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  1. yeah i have it done. it didnt unlock the first two times that i did it though. i think the reason it didnt unlock the first two times is because i pulled the lever while it was still rising up and didnt wait for it to fully rise up before pulling it. after i waited for it to rise up fully first, it unlocked
  2. was it the lever? that was the only reason that I could think
  3. love the killer lol
  4. run, move, run isnt unlocking for me... def did it twice.. edit: nvm, it unlocked the third time. i wasn't waiting for the lever to go fully up before pulling it before if that is the reason why it didnt unlock
  5. i think it's holding O, pretty sure that was working for me
  6. these speedrun times are crazy
  7. i usually have my messages off but turned them on for something and got hate over dead by daylight lol never know how to react to these 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BlackSquirrell1


      These trolls must be mad because they ran out of Rata games :lol:

    3. WishingLemon


      'ez' is a prime response if you want the fun reactions that follow

    4. DeadlyPerfume


      Can confirm this is the Dead by Daylight experience, sometimes people DC and send me salty PSN messages while the match is still going on, and I always laugh when I see them pop up in the corner. 

  8. it definitely seems very up to preference, i had to play a lot of hag because getting 15 kills without her hex totem being sacrifices took a long time and started to eventually get some good matches as her... for reference, what i thought going for their trophies: the trapper: his adept took a long time to get... i dont really like his traps and didnt use them a lot.. i didnt play him that much because his trap trophy had low requirements wraith: didnt require much thought to play which was nice, go invisible and go after people lol hillbilly: i usually just hit people and dont use his chainsaw because its so hard to use. his 50 chainsaw trophy was annoying nurse: sometimes get lucky and get good games as her but most my matches, i do awful, she's so hard to play the hag: played the most of her to get her trophies, actually pretty fun to play the doctor: pretty easy to play, im able to tell where people are because of his ability huntress: im never able to hit anyone with her hatchets, barely played her becuse shes not needed for platinium
  9. Who is an easy killer to grind 500 sacrifices? This is the last trophy that I need for the platinum and I know that it will come eventually but when I'm close to the platinum, I just want to get it. Killer can be really hard, I like playing survivor more so I haven't played killer a whole lot except for getting their trophies. Who would make this trophy easier for me? I have 270 sacrifices right now. I will buy the dlcs eventually so if any dlc killers are good, I can get that specific dlc.
  10. How do I do these? I can't do a single one, i just hit the ground, there must be something i'm missing to make me able to turn easily or go back up after going down.
  11. just cause 4 is kinda dull....

  12. persona 5 strikers i played 10 mins of it and was in love lol been a long time since i played persona 5... not sure if i wanna continue now or wait until a better time starting it properly