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  1. #14 Life is Strange: Before the Storm - More Life is Strange is always good. Really enjoyed the story, and loved getting to spend time with Rachel after hearing about her so much in the original game.

  2. honestly dont have any idea what these games are like but at first glance... seems like a decent variety
  3. side note: joyce from life is strange is one of the best video game mums loi

    1. Anxiety


      She really cared for her family, working a tough job, putting up with her wreck less daughter etc, she is the real MVP.

  4. i just got 1000 views too,,,
  5. Very disappointed that dead by daylight didn't bring over Claire Redfield ://

  6. #13 Life is Strange - I played this when it came out but I enjoyed playing it again. A very nice game, with nice choices and messages. I want to play the games that came after as this sometime is the only one that I've played

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    2. iliya0212


      @MarcusPunisherHmm.. I see your point, it is definetly valid, but I guess it just wasn't the same for me personally.

      Also, I guess the story of the second game resonated more with me, despite it being suuuuuper cheesy at times :)

    3. Lucy Kushinada

      Lucy Kushinada

      Well done. :)


      I have actually played and plat the game myself. It's a really nice touch feeling experiencing Time Travel and seeing things unfold. That story itself was damn good. :)

    4. jiichangmin


      yeah i agree that the story is really nice

  7. #12 Rogue Company (PS5) - Autopop

  8. sleeping dogs
  9. Miles Morales
  10. Kingdom Hearts
  11. Borderlands 1
  12. Dragonball fighterZ
  13. True fear 2,,,, Never heard of it acutely. I just like the sound of the title
  14. Finished RE0 - not the plat, just a basic playthrough getting around half the trophies. nice game, although a bit frustrating at times. i have no idea what to play now. i find myself mostly playing dead by daylight on pc these days

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    2. LukeTheGooner


      I think with 2 and 3 you can buy better guns straight away on the ps store

    3. jiichangmin


      yeah i dont think re2 remake will be hard. love claire so will prob plat it. never played re3 remake, might get it on a sale eventually

    4. LukeTheGooner


      my plan is to play them all, a long road ahead but hopefully will be amazing :) only ever played 0 so far

  15. yeah, i got it a while back. thanks though