time. Yesterday I went in one in which it started from 3 people to full server in 1/2 hour.
  7. no major bugs nor bugged trophiees now but the game is kinda buggy. Haven't noticed frame drops at all on base PS4, the game runs smoothly enough compared to 3a games. The servers are bad honestly, they put europeans and americans in the same server, as a consequence you go against 300 pings players that move weirdly and are hard to track. and due to that, the hit registration is weird, sometime it connect but most of the time it doesn't especially with automatic weapons, so you end up mag dumping someone and not killing him, this happen mostly in tdm games, haven't had many issue with this in excursion. The 100% is ok, really not hard if you are a decent fps player ( and even if you aren't one, it will just be a bit longer ), with 2+2 logic, you can easily outplay people in this game since they always camp and play very passively, some players do move around a bit trying to kill hunt you, you usually see one per game according you even see one.
  8. An alarm is automaticaly triggered during mission 2 after torturing the High Overseer, I stil had the " non detected " status at the end of the mission but I'm still not sure if this will void or not the achievement. Thanks.
  9. Are the trophies actually missable? I read they made an update during the game life cycle and added chapter select. Have anyone tried finishing the trophies via chapter select? does it work?
  10. did that update fixed the other trophies as well? The one related to cracking the safe 5 times?
  11. Is this really hard? Do you need a few thousands hours in the game? Do you need to pay a few hundreds bucks?
  12. thanks for the replies
  13. Ok, so there's side quest marker nearby, called Ancient Master, I ignored it since I thought it was one of those random mission. I guess I should have looked better
  14. Do you mean the "Master Swordsman's Cave" ? There's no quest indicator there. It's just a blue travel dot. edit: it's right above " Dhaka" right?
  15. Title. I'm level 76, only quest left to do is beating groh as a astral figure. My weapon is maxed out as well.