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  1. I also found the early game to be more of a challenge than what I was expecting. I only looked at the trophy guide and not the forums before starting the game so it was a bit of a shock when I was taking a beating on levels like Scarecrow Fields and Ant Caves. It was reassuring to hear that I wasn't the only one and that the game is really smooth sailing from there. I also overlooked the emphasis on upgrading weapons and finding the vials early on. Once I hit that initial roadblock, I ran back to pick up all the vials I could up to the point of Ant Caves and then still struggled to beat that level to get a sword upgrade which made Scarecrow Fields much more manageable.
  2. I'm coming here to echo Haunted Ruins did the trick for me. I struggled in the early game and died a few different ways without really paying attention to this trophy. During clean-up, I ran through a few levels with multiple ways to die per the list in the trophy guide by getting the game over screen and then finishing the level. Glad it didn't end up being much of a hassle.
  3. Possible? Yes. It depends how much you play. It looks like it takes about 75-100 hours to plat. I think I'm going to try squeezing this one in myself but it may be tight.
  4. I've been using the dualshock 4 in part to spread out the wear and tear across controllers. I also like saving the dualsense for PS5 games only to maximize the new gen experience instead of using the controller for all games I play on my PS5 which I know sounds silly.
  5. Of course when I begin to decide that there's now way I'm renewing PS Now after my year is up, they throw a curve ball with some top quality games and make me reconsider all over again. I'm not a big fan of how limited the window is that some games are on the service. I really want to play Judgment and RDR2 but the time to platinum both seems pretty long. I have other games I wanted to play first and don't have as much time to play as I used to. I'll probably focus on one first and then reassess how much time I'll have left for the other.
  6. In whole, I don't think this month is terrible solely because of A Plague Tale. Then I noticed it's the "PS5" version and can understand why many are not happy. The other two games are meh at best and I don't have any interest in them. If I didn't have a PS5, I'd be disappointed too. Plus it reaffirms my decision to not renew PS Now next year with another month with a game that's on both services. Not saying I'd ever touch WWE but still.
  7. Xbox was my comfort zone for the past few generations. Everything from the controller, interface, achievement system, and online platform were what gaming was to me. However, my interest in gaming wavered a bit last gen. I finally took a step back and realized the obvious. Exclusives between the two is no contest. At the end of the day that's what matters most. I made the switch this generation with the PS5 as my main console (no Xbox yet). While the PS5 exclusives start to trickle in, I have a huge backlog of PS exclusives from past generations. I have a hard time seeing myself switching back anytime soon. I watched Xbox's E3 showcase and give them credit at least. It looks like they're making more of an attempt to balance the playing field. The acquisition of Bethesda was a big one. I could see myself eventually picking up an Xbox Series X once they have a handful of exclusives. I may even pick it up as soon as Forza Horizon 5 comes out. That series fills my racing fix. The Game Pass service is also very intriguing. This is my first year subscribing to PS Now and it pales in comparison to Game Pass. They both have their pros and cons but ultimately it comes down to the games in my opinion. Sony has the track record so I'll have to stick with them until that changes.
  8. New Donkey Kong please.
  9. The quality of the game does not seem to be in doubt which is positive. I do have a hard time justifying paying $70 though for a game that will take 15, maybe 20 hours tops to do everything. I have such a big backlog (including older R&C games) that I think I'll wait until it drops a little. I think the price tag is getting more attention now because we're still so early into this generation that the number of exclusives is so small and people are eager to play games to show off the new console. Plus, outside of Nintendo games, it usually doesn't take that long for the first sale or two.
  10. I didn't expect them to come out with new colors so soon but I'm glad they did. It makes me wish I held off getting a second controller when I bought my PS5. I didn't even really need one so soon. At this point I'll wait until later down the road when they start to have sales on controllers.
  11. I had been on the fence a while like the OP for all the reasons mentioned here. The device seems like it was full of potential but I continued to question whether it had a library large enough of games that I'd play. AAA exclusives seemed to be few and far between. I ultimately pulled the trigger on ebay and hopefully it arrives soon. I have to admit that part of the reason was just the gimmick of a new device and a way to play some playstation titles in handheld mode. Plus it seems like it was an impressive piece of tech for its time. There are a few games that I'll check out right away and then I'll reassess from there. The prices seem to be holding pretty well so if I decide to sell it at some point, I should be alright. The one piece I'll add that I haven't seen discussed yet is the ability to play PSP games on the Vita. I never had a PSP or Vita and there are some additional games on the PSP that had peaked my interest over time. While I know that a lot of these games can now be played on a variety of the PS consoles, I like the versatility of being able to play in handheld too.
  12. I was hoping the leak wasn't true since none of these are games that are must plays for me but not a terrible month. I might check out Virtua Fighter and Operation Tango depending on the trophies. I'm intrigued by Squadrons but it seems like it's a grind for a game that doesn't have much depth to it.
  13. This game was already on my shortlist of games to get for the PS5 when it was first announced. But between the gameplay footage, initial previews, and buzz in general, I'm getting a lot more excited. There's a lot to like here. I don't normally buy games at launch but this may be an exception. I'm going back to catch up on R&C games I missed over the years including ACiT. I'm having a blast with that game so I can only imagine how good Rift Apart will be beyond what's been shown so far.
  14. I've never really gotten into the Battlefield series but I'll add this to the backlog along with Battlefield 1 from the PS Collection. I'm disappointed the other two games were already on PS Now. I already played Wreckfest and am not interested in Stranded Deep. Once I clear the primary backlog of games on PS Now I'll probably forego renewing that and rely on the games that come through PS+.
  15. Well apparently the sale ended early for some of these games or else not all were part of the spring sale. AC: Origins Gold and Skyrim have been back to full price since 4/15. I was holding out since I figured I had time. Fortunately these go on sale often so I'll look out for them next time.