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  1. I know I don't really do trophy updates, but it's been about one full year (according to my trophy log) since I started trophy hunting and really working on all my not-started/incomplete games. I didn't really start focusing on this stuff until I joined the forums here but I'm pretty proud of some of these statistics:


    Games completed: 3/39 -> 28/62
    Completion %: ~35% -> 66.94%
    Total trophies: 713 -> 1,927
    Platinum trophies: 7 -> 29
    Ultra rare trophies: 3 -> 40
    Very rare trophies: 12 -> 121
    Unearned trophies: ~1,350 -> 821
    *At the time of completion, I was the 67th fastest person to complete No Man's Sky PS4 on PSNP leaderboards which I'm proud of because I tend to be awfully slow in.. well, everything. It was also entirely by accident, I was just having fun.
    At first I only took an interest in these numbers because the people that were nice to me all cared about them, but now I'm actually having fun improving this stuff across multiple games. I'm not very good at games in general so I couldn't pull off anything impressive, but I'm also happy I was able to do this by just sticking to games that looked fun and my old games. I managed to pull off hundreds of trophies I never thought I'd get so I'm pretty satisfied with the progress. I've also got plenty of games on my list that I haven't finished yet but plan to soon. If you've made it this far, thank you kindly for reading my trophy ramblings.

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    2. kindajustin


      Thank you @funboy1246, not every single game was fun, I'm looking at Wheel of Fortune and Subnautica haha, but I do really enjoy seeing the progress so far. Thank you again for the kinds words

    3. Honor_Hand


      Great work on completing those games, Justin. You're certainly making good progress on your completion and total trophies. That 67th fastest achievement to complete No Man's Sky is pretty cool too, especially because you did it while having fun in the game and not really too focused on getting an actually fast time.


      Keep up the good work, man. And don't forget, having fun with your games while trophy hunting always comes first. :D

    4. kindajustin


      Thanks @Honor_Hand I really appreciate it!

      Fun definitely comes first which is why I plan to put the backlog down soon and try out quite a few new games towards the end of this year ^_^