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  1. Unfortunately the aforementioned 'Prolific Creators' and 'Full House' trophies have been specifically designed to only be attainable offline/locally (by our not so dearly departed clowns at Wish Studios!) This obviously left all of us with the uneviable task of having to gather six electronic devices (4.1 API or higher) OR having to somehow try to snake charm an emulator into connecting to the game.....neither were/are particularly appealing prospects! The problem with the helpful emulator video that Nhi posted circa 2017 is the 'rooting' method used to extract the games APK no longer works as shown. It is now a completely different GUI for the installed devices (even the Samsung Galaxy S5 utilized in the video.) It took me over 7 consecutive hours to finally connect to the servers using Genymotion so i suppose the good news is that it IS still possible (even for a layman such as myself and others.) Once your have the devices installed you can simply drag & drop the APK onto the device and it will automatically download BUT make sure you only use the 1.4 version of 'That's You!' and NOT the up to date 1.6 version of the game or the installed devices within Genymotion WILL NOT accept it. Try to stick with Genymotion and fiddle around with the options when you have the time/patience J_E_B_B. I can try to relay some of my settings for you & others if anyone else is encountering the same difficulties. Make sure your Genymotion and VirtualBox are fully up to date because i installed every single one of the older versions and it did not make any difference (other than being more unstable!) Either way i hope you figure it out when you return to the game. πŸ™
  2. Judas and the Black Messiah (2021)
  3. I just think it is worth reiterating once more (as i did on the previous threads) that i obtained the originally glitched & now patched 'This is mine?' trophy by ONLY unlocking all the mens equipment. There is one common theme amongst virtually everyone that has reported the trophy not 'popping' for them after unlocking all the equipment on the male side: ROLLING BETWEEN PATCHES/UPDATES. It has been advised by users to roll back to the 1.04 patch to complete other trophies because the AI difficulty is somewhat decreased for certain challenges etc. One simple question? What is the POINT of doing that (believing you are saving time) upon returning to the 1.05 or 1.06 patch and then having to unlock BOTH mens and womens equipment? Unless the 1.06 patch/update has made it an outright requirement to unlock both the mens and womens equipment (nowhere in the patch notes), i STRONGLY advise remaining on the current patch throughout the entirety of your playthrough for ALL trophies. The 1.04 patch made the 'This is mine?' trophy unobtainable so rolling back to it and then going back to a current patch is partially or fully glitching the trophy again. It is everyone's prerogative how they wish to 'go' for any trophy, yet i achieved the in just over a week and it seems people have over complicated the process due to the original issues the game had? No one's fault other than those fine folk at Breakpoint Studio releasing two consecutive installments of the same franchise with GLITCHED TROPHIES πŸ‘!!! I hope any/all of this helps and new users manage to avoid similar struggles with this much maligned and now infamous trophy....
  4. Mandy (2018)
  5. You can definitely do it with practice. I was fortunate and came across Cori 'Coco' Gauff on the second attempt at challenge #10 and absolutely ragdolled her around because it is NOT the maximum difficulty. Their power is similar but their movement is a notch worse so you have to slice the serve back low/angled everytime and then go for the drop shot straight away next shot (if possible.) As soon as they return the drop shot make sure you top spin it into the opposite corner. It will be a clean winner OR set up as such on the following shot (if performed correctly.) I reiterate that i had all my 30 points on 'Attack' which perversely aids 'Defense' stats just as much. No secret formula other than ensuring you retry the challenge until you encounter a female CPU player and keep the points short with the drop shot and then passing shot. As for quitting out using the original (albeit glitched) patch? Players reported quitting out whilst AHEAD in the second game. Sometimes the trophy popped, other times not. Yet i have no experience with this because i achieved the on PS5 using the 1.05 patch. For guaranteed results, i suggest to you & others to only use the latest patch.
  6. Glad any/all advice was helpful & great news that you completed challenge #5. πŸŽ‰ Challenge #10 (Tennis School) was glitched before being fixed with the 1.05 patch. If you are trying to do it without the patch you are discovering why it is a bad idea. Sometimes it can crash during multiple games, other times it can not register points, other times it can register points but not end the set/match etc. A few players managed to snake charm the challenge (original patch) by quitting out once the necessary games had been achieved but this is complicating matters far more than is necessary This is the most straightforward advice possible. Complete the challenge using the up to date 1.05 patch! Slightly more difficult with said patch but NOTHING compared to challenge #5! The worst is officially in your rearview and you'll finish this once you find your groove. Good luck (again!)
  7. Did you upload your digital save data to the cloud BEFORE installing/starting the physical edition of the game? If you didn't the two conflicting save data's would cause the error. Looking at your trophy list for the game, you only have 3 career related trophies to unlock so i would concentrate on charity events to begin with to get back to level 30 the quickest and then switch over to concentrating on your coins (for the 'This is mine?' Purchase all equipment trophy) which i/we have discussed at length on another thread found here. Hopefully you will have your previous (digital related) save data backed up to the cloud. If so, go into your settings and download it from there to overwrite your physical copy save. If not, follow the previous advice and try to embrace the grind in your own time.
  8. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007)
  9. I won the challenge with Nadal too and couldn't beat it in Career (akin to yourself) to progress to the remaining challenges. That is until i found the solution! The SECOND you have lost the point go back to the dashboard and close the game. Reboot the game and load your Career save. It then takes you straight back into the challenge. I obtained the on PS5 so i do not know if the aforementioned method works on PS4, yet it makes things MUCH easier because one can keep closing/restarting until the necessary female player spawns for you. Make sure you close the game as (or before) that losing point ends though. If the loading screen (back to Career) kicks in it will count the challenge as a 'fail'. It is nigh on torture regardless of the method you use. I am not the most skilful player and managed to consistently take Cori 'Coco' Gauff to deuce so you will definitely get there with practice and a LOT of patience. Once you overcome this singular challenge the rest is plain sailing (albeit a grind.)
  10. Myself and ahmedimran1 discussed this on another thread here but just in case you or others missed it: It seems our journey has mirrored one another and i am sure others will read this and relate. I was level 19 when i thought i would take on that monstrosity of a challenge. BIG MISTAKE and after 12 consecutive hours of suffering it meant my PS5 controller developed a VERY close/intimate relationship with the which it never returned! Challenge #5 (Tennis School or via 'Training' in Career) is at least possible once you have reached Level 30 & even then it is obscenely difficult. I tried every combination of point allocation (across my skills) until FINALLY it seems all 30 points on 'Attack' actually works the best to DEFEND (great job Breakpoint Studio?!) I would advise using this once you have acquired all of your points. #1 TIP FOR DEFEATING CHALLENGE #5 = Restart the challenge until you play a FEMALE pro'! I cannot stress this enough. It is possible to defeat David Goffin, Denis Shapovalov and/or Fabio Fognini but INFINITELY more difficult than taking on any of the female pro's (for obvious reasons.) Male vs. female is by no means a cake walk (don't even bother attempting Sam Stosur) yet it offers about 5-10% better odds. I was taking a few points from numerous female players before folding under the pressure and then FINALLY managed to get the 5 consecutive points against Cori 'Coco' Gauff. I strongly advise restarting it until you face her because she's the only one with less than superhuman power on Expert. Even when defeating her you will be graded something derisory akin to a C or B- but you only need to finish all the challenges in the Tennis School for the 'School is out' trophy to pop (ignore the 100% requirement. I had 4 C grades and 75%.) #2 TIP FOR DEFEATING CHALLENGE #5 = Try your best to develop a perfect drop shot (lots of practice) to draw the CPU into the net at an angle, then top spin shot the ball past them into the opposite corner. I realize they may still get a racquet on the ball but it will then be a simple put away with the next shot. Keep the points SHORT. Do not be dragged into a regular rally because this is NOT a regular opponent and the longer it goes, the more fatigued your player becomes. It is all easier said than done and no magic formula exists BUT with these few tips it WILL ensure you have a fighting chance at/of overcoming the CPU on Expert. Hope this is somewhat helpful and best of luck tyamant and others. πŸŽΎπŸ‘Š
  11. I have spoken to a few people whom have struggled to get this trophy to pop and it seemed to glitch on me too (i had 'revived' in excess of 4000 zombies with no trophy!) For reference purposes i ran through and unlocked the on PS5 but it appears the same issue has carried over from PS4. Anyway the SOLUTION for me was to upload my save to the cloud, delete the game + save from my hard drive and then reinstall + download the save from the cloud. First zombie i revived unlocked the 'Thousand Points of Wight' trophy. Try to make sure you definitely have the 1000 revives PRIOR to deleting both the game + save if you encounter the same issue because i do not know if this would work twice or more. Also worth noting that concentrating on challenge 18 is the quickest way to 'farm' this because the schoolgirl zombies are the most speedy with the least health so a single pizza (or the equivalent) revives them etc.
  12. We've already spoken about the 'This is mine' trophy on another thread but for any NEW users whom stumble across this and are only interested in this particular trophy, i just want to confirm (after obtaining the for TWT2) that you definitely DO NOT have to reach level 30 for both male and female careers. The 1.05 update fixed the previous glitch which made this trophy unobtainable. A single run through on either male or female whilst unlocking all their respective equipment in the store will suffice. I would advise going through as a male player in career because it makes the excruciatingly painful challenge #5 in the Tennis School (come back from 0-40 down on Expert difficulty) at least fractionally more achievable when you restart the challenge until you find a female 'Pro' (definitely try to find Cori 'Coco' Gauff whom is beatable once you reach lvl 30 and with LOTS of practice!) This is obviously in your pursuit of the 'School is out' trophy. If you want a better grade in this challenge once you have FINALLY gotten past it in Career, use Rafa' Nadal from the Main Menu > Tennis School.
  13. You definitely don't need to grind through to Level 30 twice. A lot of poor souls did that originally because they assumed you NEEDED to do it, due to the trophy being glitched (just like the original TWT had glitched trophies which were later patched.) Straw poll: Breakpoint Studio making sure ALL trophies are obtainable (FROM RELEASE) on TWT3...OR....them going out of business. Which comes first?! As for the 'Promotion' trophy ('Get promoted in online seasons') i think you are already home free. I won 6 matches in a row so i was 'auto-promoted' without having to play the remaining 4 matches but the online graphic clearly states you have achieved promotion after winning only 3 matches. If you just complete the remaining 5 matches you will be promoted (even if you lose them all because you already have your 3 wins.) At least that is another trophy crossed off your list...