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  1. Facing the same problem as you, the Ant-Man's DLC related Minikit trophy is bugged in my profile. I'd recall using a save-quit during the mission without knowing better, but not even replaying it solves the issue, so that's unfortunate. If a way to delete DLC Save data (and only those files) is known I would happily try it once more, but I won't bother doing half of the game again just for that 1 trophy.
  2. In the video he states that he already saw the leaked folder, and, presumably, Sony wouldn't ban suspicious CIDs because of the chance that innocent could be affected in the process with the current CID manipulation/Spoofing. He's a somewhat known YouTuber in the Spanish PS3 CFW scene, so, in my opinion, It could be true. PD: Used my PS3 for the last days and any problems with PSN and sync atm.
  3. You know something's wrong when a 2003 Barbie PS2 game looks more fun, more polished, and simply better than this game.
  4. Re-watchable cutscenes Sometimes I miss huge parts of lore about the world, characters and history due to me not being focused enough, and I can't see the scene again later on. Sometimes I forget essential information as playtime passes, and I have to exit game and search on some wiki just to remember it. What I mean is, I want to being able to re-watch any of the cutscenes I already saw on-game without the necessity of seach it up out-game (on YouTube/wikis) or by re-playing the game just to see a certain scene. A simple menu with all scenes in chronological order works for me.
  5. Crowds of enemies can sometimes bust you if you aren't well prepared, but, for the most part, it is fairly easy to go through the game w/ all weapon upgrades
  6. The communique is 'bittersweeted' at most. "Oh yeah, people kept paying for old content, we can't complain and we cannot close the store as we would be losing some money, so keep buying as we'll no longer support the store if we don't become richer. Btw buy PS4 & PS5, those consoles are new, and fancy, and with 'cutting-edge' tech; not trying to convince anybody in moving of platform, but we are secretly doing it. Thx." - Jim Ryan, CEO and Destroyer of Legacy
  7. It was up for ~3 months (between November and January, for what I recall and searching in the original video where I got to know of it) but days after I downloaded it the Full demo was gone. I just played some minecraft hours ago and I can still see it in the library, So I guess it's permanent.
  8. Wow, another trial with trophy compability, I guess Sony really wants to give us games. Noice Strangely, this also occurred when I installed a Japanese Trial of Minecraft: The entire game and trophies were included (Online features still require PS+, so sadly no 100%, too poor ). I'm not complaining, those 100+ trophies were very helpful to my account
  9. Funly enough, there is a public 2015 study funded by de European Comission to see if Copyright infringement does affect negatively in the product's legal sales. In short, this is what they said: Piracy doesn't affect sales as much as companies say, mainly because people that have illegally-owned material weren't gonna pay for the product anyways. Those were "lost sales" from the start, but having an experience with the product, even if infringing with copyright, most likely will help to boost sales when they have enough interest and/or money.
  10. Sony has definitely made big mistakes these past months with their current services, but It's still a far better option for me than buying a Xbox Series X/S. Enlisting some of my reasons: 1.- Xbox gaming is mostly suscription-dependent, and I don't really like not having permanent ownership of a copy of my played games. 2.- It is rare to even see a Xbox One in sale around my country, let alone Series X/S and physical games. Buying physical Xbox games isn't an option for me. 3.- I like PS exclusives more than Xbox exclusives. Besides Sunset Overdrive, Gears of War's games, and Halo games, I can't really remember another IP that is somewhat interesting from my perspective.
  11. Well over 100 million PS4's are out there as of December 31th, 2020 The game sold just over 10 million copies (by February 2019 at least) Yeah, I think the other 90% of players (that didn't had it before, like me) are gonna be grateful.
  12. I've experienced the same issue with my own PS3 Slim: I turn it ON, 3sec later 3 *beeps* sounds while my PS3 turns itself OFF (That was a pain, never gonna buy refurbished items from GameStop ever again ). I started checking every once per month if the console would let me do something, believing that the problem would fix itself, but after 7 months I just give up and keep it somewhere in my home. Years later I remembered the console, plug it and turn it ON just to see, and It worked. I have no idea how, but I'm grateful So yeah, this could be the worst suggestion you could possibly recieve, but maybe waiting 2-3 years will fix it?, It worked for me, somehow
  13. Hi there! It's nice to see more people getting into this hobby; I hope this community fits with you You have a quite good taste in Shooters: All Doom's games, Duke Nukem 3, The Resistance trilogy, etc. Also, you plat'ted Mirror's Edge, you have my respects
  14. Ratatouille, an all-time movie favourite with a equally splendid soundtrack. Definitively a well deserved Oscar.
  15. I might go with TBOI: Rebirth; I always wanted to play it but never gave it a chance... I'm not good at those type of games, so maybe that would go to my backlog If i played it lol