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  1. This is very true i'm going on infamy 2 right now and the hardest part will be all on deathwish you need to have a solid crew for that. Thank god no guessing game.
  2. Use the map above take the Traincar side check all the locations on that side if no ingredients the hit restart. Rinse and repeat. I got it yesterday as well in less than an hour. Happy hunting
  3. If someone can help with weapons that will help out a lot im 41 commando PSN mf_emokiller
  4. So down to one left and that is guessing game if some one is down for the rush ECM way and willing to help others as well, Currently im l-65 and have a good amount of offshore. I am also looking for people with MICS because it makes it a lot easier to do, and will not take any blank request put in note payday 2 GG
  5. Only open matches will you be able to get the trophies
  6. i just picked it up looking for some people for coop
  7. Only need sitting loki now and i am look for people to help me farm him if so please no blank request and if you need help i will gladly help you
  8. All i need is Fenia Kona haresvelgr mokkurkalfe surt Loki (sitting) Any ones will help alot
  9. I would say the game for me is a 8/10 it just a pain in the ass when there are like 20 guys all hitting you at once and nothing to do, plus the rediculous grind for things like trying to get cards and shit to refine with and why only able to near 5 cards whats the point then???
  10. I threw the list out there so if i get one ill cross it off till five are left or if i get one from play ill do the same.
  11. I need quit a bit when i get them ill takem off thanks for the help 1.Skoll 2.Hati 3.Farnir 4.Kona Hraesvelgr 5.Grendel 6.Mokkurkalfe 7.Fenia 8.Menia 9.Hrungnir 10.Surt 11. Utgarda loki (sitting) Agin thanks for all who helps and ill try in return the fav
  12. It look's alright i'll get it, for me it's not always about how it looks like but if it's fun to play.
  13. I can't wait to check it out, I just hope it's as good as it is on PC.
  14. I just picked up the misfits collection 1&2 and been listening to them like crazy