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  1. Totally agree! Absolutely despised 7-16 (Hopscotch/Curls) for both the Girl Boy & Impossible Boy runs. Eventually had to make it one of the first few attempted because it is one of those annoying pure finesse levels. Every single time i put it off until the end levels the adrenaline meant i would wait too long to try and do the Meat Boy limbo under the saw blade(s) and went splat (cue controller then doing the same!!!) You finished Badland & Cloudberry Kingdom (awesome job) so it is only a matter of time until SMB is added to your collection. Good luck. πŸ‘
  2. ⭐⭐ Super Meat Boy (PS4/VITA) ⭐⭐ Super Meat Boy! | 0.24% | Unlock all other trophies ULTRA RARE ⏳ Time Completed: 2 months, 1 week Difficulty For Me: 11 / 10 πŸ‘Š Controllers Destroyed: 2 πŸ˜€ Enjoyment: 'But i didn't touch the saw blade. I was nowhere near it. THERE WAS CLEAR DAYLIGHT BETWEEN US!!!' / 10 Summary: It's finally over? Truly? The ordeal is really behind me? Oh....the summary....apologies! Super Meat Boy requires no introduction to anyone. We all know it. We all avoid it. We all RESPECT it etc, ETC. I had been studying each light/dark world for over a year and knew virtually every aspect of the game BEFORE finally plucking up the courage to say "DO IT!!!" (hybrid of a Nike commercial and Shia Lebeouf voice) a couple of months back. We all have those video game 'white whales'. This was mine (and that which i will contemplate putting atop any future CV hehe!) Now i, like most, quickly found out that researching the game mechanics, having full knowledge of potential hazards and/or being able to predict every upcoming challenge.....DOESN'T MEAN S*** WHEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH THIS LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY!!! In many ways the micro-levels per each world almost make the game more infuriating. Often you know every inch of the layout, you know the hippity-hoppity mechanics, you know every pattern of attack from all upcoming saw blade/rocket launcher/salt....and...STILL PERISH ANYWAY!!! This hurt to the point whereby an inanimate object stripped me of my pride and belief that i am physically capable of overcoming the required 'no death' dark world challenges which i had been anticipating and guarding against for over a calendar year. 😭❌ So why/how is SMB soul crushingly difficult? The simplicity. Taking the platform concept, removing checkpoints and making you earn every sliver of progress. There is no 'luck' in SMB. Margin for error is slim to none. The hit boxes are questionable and you have to repeatedly aim for the tiniest of landing spots in the midst of a multitude of obstacles for long stretches' of time. The gravity defying mechanics are easy to pickup but complex to master. Quite often wall jumping long distances and thinking several jumps/moves ahead will get you flatlined until both the individual level and your confidence in the controls are consigned to muscle memory. The pace of the game. WOW! Button mashing = insta-death. There are lots of levels whereby you cannot pause for breaks or to consider future 'moves'. The more difficult the moment? The calmer you must become which for hotheads (like myself) does not come easy! Quite simply: The dark world levels. Even when you dragged your now lifeless corpse through the Main Game and developed an excellent understanding of all things SMB. The spike in difficulty is so acute that it is (at least initially) demoralizing. Keep the faith! After switching games, rebuilding some confidence and returning to SMB (only for SHORT intervals) i did begin to make gradual progress as will/would YOU with the correct prep', approach and perspective. DO NOT be dissuaded by mine or others ramblings! Speaking of which? The for 'Demon Boy' (Hell dark world no death run) and the for 'Girl Boy' (Cotton Allley light world no death run) were/are my most problematic no death worlds. The pressure on the final few levels becomes immense and i 'cracked' numerous times just considering the enormity of the potential completion (a common theme!) Yet if/when you can overcome these two in particular, it will adequately prepare you for undoubtedly the most difficult challenge in SMB and one of the most high profile singular trophies around: To complete Cotton Alley dark world without dying you must practice each level within it to the point whereby you are more familiar with each than your own name! No different to any other challenging game. It feels next to 'impossible' at times but you have to forget actually completing the world and just concentrate on each individual level within it. You pick the order of how/when you attempt the levels so find out which you find at least easIER (7-2, 7-5 and 7-7 for me) and leave those until the very end because you need to try and overcome your weaker levels first (i HATE 7-3 and 7-4) lest you build up false hope too early. You may be looking at days or potentially weeks to nail your clean run from start to finish but it will probably arrive when you least expect it. ❓ Final Thoughts: Why do we do this to ourselves? Yes it is satisfying overcoming extremely difficult challenges but does that outweigh the mental anguish accrued in doing so? I suppose that is for the individual to decide. Personally? The juice is definitely worth the squeeze. SMB was worth everything (including the two controllers which did not make it past Cotton Alley dark world with me) because SMB represents a level of dedication that few will even contemplate attempting. I can only implore anyone reading this to at least consider giving it a go (if you haven't already.) Much of the game is trial and error and there are some excellent guides out there (written and visual) which can walk you through the more treacherous sections you may find temporarily insurmountable. I would never have finished the game without being able to read/see (and thus learn) the technique required to overcome a lot of the saw blade sections etc. Thank you for reading any/all of my struggle to overcome both SMB and myself at times.... Congratulations on your own latest & future ! πŸ‘ Rating: 10 / 10
  3. The 'I Am Mayo' franchise is not 'a' or ANY "easy platinum game". It has become THE symbol of all such games (no idea why and perhaps someone can educate me as to how/why this happened?) Due to this? The thread must live on! It is the ironic symbiote of all those playing said erm....'genre' of game that continues to multiply with little to no purpose....on it goes. Yes we all know (or can at least 'understand') that all virtual accomplishments are relative and to be accepted regardless of rarity/commonality. If it is something you enjoy and grants you a level of personal fulfillment? Please and sincerely go with it......BUT.....for this particular community that has almost been divided by rarity, the Ratalaika esque completions hit a nerve akin to the 'shave and a hair cut' bit from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' (showing age.) For those that do value these nonsensical and halfway imaginary trophies/statistics it just lives rent free in their/my/OUR heads and i am not sure if even a rarity leaderboard would solve the issues for at least the majority. Would it really? In any event, you know that you have been on PSNP too long when you are trawling a thread looking for the regulars 'contributions' and actually being able to predict what they will say and HOW they will say it. Forget rarity leaderboards, what PSNP truly needs is @HusKy to create us the aforementioned @Baker bingo card (which i have been subconsciously 'playing' for months) and @AJ_Radio running down not just I Am Mayo as a franchise but also the merits of Miley Cyrus' artistic expression and/or career prospects FOR THE REST OF TIME!!! To 500 we march....✊
  4. That's why he refused to allow himself to be licensed for TWT2.....he's been waiting until this moment to teach Rafa' and Roger another lesson on @Baranov_925 behalf! πŸ˜‹
  5. I judge/measure people by only one metric in life: Are you happy? If the answer is 'yes'? Whatever you are doing and however you are spending your time is correct (within reason and providing it does not reduce anyone else's happiness.) Said happiness is the most elusive 'ultra rare' of them all so if you have it or know where to find it? Complete it and then 'stack' that b**** to your hearts content!!! (On a side note the aforementioned were/are powerful sentiments from YOU of all people @xenomorfi2 because you have achieved what few of us can only dream of via your 'Necrodancer' completion. You may consider the experience and achievement as "useless" but for many of us here, we regard that (and you by default) worthy of immense respect and admiration. That in turn presents a tangible 'reward' of sorts that may also be meaningless to you but is priceless to others...)
  6. Trying NOT to be that guy (probably ending up as such regardless) but TWT2 really does rely solely on anticipatory skill and sadly that can only be achieved with practice. On the harder difficulties you will rarely lose the point in one shot but much like in real tennis, you will be slowly pulled out of position shot by shot with little time to get to the ball, thus returning it with less power and direction each time etc. A few tips: You NEED to be closing in on the position where the ball is going to land as soon as the opponent hits their shot and holding down, not just the button for your shot, also the direction you want the ball to go the moment you enter the hit box where the ball is going to land and your player can begin his/her shot motion. Learn these hit boxes as quickly as possible. At first you will believe you are within range (ball landing) and holding the direction for your shot and the player inevitably runs away. Stick with it! Quicker you are in position > less time you have to hold for the requisite power > less chance of you hitting the ball out of play. The drop shot is a game changer in TWT2. If the opponent gives you a 'freebie' return with little to nothing on the ball, set it up, learn the timing/angles and drop shot them into an opposite corner from where they are on court. DO NOT assume the point is over regardless of how good the drop shot is! Always believe they will return it so make sure you instantly follow up the shot by rushing the net and trying to cover the most logical angle from where the ball and opponent ends up. Variety. Do not just hit the same shot back and forth with the AI (regardless of difficulty.) You can draw them into an error by varying your shots so they are unable to get into a rhythm. On lower difficulties this will make the AI miss over half the time. On higher difficulties, it means longer rallies and even though you receive less 'free' points via unforced errors, it is perhaps even MORE important to vary your flat/slice/topspin shots because if the AI does 'settle' into a rhythm, it can become a 'slow death'.... In career NEVER start a 4 or 5 star tournament with more than 22% fatigue. I got injured at the semi or final stage nearly every time and even when i didn't, the fatigue was at 75% or higher afterwards requiring about 3 cycles of rest which will kill any hopes of your 'Five Stars at Freddys' attempts (win all Grand Slam's and the season ending championship in the same year.) Yet the wider point is fatigue will ruin your player even further so rest and don't start tournaments with more than single digit fatigue. Finally each player has their own distinctive styles. If you do not follow tennis in real life and do not know strengths/weaknesses. then watch and learn the hard way. Try to see how you lost the point (rather than focusing on the fact you did lose it!) If you are playing a John Isner? Make sure your starting position to return his Dragonball Z esque serve is further back than everyone else and ALWAYS slice it back to give you ample time to get back into a decent court position. With someone whom has cardio for days Daniil Medvedev esque? Try to keep the points as short as physically possible. Slice into opposite corner > net rush > drop shot volley (if possible.) With a 'Baby Fed' Grigor Dimitrov type superhero shot maker? VARIETY once more and do not allow him time to pick out the next bullet etc. I hope any of these may help (even a little.) Given the necessary practice you will adapt and find yourself in the correct spots earlier and earlier, allowing you to impart more spin, power and direction on the ball. TWT2 is more about prevention than repair. Be there early and dictate the point! Best of luck. πŸŽΎπŸ‘Š
  7. Always locked & loaded. Even at 91! Can't wait....
  8. A little research and a few thoughts: The challenges have been 'nerfed' (as the kids of today like to say) in a later patch. Thank you to @Akadehmix for drawing attention to this as my post is now outdated. I just checked and the game has been patched multiple times in recent months which is great news for new players because challenge #5 was VERY difficult beforehand (as all the older TWT2 players can attest.) I and others finished it months before it was released as one of the PS+ games for August. Ironically on the original patch (1.00 and/or 1.01) it also started quite easy to complete challenge #5 and if you read the threads here many advised to roll back to said patch to attempt it before later patches made it almost impossible (i chose not to roll back' because it seemed to create an issue with the previously 'bugged' 'This is mine?' trophy.) "The square shot" strategy referred to is timing and executing the drop shot when at the net which was advised at length in previous threads. GETTING to the net was/is the largest hurdle because if your setup shot is not 100% perfect (i.e a slice shot to an opposite corner to buy time to sprint up to the net) it will result in the CPU just hitting a clean winner past you on the hardest difficulty and that will obviously end the challenge because you cannot lose a point. Try to keep the points short but do not just try to 'bluff' your way to the net. Wait for the correct pace and angle to time your slice approach'. Yet perhaps this is not even necessary anymore if the challenge has become as straightforward as mentioned??? On a wider point? Difficulty is always relative. I tried my utmost to think not just from my OWN perspective but also a casual players whom may be approaching a tennis game for the first time (back when i made said post using the 1.04 patch.) As a point of reference, i have finished games like: I Am Bread, Pure Pool and Wolfenstein II over recent months so i would like to believe i understand what difficulty is (and can be.) On the 1.04 patch challenge #5 was one of the single most difficult challenges i have be thankful you are spared said torture and FINISH your 'School is out' trophy quickly before Breakpoint Studio have another grand idea to change the difficulty (AGAIN!) Once again i am wishing all new players (present/future) the very best of luck for your playthrough and happy to help anyone whom needs it. πŸ‘
  9. ....and on behalf of every unfortunate soul past/present/future whom knowingly took on this glitch ridden disaster, may i commend you for said actions and clearly state for the proverbial record: This man perished for the sins of his creator (LITERALLY!!!)
  10. The 'emergency'? The 'distress'? The REACTION? = πŸ˜‚ x 1,000,000!!!
  11. That is one hell of a voyage to embark upon (given the time involved) so best wishes and we'll probably live vicariously through your journey! πŸ‘Š
  12. 🐾🐢 A decidedly unimpressed Coco ('da' Minion) and minuscule (yet 'Super') Martha 🐢🐾
  13. Oh come on mayneeeee......i have the fastest completion time for Tennis World Tour 2 (PS4) so why are Sony unleashing the hordes on my time?! πŸ˜„
  14. πŸ—£οΈ There is no 'definitive' barometer for a players POTENTIAL level of skill on a video game (particularly for an ultra rare and world class completion.) Yet you have the 100% completion for Trials Fusion. Apologies for those of you in the virtual 'back' @det_gittes has finished TRIALS FUSION. This all but confirms (by default) that you are more than capable of achieving the for BOTH 'Master 8-Ball' & 'Master 9-Ball' which would then only leave the laborious grind to lvl. 126 for your ? πŸ—£οΈ As i mentioned on another thread, it is no surprise the total completion for Pure Pool is 0.03% after over 7 YEARS. The for 'Crypt of the NecroDancer' is 0.04% for crying out loud! 'Maximum break' is the single most difficult trophy i have ever achieved in 30 years of playing video games (starting on Atari through to PlayStation 5.) It is a little sad that because the same requirement was/is on other EASIER snooker related games over the years, it continues to fly a little 'under the radar' on Pure Pool. Yet the level of sustained perfection (even using the free ball +8 points method) is almost painful! Yet once again, you have achieved something like the for 'Speedcuber' which also demands a similar level of prolonged perfection. If you have the time and motivation? You could do it.... πŸ—£οΈ I deliberately omitted even attempting to foul/snooker the opponent on most occasions (particularly in 8-ball') because by the time you reach the latter stages of Pro and the dreaded Master careers you need to be of a more 'prevention rather than repair' mentality. I snookered the AI numerous times whilst celebrating and planning my next shot only for it to simply turn, aim and pot a ball (IT COULDN'T SEE) coming off 3-4 cushions. The more common occurrence is the aforementioned 'ball over the pocket' situations and it doesn't matter if it is theirs or yours. If you can get 2-3 of the AI balls over in that direction it could potentially take them 2-3 shots to clear that proverbial 'bottleneck'.... πŸ’ͺ All the trophies ARE possible with the necessary perspective. Whatever the method(s) @det_gittes and others may utilize i am sending positive vibes and the best of luck. You got this. πŸ‘Š
  15. After finally earning the 100% completion for Pure Pool in just over a month, i can officially confirm this was/is nothing short of a living nightmare! I cannot outright remove the hellish baize laden road ahead (if you wish to follow suit) but if i can even somewhat reduce the torture, it is well worth my/your time? The most useful 10 tips i can provide to overcome the 8-ball and 9-ball related trophies are as follows: MOST IMPORTANT: Your mentality has to be right. Yes, the AI is nothing short of an unfair, unrealistic, egregious and poorly designed/implemented cluster f*** of little to no compare on the Pro and (particularly) Master difficulty. You HAVE to expect and come to terms with it AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Do not waste mental capital hoping and praying for a missed shot (Master'.) Either instantly restart the frame if/when you miss OR mentally switch off and do something else because 95% of the time the AI will clear the table with zero positional play and Hollywood esque potting from every distance/angle imaginable. It doesn't matter. NEXT ATTEMPT! As previously touched upon, positional play is absolutely paramount to be able to consistently defeat the AI on the harder difficulties. Learn the angles and how to stun (bottom spin) and follow through (top spin) with the cue ball as quickly as you can. Use the practice table and begin to assess the pace needed not just to pot but to then reach your next desired ball of choice. 'Hero' potting akin to the AI will only get you so far. The more you run out of position, the closer you come to missing your next pot. Speed kills! It is tempting to hit the ball hard for a variety of reasons, yet try your utmost to refrain from doing so unless absolutely necessary. The harder you hit the ball? The less chance it has of going in. This is multiplied by 1,000,000 on the Snooker career with much tighter pockets!!! Always aim for 50-60% power OR LESS to give the pocket every possible chance of 'accepting' the ball. Try to alternate with the directional 'lines' turned on and off from an early stage. The Master career(s) will require an in-depth knowledge and 'feel' for the camera angle and what it denotes when aiming at the balls/shot. Look at the balls with the aiming tool and then without to help your eyes understand what is required. Once the camera zooms in and focuses on the ball (it believes is the next shot) it will ALWAYS begin aiming dead centre. This is a lifeline on Master' career where aiming can almost feel ambiguous. USE that starting point. The slightest of adjustments are the difference between catching the jaw of the pocket (missing) or actually potting the ball in question. You have to practice a lot because it is akin to learning to pot 'blind'. The AI on Master difficulty is definitely the 'table' Terminator but it does have two glaring weaknesses which you must remember and try to exploit whenever possible. Namely it is unable to register a possible 'plant' shot (hitting one ball onto the other which will then pot the latter) and it is unable to register a potential 'double' shot (hitting the ball off the cushion/rail into another pocket.) Exploit these. If the frame begins and the AI has a ball over a pocket but one or more of your balls are in front of it? LEAVE IT THERE until the very end. Same applies to their balls on the cushion with one of your own balls over the nearest pocket. Always think in a 'if i miss' scenario etc. Insurance. Strategy. Following on from the aforementioned. This can mean the difference between winning and losing the frame. If you have run out of position and cannot pot your next ball, you must do everything in your power to prevent the AI from either seeing their intended ball or being able to pot it. Remember in both forms of pool (NOT snooker) you cannot just 'roll up' behind your ball because a ball MUST hit a cushion or it becomes a foul. Yet if you are near a cushion, it presents a good opportunity to gently roll your ball into said cushion so it may then rebound and hopefully obscure the AI's ability to see their intended target (or at least the potting angle.) Desperate times can indeed call for desperate measures. The break is the single most significant shot of the frame/rack. If i didn't pot a ball from it? I instantly restarted. Strongly advise you to do the same. It takes a matter of seconds to break and assess the table. Why waste time continuing when you are deliberately 'handicapped' (reduced/removed aiming 'lines') and are pitted against a vastly superior opponent on Pro/Master'? Break. Pot a ball or two. Get a good angle on the next shot and then carry on. This is not a chess/checkers scenario. It is a 'playing on last life' emergency whereby you should only be continuing into the proverbial level if you are already 'ahead' of where you would like to be! 8-BALL SPECIFIC: You are not permitted to pot the black until you have potted all of your colours or you lose the game in question. Use this to your advantage. If it has run over a corner pocket from the outset and the AI has a ball in/around it? Cannon another one of the AI's balls over to that corner pocket (won't work in the middle because it can still pot in the corners.) Make sure you judge the cannon(s) correctly though. Don't pot the black yourself! 9-BALL SPECIFIC: Unlike in 8-ball you CAN pot the 9' before you actually pot all of your colours. You cannot hit it directly but if it is ANYWHERE near a pocket and you feel that you have the potting angle using your next designated colour, i would strongly advise you to go all out for the cannon/plant. Even if the 9 ball doesn't pot you may 'jar' it in the jaws of the pocket where it will remain and potentially be covered by another ball either then or later in the 'rack'. Fouls are a blessing and a curse. If you foul on Master'? The frame is over (unless one of their last balls is blocked off.) Restart. If the AI somehow goes 'in off' (into the pocket) or pots one of your balls and you have the ball-in-hand? MAKE IT COUNT! If it is 9-ball you need to be scanning that table for a position to put the cue ball to hit one of your balls into the 9' to pot it. If it is blocked or you are playing 8-ball try your best to use that opportunity to pot whichever ball is in the most DIFFICULT position or is blocked from a few angles. Always leave your easier pots until last because the ball-in-hand on Pro and Master' are like gold dust and they will be your best opportunity to win (looking directly at best-of-5 and best-of-7 matches!) It is worth noting the respective career modes are very forgiving with the star system awarded for each match/challenge. You DO NOT require 3 stars on everything you see to progress to the end. If you aren't efficient on a particular challenge? Try to at least obtain a single star and then move onto an easier one you can pickup 2 or 3 stars (Royal Rumble is your best bet.) Same applies for the 3 match objectives. You are already guaranteed a star for winning the match. No heroics required. Snooker is a whole different beast and the 'Maximum break' (score a 147 break) trophy makes the 8-ball and 9-ball careers seem tame in comparison. By FAR the most intimidating challenge on the game and the sole reason only 11 of us maniacs have attained the 100% (as of writing this.) It IS worth noting that you DO NOT have to complete the Pro or Master careers for the Snooker related 'It's the Championship shot' trophy. Winning the Amateur career will 'pop' the trophy so you can breathe easy there. Finally for the vast majority of players this will be the most difficult attempt you have ever undertaken (certainly the 100% completion.) Combined with the grind to lvl. 126 for the 'Pure Pool Grand Master' trophy it requires a serious amount of patience and dedication but it IS possible with the correct approach and a little luck along the way (much like anything else.) Think weeks and months. NOT i can do this in a few days etc. Stick with it. Chip away at each challenge and you WILL get there. ✌️ I hope any of this may have helped and good luck taking on the Pure Pool challenge. πŸ™