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  1. :platinum:#32 - Family Feud

    I plan to complete several games soon so I'm just writing something small about some recent games. This is a pretty average game. If you like Family Feud, you'll get what you're looking for out of this one. Honestly these types of games tend to put me in RNG hell so they're not exactly my cup of tea. I only really grabbed this game to play with a friend, and then those plans fell apart. So I just completed it as a point for the current cancer charity event going on here. Big thanks to @Anxiety for coming through and helping me with the multiplayer trophies.

    :platinum:#31 - Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

    A lot more fun than I expected it to be, I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit after being encouraged to play it by a friend. Hack-n-slash combat isn't really my thing, but the main story of this game was pretty fun to follow.

    Far Cry 4

    I got the platinum a few months ago but just completed the DLC recently. And the DLC definitely picked up right where I left off. Does anyone else get attacked by wildlife in Far Cry games every 10 seconds? Why? I can't taste that good. It's too much for my little heart, the animals need to go kill something else for a change 😅

    Take care everybody ^_^

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Lovely update. Congrats on the multiple platinum trophies! ^_^


      The only one I can comment about is Senran Kagura. I'd say, if you had a really good time with Estival Versus due to its story, be sure to pick up Burst Re: Newal. It's a remake of the very first game in the series but it plays very much like the other 3D hack n' slash games in the series. Anyways, the story in this one was pretty good and enjoyable for me, a lot more than Estival Versus, so you might find this one just as charming. I know it totally surprised me on that when I played it. :D


      I see you like Minori, Yagyu & Hibari. Gotta say, those are some great picks. Those 3 also score high for me. But my absolute favorites are Mirai & Asuka. >:3

    3. kindajustin


      Thank you very much @Honor_Hand

      I'll definitely put some consideration to Burst Re: Newal but I'm honestly trying to take a bit of a break from hack n' slash games 😅 I recently picked up Peach Beach Splash on sale, so that will eventually be what I try next in the series. Idk much about it, but a third person shooter sounds more my style.

      And Asuka & Mirai are very good picks too! Honestly most of the characters in the game were very likable. 😄

    4. Honor_Hand


      @kindajustin Understandable. Peach Beach Splash is also a good time. Have fun pumping those water guns once you get to them. ;)xD



  2. Welcome to the community! 26-year old trophy hunter here If you're looking for trophy hunters to chat with once in a while, me and my little friend group are always happy to talk!
  3. I'm in. You can expect Fall Guys and probably other games from me. Wish I hadn't just completed a game with orange in the thumbnail haha Edit: Here are the games I'll try to complete. I might add more depending on how quickly these go.
  4. My thoughts are that we shouldn't have these types of threads anymore. These threads are producing increasingly little in the way of productive conversation from both those who appreciate these games as well as those who denounce them. Nothing personal, but all this is gonna do is get a rise out of those who are easily raised. You really don't need much conversation on a game that takes 5-10 minutes and zero effort to complete. If you play this game, you've already played it. If you don't, you don't. That's really it.
  5. Well you can bet I'll gladly be following you on the journey! Best of luck with all your goals @papert0wng1rl I look forward to seeing the progress
  6. Senran Kagura Estival Versus Teamwork Defeated a boss with a Combined Aerial Rave. Honestly this was a really tricky technique to get down for a Common trophy haha. But eventually I figure it out in the end, and get some pretty cool screenshots out of it. I hope some people enjoy the one linked below. I mean, how often do you get cute anime girls and 4:20 in the same shot? lmao
  7. 2,000 trophy mini celebration ^_^


    What is This Power? :silver:
    Raise any character's level to the maximum level


    I've been planning this trophy for my #2,000 milestone since late June and I'm very happy I was actually able to stick to it. I've never given that much planning to a trophy number milestone before, but this last trophy is ridiculously grindy and I did enjoy this game so I thought it would be perfect. I've been slowly working on this since starting the game so it was a very rewarding trophy to obtain.

    I didn't plan all of this so far in advance but I'm very happy with just how significant this trophy is for me. This trophy completes Phantom Breakers for me, which makes 31/62 games complete on my profile, which brings me to a S-Rank average for the first time ever. I think a trophy by this name is very fitting for my milestone 😂

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Nice milestone :) 

    3. Lavenza


      Grats :D Specially when it all falls into place :) 

    4. Himiko Toga

      Himiko Toga

      Well done on your milestone Justin. :)

  8. Fallout 4 All Sugared Up Defeat 40 Nuka-World Creatures while under the effect of any Nuka-Mix flavor Finally getting around to completing all of the Fallout 4 DLC packs. This trophy was pretty easy thanks to the great Nuka World guide available on this site.
  9. Yes this is a pretty great way to sum things up. I don't care about the total number of rep points I have, but when I post something and it gets upvoted by someone I care about, I think that's just awesome. People can play internet tough guy all they want, it makes me happy to see the people I like agreeing with what I have to say. It's that simple. And more importantly, anyone can reach 10,000 rep points by constantly posting mildly agreeable posts. Overall rep doesn't really matter. You don't even have to be interesting or correct. If someone is regularly posting highly upvoted stuff, that person might be onto something...
  10. Hey! I'm sorry that I took so long with this. I've had a lot of medical stuff going on lately. This is the best way to get an average selling price for your Pokémon cards. The part that says "similar condition" is the most important. You need to make sure that the cards in the sold listings are in the exact same condition as the card you own. Don't average in prices for cards that are not in equal condition and don't average in graded cards (the ones in the plastic cases with the labels) if your card is not graded. Raw cards and graded cards have very different prices. After you get an average, it's really at your discretion to go a little higher or a little lower based on how well you think the card will fare with the grading companies. In that respect, note that some companies are stricter on their grades than others. A Beckett 10 is worth much more than a CGC 10 because CGC is a more lenient grader. From strictest to most lenient, it usually goes Beckett > PSA > CGC. I hope this helps! 🙂


    May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'What's this worth? A Step-By-Step Guide Open your internet browser Go to Locate the search field .Type the name of the item in the search field Click search Refine search by selecting "Sold Listings" Refine search by selecting "End Date: Recent First" Add the last 10° sold that were in similar condition together and average the price. (To find average: Add all 10 together, then divide by 10) If less than 10, average together what listed That average price is what it's worth'

    1. kindajustin


      Yes, definitely helpful! That's very kind of you to prepare this for me. Thank you very much, and I hope you're doing alright these days!

    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      You’re welcome! I’m doing much better than usual, actually. New medicine. 😊

  11. :platinum:#30 - Dark Souls: Remastered


    This game was pretty hard at times. Sometimes I would jump off the edge of a cliff, other times I was just getting whooped by enemies or invaded by people with some interesting names. But it was also a lot of fun to learn and play this game too. Next to Death Stranding and Control, my milestone plats mostly have sci-fi/horror as a primary or secondary theme and I like that. I don't usually play games that scare me, but it's been kind of fun keeping the theme going. Big thanks to my awesome friend @Misdeed_ for the game recommendation and the assistance.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      @kindajustin Playing co-op is great when you play with someone you know. Way better to play with a close friend than with any random person over the Internet. Code Vein may be a little more original for a Souls game but I am really eager to try that one. I know it's like the anime-looking Souls game out there but it still looks like a good time. I actually have a ton of those games I need to catch up with. The last one I played was DS2 on PS3, so yeah. xD

    3. kindajustin


      @Honor_Hand hey I actually wanted to talk to you about something too. Would you prefer if I message you here or on discord? Whatever is easiest for you ^_^

    4. Honor_Hand


      @kindajustin Sure. Feel free to message me on Discord. ^_^


  12. I prefer text chat too, only do parties when I have to and I'm not fond of big groups. I use discord all the time, far more active there than anywhere else these days, but no one from PSNP wants to talk to me lol But in general discord is the way to go. So much easier for communication.
  13. Hello there! I feel the same way! I'm more active in messages here than on PSN since they disabled the website, but I'll add you on PSN if you'd like
  14. I know I don't really do trophy updates, but it's been about one full year (according to my trophy log) since I started trophy hunting and really working on all my not-started/incomplete games. I didn't really start focusing on this stuff until I joined the forums here but I'm pretty proud of some of these statistics:


    Games completed: 3/39 -> 28/62
    Completion %: ~35% -> 66.94%
    Total trophies: 713 -> 1,927
    Platinum trophies: 7 -> 29
    Ultra rare trophies: 3 -> 40
    Very rare trophies: 12 -> 121
    Unearned trophies: ~1,350 -> 821
    *At the time of completion, I was the 67th fastest person to complete No Man's Sky PS4 on PSNP leaderboards which I'm proud of because I tend to be awfully slow in.. well, everything. It was also entirely by accident, I was just having fun.
    At first I only took an interest in these numbers because the people that were nice to me all cared about them, but now I'm actually having fun improving this stuff across multiple games. I'm not very good at games in general so I couldn't pull off anything impressive, but I'm also happy I was able to do this by just sticking to games that looked fun and my old games. I managed to pull off hundreds of trophies I never thought I'd get so I'm pretty satisfied with the progress. I've also got plenty of games on my list that I haven't finished yet but plan to soon. If you've made it this far, thank you kindly for reading my trophy ramblings.

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    2. kindajustin


      Thank you @funboy1246, not every single game was fun, I'm looking at Wheel of Fortune and Subnautica haha, but I do really enjoy seeing the progress so far. Thank you again for the kinds words

    3. Honor_Hand


      Great work on completing those games, Justin. You're certainly making good progress on your completion and total trophies. That 67th fastest achievement to complete No Man's Sky is pretty cool too, especially because you did it while having fun in the game and not really too focused on getting an actually fast time.


      Keep up the good work, man. And don't forget, having fun with your games while trophy hunting always comes first. :D

    4. kindajustin


      Thanks @Honor_Hand I really appreciate it!

      Fun definitely comes first which is why I plan to put the backlog down soon and try out quite a few new games towards the end of this year ^_^

  15. I think this would be a really good tool for most users. Also, a lot of the arguments here going one way or the other show how hard this sort of thing would be to administer/moderate in practice. The last time I joined a boosting session here a few weeks ago, the organizer clearly stated "Time/date are placeholders, we need to wait until we have about 20 people." It turns out I was the moron for believing the organizer in this instance. An hour before the stated time for the boosting session, we had 6-7 people. That's a little short of 20, so I went to go do other things. Turns out some of them grouped up and managed to successfully boost the trophies with a very small group. What I'm trying to get at is the PSNP boosting sessions tend to be a mess. I'm okay with being left behind in this scenario, but I'm not taking negative feedback for being flat out lied to.