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  1. I've had almost no desire to play games for like two months now. 

    Any ideas how to regain motivation to play games and hunt trophies?

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    2. zizimonster


      Sometimes I'd rather watch films or tv shows than play video games. Other times, it's the other way around. 😂

    3. kevao97


      I finally got my new glasses, so I'm going to watch some movies. do the same

    4. YonahFuriae


      Just don't force yourself to do something you're not enjoying at the moment. And especially don't feel guilty about not doing it. If you feel even when you're not feeling like it, you have the need of hunting trophies and keep up, it became an addiction and not something you love.


      So look for other activity you enjoy and before you know you'll feel like playing again, and enjoying it too, as you love games like all of us. Draw, watch anime, read a book, or even do sport. Anything your body and mind tells you too and will enjoy doing.

      If your force yourself to an activity you're not enjoying or feeling forced to do, you'll lose even more motivation and might even start to hate it. So again, do the things you enjoy at the moment, you'll feel happier and if you love games you'll feel like playing again with renewed enthusiasm.

  2. #43 - Worms Battlegrounds Quite a bit harder than I expected, but still a fun game to play. It feels a lot like the Worms games I played as a kid while still having new features and mechanics. Campaign drags on a little too long and the customization options are somewhat lacking, so it probably would only appeal to longtime Worms fans. Thanks to @Flubberwunked for all the advice and to @Anxiety & @ingueferroque for help with the online trophies.
  3. That FIFA user score though. Damn 😅
  4. Haha yeah I'm pretty similar too. If I can't get 100% in a game I hunt the following things in order of importance to me: 1. The platinum trophy (if applicable) 2. The A rank 3. At least 1 gold trophy My account is nothing special but it is mostly S and A ranks. I still don't have a single B rank yet, gonna keep that going as long as possible.
  5. Elitist GTA Online: Complete all 3 Elite Challenges in The Doomsday Heist. It took quite a few tries, but I'm happy to have a new rarest trophy on my profile.
  6. @Mesopithecus @Optinooby thanks a whole bunch, that was really helpful. That method linked above worked first try. I guess the other guide is maybe outdated.
  7. Shout out to all the people who join my gaming sessions but don't read any of my host notes. Repeating myself gets annoying, but I respect the enthusiasm they tend to have.

    1. Copanele


      Hear hear. Special mention to all the people who join the group, ignore the "english only please" rules and go "need overwatch trofeo por favor" when we are boosting batman arkham origins. 

      Best interactions ever. 

  8. So I've typed out the full 725 notes twice and tried the immediate giveall method 4 times. Crashed game 6/6 times. 0 trophies. Anyway to actually get Perfect Explorer or has my profoundly good luck struck again and fucked me?
  9. I agree with plenty of your post, but wouldn't this do better as a Reddit rant? Just being honest.
  10. Hey I don't normally do this so excuse me if I'm wrong. The old version of Fall Guys is now called "Fall Guy: Ultimate Knockout" on my PS4. Looks official to me. Does that need changing?
  11. I guess I'm the actual minority then. I gave those flight levels a solid few shots on more than 1 occasion. Way too hard for me lmao.
  12. Awesome, I know some real cool folks who aren't too active here but are happy to chat on discord. My good friend @Ephemera_5 and me are always happy to meet new folks.
  13. Hey, I'd be happy to add you on PSN. But just a heads up, if you would like friends to message sometimes, I'm far more active on Discord honestly. My little friend group mostly all use that app. No mic necessary. Just an offer, but I will add you on PSN regardless. 🙂
  14. Well thank goodness I'm not silly enough to avoid playing the PS5 version of a game because of something like a duplicate plat stack.
  15. "Elitist" rank, huh? Need you to relax with all of your elitism. The community has decided that it's my job to be an elitist. 

    1. kindajustin


      For once, this town is big enough for the two of us. There's more than enough room for us both to be unwelcome here 😄

    2. StygianWolf4
    3. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      Personally I'm tired of you being an elitist elitist