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  1. #20 - Control Originally I had no desire to be the 1,000th person to talk about playing Control these past few weeks but this game was awesome for me and I'm very glad I made it my #20 milestone. As someone who really enjoyed the story, it was way more interesting than what I'm used to seeing in an action/shooter game, but I admit I don't play many shooters. The graphics were good but not great, I liked the destructible environment and general combat was a lot of fun. On the negative side you're dealing with long load screens, heavy lag when coming out of the pause menu, and a map you'll probably never get used to. Overall I found the positive to heavily outweigh the negative. Main game is a 9/10 with a pair of underwhelming DLC's both around 6/10 for me. PS+ doesn't usually come through for me but this game was excellent. In the time since my last platinum I also completed Minecraft, Scrabble, and miraculously, Wheel of Fortune. Honestly, spinning a virtual wheel of fortune wheel for two and a half hours straight to get the last trophy brought me to some wild places mentally. I've picked my completion up from 47.92% at new years to 55.97% currently, so my goal to complete old games and improve % is going pretty well I guess.
  2. Hello! Best of luck to you getting started with trophy hunting dude
  3. Hello! Welcome to the site mate
  4. #19 - Ni No Kuni 2 I put this game down unfinished 3 years ago for a couple of personal reasons but have been trying to go back and complete some older games recently. Despite some negatives I had a lot of fun going back and completing this game and getting One True King as my 1337 trophy is cooler than most of the stuff I've accomplished as a gamer honestly.
  5. Reminds me a little of YIIK for some reason. Maybe just the bright colors and loud music
  6. I think the ability to admit that so openly shows, at the very least, a capacity to be much more than a Club if you wanted. You don't come off that way honestly. At any rate, the external assessment of a gamer's "type" is certainly interesting but could quickly become a destructive activity on a site like this. If I'm being honest, I think many of this site's biggest Clubs would strongly insist they are simply a passionate mix of Diamond and maybe Spade haha.
  7. Somewhere between Diamond and Hearts for me. Completing games is much more important to me recently and I don't play online games as much these days, but connecting with other players, enjoying games/talking together, and sharing what was loved/hated most about games will probably always be my main joy.
  8. Screw it, I'm picking up a fuzzy rug when I get a PS5. This was never really an issue with carpet floors haha
  9. Does it have any durability whatsoever? The 2nd gen Dualshock 4 controllers don't stand a chance against my dog and the hardwood floors here. Baby doesn't mean to break controllers but he's always jumping or barking or nipping at me and it makes me drop them occasionally
  10. I started feeling this same way about a month or two ago as I've started looking at all the titles that made it to PS3. My PS4 backlog is less than massive lucky for me so I have more freedom in that sense but there's also like 5 games I'm looking at getting soon (thanks again for passing Ikenfell along). It's a tough sell knowing I can and should keep myself busy on PS4.
  11. Hello! Welcome to the forums guess that doesn't quite apply to you but hope you do find it fun as it looks
  12. Sony taking care of the people who have supported them in the past in some fashion would be awesome but doesn't seem likely at this point. It also might be tough to verify console ownership (and subsequently enact a financial transaction) based on access to serial numbers alone. I was hoping it would be easier than getting a Wii in early 2007 was but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if it takes several more months to sort out. I sure hope we're not having this conversation a year from now but I've given up expecting to get one before June-July.
  13. When I heard PS5 games were going to start releasing at $70, I was forwarded the announcement trailer for this game and still vividly remember how hard I laughed.
  14. Decent additions, but nothing that makes me start to regret passing on the discounted year of PSNow last month. It really is best in 3 month bursts at most imo.
  15. Hello! I know "I like RPG's too!" is a broad stroke to paint but they are some of my favorite games and I feel the same about kart racers once in a while, Mario Kart 64 convinced me to ask for my first console as a kid. Here's hoping you enjoy the site!