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  1. Okay I honestly didn't even know that was a thing, thanks for letting me all know
  2. Thats so stupid I had no intentions on cheating, Why do I have to hide my trophies for. I didnt even know that was even a thing.
  3. Is it the option where I have to go on my ps3 and hide the trophies for the game?
  4. how can I hide the game?
  5. I literally just went here https://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/952338-batman-arkham-asylum/saves downloaded and saved a file on to my ps3 and played the game normally, without any intentions on cheating. I clearly had no idea that doing that was considered cheating. I didnt even know trophies popped this way.
  6. I didnt use the game save to get trophies I just used it like that, most game files are available so you can play through a game with all the perks, how was i to no that the trophy would pop. again I said i might have used a save file I dont remember its been 3 years. And every single other game ive ever played Ive played without the intentions of cheating thanks
  7. Ya I might have used a game file from gamefaqs I never hacked it to get the trophies. As I said I do not remember.
  8. Dx_enzoem Batman: Arkham Asylum I honestly dont know how this even happened I dont pay attention to the time and day I was playing and I last played this game in 2014 which is 3 years ago. I really just enjoy playing games and never used any cheats or hacks to get ahead. I apologize for any inconveniences. I do not want to loose my trophy progress or get blocked from my psn account thank you. It just came to me but I may have use a download save from gamefaqs but I dont now why or how that would cause the trophies to pop. I fthat is clearly the case then Im sorry but I was never aware that just loading another save can cause something like that.
  9. need help with tower of babble psn Dx_enzoem plz have mic