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  1. That's a fair answer. Just for the record, for whatever problems I might have with Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo, etc. their search functions work perfectly fine. Sony is the enigma to me.
  2. Would you happen to be able to explain why the search functions are absolute garbage though? Whether I'm in my library or the store, the search almost never pulls up the game I'm looking for first option. The gist of my issue is that when I want The MISSING: JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories and I type "The Missing" into store search, why did upwards of 15 different pieces of content, including things like Fortnite, come up ahead of what I wanted? I get that Sony has a constant need to shove Fortnite in my face, but when it's literally impeding the process of me giving them money, what exactly is the gain?
  3. My library of maybe 90 games doesn't give as much trouble as sorting through what you must go through, but as someone who spent like 4-5 minutes trying to find and download one of my most recent purchases yesterday I can completely agree with every word of this. And before we even get to downloading stuff, why are basic search functions so chaotic on the PSN platform in general? I picked up a game for the mental health awareness event here and the title starts with "The Missing." When I type "The Missing" into the PS4 store, why is the game I want like 14 titles down? @Darling Baphomet I can't stand the store on PC anymore. If you have the phone app and can put up with painfully long load times, I find the download to console from phone works best these days. Hope it helps. I'd give ya an upvote but at my limit for the day haha.
  4. Yeah it's hardly a massive inconvenience. Sony had to remove the message with a friend request feature because harmful persons were using it to circumvent accounts with messages set to Friends Only to harass and accost them. Obviously they had to address that. I do the exact same thing you do and it works out for the most part. And this is pretty much my policy, too. If they exist here in some way, they're fine with me. Now that I got all that outta the way... PSN ID: kindajustinSystems: PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: I'll accept anybody from PSNP message or not. Currently Playing: The Missing: JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories and Horizon Zero Dawn. Tales of Berseria, Subnautica, Cooking Mama and Concrete Genie after that. I try to play a wide variety of stuff. I mainly play single player stuff but love a good co-op/MP game with friends once in a while. Some nights I can be convinced into small party chats and my friends so far seem to think I'm pretty good conversation hahah. Messaging sometimes is cool with me too. Look forward to hearing from some of you.
  5. The thing is that from a technical level, you could probably easily trick a machine into believing a guitar was a bass guitar. If you're interested let's talk more on messenger here or PSN to stop spamming the thread, I'd love to see you get that absurdly rare 100% and stringed instruments are kind of a specialty of mine. Buying a whole instrument you don't give a shit about just for completion is a heavy ask so I'd like to see if we can make that easier.
  6. Yeah I mean a quick look at your profile shows me that skill or lack thereof isn't the issue. Crazy question since I suck at games but actually play many stringed instruments: is it even remotely possible to tune your guitar to bass tunings and omit the bottom two strings on the game interface? I tune my guitar to different tunings regularly but I've never tried to make it an actual bass guitar before lol, so this could be a long shot. It would save you getting a whole bass guitar though haha
  7. I love that your profile is the most exciting story on PSNP these days. Do you have music peripherals laying around? I'm 100% confident you could pull off DJ Hero and Rocksmith if you did haha.
  8. We're literally talking about video games right now. Must everything be a joke to you? D:< ridiculous
  9. I think the staff here do a mostly good job with what they're given to work with honestly. That being said, the PSN times can theoretically be easily manipulated by someone like me without malevolent intention. Most games apparently count time spent idling in pause/main menu, and as someone with a disabled mom, an old dog, and other people that need help throughout the day I regularly put games down without properly closing them. My times are usually very inflated which I guess makes me look more legitimate for no good reason by your logic. Not saying your right or wrong, this whole cheating stuff is a little over my head honestly. Just figured I'd chime in, the times on PSN definitely don't always seem correct.
  10. Why don't you start by getting the platinums for Miles Morales and Concrete Genie since you're so close to both? Following that, you've got a lot of good games on your list that aren't finished. Minecraft and Rocket League are both games I've completed recently. While the 100% can be annoying for both, the platinum trophies for those two games are easy and don't take too much time. Then you have a bunch of great single player games you could complete that have adjustable difficulty to possibly give you the challenge you want. Horizon Zero Dawn, Fallout 4, and Persona 5 are just a few examples. That's seven platinum trophies that could all be done by year's end.
  11. #26 - Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends I never watched Kung Fu Panda and only decided to do so recently because I was convinced to get this game by a friend. Other than Kung Fu and some pandas I didn't really know what to expect from movie or game. But the idea of fully grown, 300-pound bears launching themselves into the air for a jump kick is pretty damn funny if I'm being honest so I decided to keep an open mind about the whole thing. Now that I've watched the first movie and completed this game, I can truly say I got an authentic Kung Fu Panda experience. My playthrough felt just like Po's experience, because at first I was getting my ass handed to me left and right. As I briefly mentioned above, @Anxiety is the guy who wanted to play this game with me and I'm really glad he knew what he was doing because I don't play fighting games often and wow was I out of my league in the beginning. I ended up asking him to create and send me a tutorial video so I could play this damn game haha. I have no problem admitting I'm a pretty mediocre gamer so getting absolutely lamped for a few days in a game targeted at 7-10 year olds was the humbling experience I never knew I needed. Once I had things figured out, it's actually a pretty fun game to play. It's not too difficult once you know what you're doing and if this isn't your first fighting game since the Gamecube/PS2 era (my bad) you could probably get the hang of it fairly quick. Some of the controls were a bit unreliable in my experience. I can be standing over an item trying to pick it up for 15 seconds and an oppenent will grab it from under me and whack me with it immediately. Tournament opponents are mostly random so getting 3 strong enemies in the 1v3 match can ruin a tourney run but they're pretty quick overall. The gameplay was unoriginal and a bit repetitive if I'm being honest but the tourneys were somewhat fun. I'm probably older than the target demographic for this game, but apparently these are the things we do for UR trophies. Graphically, the game is nothing special but looks good for an early PS4 title. Overall I give it a solid 5/10 fun and 5/10 difficulty. It's a fun game, but the painfully long grind to platinum and repetitive gameplay makes it hard to recommend this title over others we could be talking about.
  12. :platinum:#26 - Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends


    For a fighting game aimed at children, it was humbling getting my ass kicked in the tournaments as much as I did 😂 I don't play fighting games too often and it is an ultra rare platinum, so I guess I have that to feel good about lol

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    3. Stephanie Dola

      Stephanie Dola

      A sweet UR fighting platinum. Superb work Justin. :)

    4. MidnightDragon
  13. Yeah that's all I meant haha
  14. I'm down. I don't quite know what I will play for the first requirement yet but the examples list is pretty helpful. The Missing: JJ Macfield and the island of memories and This War of Mine are games I've actually been interested in. For the second game, could I use the half finished Overcooked 2 on my games list? Me and a friend were gonna play that next month and we'd be happy to find others to play with as well. The game can technically be played all single player I think but you're robbing yourself of a fun time by doing that, so I've always considered it a co-op game.
  15. I got the platinum for Horizon Zero Dawn on the base game a couple weeks ago. Now that the complete edition is free, how does transferring saves work or whatever? Is that possible? Do I have to play through again in full to get to the DLC and New Game+ options? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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      Thank you @MidnightDragon your congrats is always much appreciated but I'm really just looking for help with possibly quickly accessing New Game+ and the DLC on complete edition haha.

      @MarcusPunisher I'll try it out tomorrow morning. That would be awesome assuming everything goes smoothly. Thank you for the help.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Afraid I can't help you there. Sorry.

    4. kindajustin


      @MidnightDragon nonetheless, thank you for your kindness 🙂