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  1. Well it takes like 15 minutes max to do it. So might as well download it and help you. Hope my build still works. I should have some time to do it tomorrow.
  2. I think you can't get to much higher level games by matchmaking. Not 100% sure though. The best way would be to join a friends game or someone from here who is already level 25.
  3. Had no problem with it. Also played on PS5.
  4. Having the same issue as you have. Did you find any fix for this?
  5. Don't worry guys, the trophies unlock later in the game.
  6. Try restarting your game and going to your own hideout (don't join anyone else's game). Worked for my friend.
  7. I think they've tried to make it kind of realistic. I know it's not as fluid as it should it be for a video game, but you could probably climb like she does, if you're good at climbing.
  8. Hey, My friend didn't get the crew contract trophy when he was supposed to (I did). So does it pop for him when the new progression 2.0 patch comes or does he have to do some more contracts? Also does it come on December 7?
  9. Stuck at 74%. How did you get it working?
  10. Thanks, any tips for the platinum?
  11. How long did it take?
  12. The trophies seem to be buggy. I have over five MVPs but no trophy. Edit: Needed 8 MVPs for the trophy
  13. Is the game good?
  14. You can see them in your trophy list 👍
  15. Here is a good exp guide: Edit: did this on defensive side as you can drop supplies in your base. Just got to level 50 👍