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  1. The DLC that's shown on the percentage is always a level of some sort or maybe a full-blown game. Now I don't like DLC as a whole but how it is set up in the percentage makes perfect sense the DLC is part of that game you will not be able to play it if you don't have said game. It's not its own standalone title even if it doesn't need the base game to technically run.
  2. Platinum #4 - Dead Space 2(100%)


    Another great entry to the dead space franchise a lot more action and story than the previous title its still got the fun factor in check though the horror factor is lacking quite a bit. There is still those creepy parts such as the church of unitology and the ishimura but after the first playthrough the rest of the scares wear off. Trophy wise the majority of it is pretty easy takes around 3 playthroughs of course hardcore was time-consuming as hell took around 6 tries to get to my second save after that it was smooth sailings.


    Overall a great game can be frustrating as hell, but I'm glad I went for this plat as I will never play this game again and also severed was a cakewalk.

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    2. LancashireLad87


      Congrats, I have Dead Space 2 on my backlog, how difficult is it compared to the original?

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    4. AJ_Radio


      Hardcore is tough but definitely manageable. Glad to see you stuck with it.

  3. Just bought a few Metal Gear Solid avatars and its legit on my end it will make remembering the stuff I want to get a lot easier I just hope it stays like this for awhile.
  4. The director's cut is the definitive edition it has all the DLC and the bonus "making of" video from the augmented edition all on disc apart from the art book, soundtrack and that sick ass cover it's the one to get.
  5. Still wondering about that cmos issue though....
  6. Alhamdulillah! It seems in the holy month of Ramadan Jim Ryan has converted to Islam and seen the error of his kafir ways. Rejoice brothers and sisters Mashallah. (Wish the store wasn't still shit though) But in all seriousness this is a fantastic decision to take I almost couldn't believe it when I saw the link to this forum I just hope that people calm the fuck down with the buying sprees and the prices lower for physical games again.
  7. I can't agree with that a launch game is like all the homework you kept procrastinating about until the last night before the deadline, but you can't possibly do all that homework in one night, so you go to school with some or barely any of it done than you have to spend extra time doing the rest of it in school. Point is launch games aren't finished products and a bad launch year will forever affect a game no matter how much it is improved it will always be remembered for its launch and with the prices of games closer to 100 these days a lot of people wouldn't be willing to pay at launch a lot of people would rather wait until the price drops and the patches come in. Though I understand what he means on a business perspective since the first year of a game's shelf life is its most integral and is probably when the big decision for another game would be made.
  8. Yeah I'd recommend you are aware of every room a boss will appear and all the instant death scenarios(such as the tormentor) and all the times those fucking little shits pop out, so you can prepare yourself accordingly even if you are doing a nodes glitched run.
  9. Priorities: Castlevania:LOS DLC Drakengard 3 Infamous festival of blood Blast factor advanced Stuff I want to get: Farcry:Dragon blood Jet set radio sonic adventure Proteus killer is dead DLC outland rain detuned linger in shadows Should be a little over 100 quid I intend to start buying the wants at May if I can't get them than it what it is, but I hope I can.
  10. There's also: Infamous- (Gigawatt blades, free) it was originally a GameStop/pre-order exclusive and then eventually they released it on the store you can't find it by searching for it for some reason, you have to manually go through add-ons. Infamous 2-(11 DLC separately,3 packs condensed, £6.67) Bonus: MGS4 Database(free) It's just an encyclopedia of the whole MGS timeline, characters etc I just put it over here for anyone who wants to play MGS 4 without the other games(for some reason) in the EU store you can't search for it to find it simply go to add-ons oldest and scroll a bit.
  11. I have a feeling a great server shutdown will occur for various games after the PS3 store.
  12. Just want to add that deus ex has a DX version that has the DLC on disc and Star Wars unleashed has the ultimate Sith edition with all the DLC they are currently priced around 15 - 30 depending on the condition of course though deus ex DX is on the much cheaper side even new. So there's another avenue if you don't want to buy it digitally.
  13. Never have I used a store so unoptimized for the system its meant to be used in I mean it literally runs worse than shadow of mordor and THAT is saying something and with its slew of slowdowns, graphical glitches and consistent crashes its never ending torture to buy a 200mb fucking game. I'm not asking for this diseased homunculi to be fixed in its last few months I'm just asking for it to do its one fucking job my god god.
  14. Cant buy shit buy button is there though i keep getting errors
  15. It finally came through but took about a 1hr and I still can't check out imma just wait it out.