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  1. These don't appeal to me. Hopefully someone likes them though
  2. Will this come to UK soon? edit: nvm, it's there. always ask before checking lol
  3. hmm just cause 4 has been one of the most unfun games in recent memory
  4. dead by daylight,,, if you enjoy the game, it's a fun platinium
  5. the witcher 3
  6. 9/10
  7. thief
  8. Deus Ex: Human Revolution not sure though, they all seem good
  9. re2, ive only done a basic playthrough, would like to replay and plat some day
  10. Autumn's Journey
  11. infamous second son
  12. one of my two controllers is def faulty, the camera shoots up when playing dead by daylight and makes an already stressful game more stressful lol. when i notice it happening, i just switch controller
  13. that game interested me but it looks so generally terrifying idk if i could play lol
  14. not sure which you mean but healthy obsession and near death experience are both fixed now... i just got healthy obsession and near death experience is going up
  15. lol i made this because i was in a hurry to platinum the game. I ended up getting all the DLCs on sale because i'm enjoying the game a lot and once i got all the DLCs, the 500 came soon after because I had so many DLC killers to try out.