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  1. :platinum:#32 - Family Feud

    I plan to complete several games soon so I'm just writing something small about some recent games. This is a pretty average game. If you like Family Feud, you'll get what you're looking for out of this one. Honestly these types of games tend to put me in RNG hell so they're not exactly my cup of tea. I only really grabbed this game to play with a friend, and then those plans fell apart. So I just completed it as a point for the current cancer charity event going on here. Big thanks to @Anxiety for coming through and helping me with the multiplayer trophies.

    :platinum:#31 - Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

    A lot more fun than I expected it to be, I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit after being encouraged to play it by a friend. Hack-n-slash combat isn't really my thing, but the main story of this game was pretty fun to follow.

    Far Cry 4

    I got the platinum a few months ago but just completed the DLC recently. And the DLC definitely picked up right where I left off. Does anyone else get attacked by wildlife in Far Cry games every 10 seconds? Why? I can't taste that good. It's too much for my little heart, the animals need to go kill something else for a change 😅

    Take care everybody ^_^

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Lovely update. Congrats on the multiple platinum trophies! ^_^


      The only one I can comment about is Senran Kagura. I'd say, if you had a really good time with Estival Versus due to its story, be sure to pick up Burst Re: Newal. It's a remake of the very first game in the series but it plays very much like the other 3D hack n' slash games in the series. Anyways, the story in this one was pretty good and enjoyable for me, a lot more than Estival Versus, so you might find this one just as charming. I know it totally surprised me on that when I played it. :D


      I see you like Minori, Yagyu & Hibari. Gotta say, those are some great picks. Those 3 also score high for me. But my absolute favorites are Mirai & Asuka. >:3

    3. kindajustin


      Thank you very much @Honor_Hand

      I'll definitely put some consideration to Burst Re: Newal but I'm honestly trying to take a bit of a break from hack n' slash games 😅 I recently picked up Peach Beach Splash on sale, so that will eventually be what I try next in the series. Idk much about it, but a third person shooter sounds more my style.

      And Asuka & Mirai are very good picks too! Honestly most of the characters in the game were very likable. 😄

    4. Honor_Hand


      @kindajustin Understandable. Peach Beach Splash is also a good time. Have fun pumping those water guns once you get to them. ;)xD