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  1. I don't have a lot since it's been about 8 months since i stopped trophy hunting seriosuly but I'm happy with what i have : #1 Fastest achiever in Furi #4 Fastest Achiever in Hollow Knight EU I had some other ones on my old 100% account for about 4 games but they were just shitty games i played for Ultra rare trophies so it wasn't really because of practice or anything
  2. You'll get every DLC, which is about 5 costumes, a Super costume for Nero, Dante & Vergil (without having to finish DMD With them) And all modes/difficulties will be available from the start I think it would be better if he finished all the S Ranks first so he can get more comfortable and learn more about the enemies and the game itself as a hole
  3. It's not as intimidating as it seems, I'd even go as far to say that the S Ranks for all difficulties are more time consuming than difficult tbh except some annoying missions on DMD because you can literally cheese all of them with Lady&Trish With Lady you can just keep spamming the charged Pistols and Rocket Launcher and BAM free style points With Trish you can throw your sword and keep spamming forward triangle (charged) or backwards triangle (also charged) which will give you crazy amounts of Style points Beware though that this method is really and i mean REALLY boring, the hard part will be not killing yourself out of boredom The only trophy that actually has difficulty is finishing Bloody Palace with Trish You can use Super Costumes with the rest of the characters and for Lady just keep jumping in circles and spam Chraged Pistol shots As for the roadmap : 1-Either play the game on Human or Devil Hunter (I recommend DH) with Nero/Dante and get all secret missions and if you want, you can save a playthrough by getting the S Ranks on DH in this playthrough but that's not realistic for a first time player since you'll need to get at least 80-90% of the red orbs for the S Ranks 2-Cheese all S-Ranks difficulties with Lady/Trish while getting SSS on bosses along the way (which will probably come naturally except Dante and probably The Savior) I suggest using items on DMD S rank runs Also, this playlist will be helpful This one too : 3-Finish Heaven or Hell & Hell and Hell witb Vergil since you'll have to finish the game once with him and with Super Costume he's the easiest character to finish HAH with 4-Finish bloody palace and clean-up And i think that's it, if you have any questions or need help feel free to PM me.
  4. as Daiv said it does not have any affect on ranking is it worth it? it depends, if you're going to be the kind of 100% "Completionist" that sticks to easy games in fear of they're completion or make the 100% affect the games that they will be playing then don't bother with it. someone in this site said it already : someone with a 60%ish completion with hard/worthwhile games is better than a 100% profile with easy to medium games and i had a 100% account before so i'm talking from experience. if only someone didn't get a trophy from a game with a closed server and ruin my 100%... left trophy hunting ever since
  5. "I'm just going to play games to respect me as a player" and then goes to play POWGI and Ratalaika games Seriously tho, even though Sony has been assholes lately I'd say what's more hindering your enjoyment is the games you're actually playing By looking at your trophy list most of them are cheap/easy platinums and hardly a worthy game tbh so it's on you, you need to branch out and play different games or should i say ACTUAL games more I'd recommend a few like Hollow Knight, Doom Eternal, Celeste, DMC5, Bloodborne and others I consider these some of the best games of last gen
  6. You already played Bloodborne so you pretty much know what to expect, no souls game you play will be harder than the first one you played (except Sekiro lol) Hope you enjoy it.
  7. Same thing here, I'm pretty disappointed with the price of this game since i was excited for the Western release ever since they announced the remaster. I was going to have it day 1 too It's espically jarring since this so called "Remaster" isn't even a good one since it has technical issues (espically on Switch) the cutscenes are ripped straight from the PS2 original with the same pixelated visuals and not even full screen. Not to mention that the combat still uses the compressed soundtrack even after all these years... I'm still wondering why they decided to make it 50$ espically since they released Persona 4 Golden on PC for 20$ I want to support the game so maybe we can get more SMT ports/games but this is an outright rip-off. I'm either waiting for a sale or maybe not even buying it to begin with given how scummy the product is. Edit : forgot to mention the PC version uses DRM... Just wow
  8. I got it yesterday no problem, just disconnect the Wi-Fi after "Communicating with server" is done and the blue loading appears Then go and join an offline lobby and you'll get 1.2 Million Zeni without being notified You can check the total in your statistics
  9. Yes you will, but as i said it would be better to finish the game with Vergil in DMD difficulty so you can get his super costume to make his BP run laughably easy
  10. The difference is SMB and Wolfenstein 2 don't have cheap exploits or what not in they're trophies while in DMC4 you can basically cheese the S Ranks with Lady& Trish Dante, Nero and Vergil's BP with super costume Lady's BP is basically spamming charged pistols in circles The only hard task is to finish Trish's Bloody Palace which isn't really that hard since you can abuse the infinite DT pandora glitch. Sure the platinum is not easy but it's nothing more than a 7/10 at best merely because of Trish's BP Same thing with DMC5 Except even easier since you get an auto S-Rank when you do no damage which you can easily cheese with faust and other tricks for the other characters And even if you get hit you can just quit the game and come back. They even made the S Ranks easier in the December 2020 update for the game I got it twice on 2 old accounts and planning to do it here too Games like DMC4&5 having 10/10 difficulties is an absolute joke, you don't even have to learn the game lol. Bet most people who platinumed the game don't even know what jump cancel is.
  11. I've finished it 4 times on PC and honestly i think it should've won GOTY since it's just on a hole other level compared to the rest of the nominated games (except Doom Eternal) Gameplay, artstyle and music are really good but what really surprised me is the voice acting. It might be the best voice acting I've heard in any game I've played Not to mention that the story is good but it's more for the likeable characters than the story itself. But the way it's presented is really unique since it's tied to your gameplay and wether you die at a certain boss or place. I'm currently at 25+ hours and I'm still seeing new dialogue constantly. Really hope it can be ported to PS & Xbox so more people can play it:) and I'm sure it will get ported at some point . Let's just hope it's not a 3 year wait like Cuphead.
  12. You won't need to do it at a low level since you'll be able to farm with the other dungeon I've talked about, you can get to 100+ in about an hour so... Why not?
  13. There's a good amount of people that got it in the last 6 months so why are you asking about this guy specifically About the platinum being achievable or not, I've heard that you'll need a physical copy to get a certain trophy (I remember reading it at @Arcesius's checklist for well over a year ago) I also know @ZoutjeNL got the platinum recently, so... Hope you guys can answer the question about Isaac's platinum achieveability (is that a word?)
  14. This is the method i used for finishing BP with Lady, just keep spamming her charged pistols while jumping in the edges and your safe She has the easiest BP but the most time consuming one You can do this with Nero but it's way less effective since his gun takes ages to charge and is not as powerful, but you won't even need it if you have the super costume You can do this with Trish but instead of using the gun keep spamming triangle and jump but it isn't that effective either i just do it when i was nervous or wanted time to think what i should do next
  15. I know how you feel, tired of all the people claiming DMC5 is a 10/10 in terms of difficulty when its hardly a 6. You don't even have to be good at the game for it to be this easy cause there's a lot of ways to cheese all mission S Ranks In terms of Hollow Knight at least it actually has some difficulty involved in it unlike for example DMC5. I guess using games like Ikaruga, Raiden IV or Dariusburst is a better example of a 10/10 platinum than Necrodancer since it's on a league of it's one lol About the 12 hour playthrough : it actually states that it'll take you about 50 hours to get the platinum (legit) and that the 12hour time is just an estimation if you're doing everything perfect and not stopping every now and then to check the guide for directions.