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  1. Metal: Hellsinger
  2. Yeah normal quick play matches count. You can host you own match and make a private slot for your friend to join.
  3. Me and a friend were able to find each other with custom settings. So we had it on all regions and Easy Beat off and always found each other
  4. Don't know if this has been said already but don't worry about DCs for it doesn't restart your progress. It's just a visible bug and you will still be able to get the trophy even if you did disconnect from your opponent.
  5. I'm excited, I personally dont think it's gonna be a remake due to the scar and he looks a bit older but who knows lol.
  6. Been waiting for this lol.
  7. Never gets old
  8. We got our trophy in pvp but I'm a little lost when you said the Agent didn't count?
  9. I really wanna say it's in total but I'm not too sure since I got the trophy to pop when I jumped off a building without the jetpack.... My advice would to go to capital city and find the highest point you can reach and keep doing it. Glad I was able to help, Seems he spawns there more often.
  10. The Agent I found at the far top right next to a bench and water twice, however I do think it's random. What we did was roam around the map and he saw us and started getting hostile towards us, Most Objectives Will Be Marked With A Blue Circle on the map just like the ones for random cars, The Agent And Armquist will Be Marked as a red circle like enemies and The President and Marine Warlord we found to not be marked at all so just pray they will spawn lol.
  11. For those going for the platinum don't be scared of the local coop trophies, Local Coop was probably one of the easier ones to do. You only have to 3 Star Two missions(One In Abduction and One In Rampage for the trophy) since share play works you can grab a buddy to do it with you. I should warn you though that for some reason the game doesn't track the stars you get after finishing the mission and shows you earned none of them. If that happens to you then don't worry it must be some visual bug. Also I don't know if this needs to be said but we did waste alot of time playing each individual map for the "Superior Genes" Trophy thinking that's how it worked, Don't Do That once you get a win in the game mode no matter the map you're free to move onto the next game mode. All Credit goes to @mouldyXD as he was the one to find the strats as I cluelessly tagged along.
  12. Can't wait!
  13. Poggers