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    I have retroactively (on 4/2017) decided on February 2016, due to time constraints between work, wife, and family, to quit trophy hunting. Platting something will be an outlier.

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  1. Hai guize, I haz anoder update
  2. You may have your sword, axe, and bow, but I have my lightsabre.

    1. AlchemistWer


      Don't forget the power of the force.

    2. Lorajet


      Hope the batteries are charged up for that sucker

  3. The closest would be Mayo. And that was a curiosity buy. Nothing else comes close.
  4. One lightsaber for a more civilized age.

  5. Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?
  6. Moar updates for the curious.
  7. Happy New Year!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    3. PooPDeePie


      Holy crap though. Just realized something xD . Your avatar and this guy look alike haha

      Mind blown!



      And 666 likes!

    4. PooPDeePie


      Oh and happy new year! Totally forgot it was the Chinese new year :)

  8. Why does that scoundrel get his Star Wars story first? The Force is no hockey religion.

    1. Hemiak


      Who else needs one? Other than Obi Wan, he's really the only character from the original trilogy with a backstory. 


      Hmmm, maybe Yodas exploits from 800 years previous. :awesome:

  9. *ding* updated!
  10. Thou who seeketh an updated release date. I am the old updater. Show me thine patience and gamer dedication. Prepare yourself, brave gamer.
  11. Bam, another update!
  12. Just heard about the Nintendo Labo. What? Just..... What?

    1. KingGuy420


      They're meant for kids, to stretch creative muscles and maybe get them interested in engineering. Things that video games don't do lol.


      It's not meant for us to understand. Like the hundreds of other educational toys I would've loved as a kid but can't wrap my mind around now lol.

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Couldn't you just give your kids some cardboard and you'll get the exact same results?

    3. KingGuy420


      @DrakeHellsing in theory, I guess. If you could teach your kids to cut proper rivets and rig elastics within the structure to interact with their game controllers.


      If it's worth your time to learn and master those things, then teach it to your kids instead of just buying the 60$ kit, than yeah, I guess it would be the same lol.

      Just like the toys that teach code or engineering. You could master / teach them yourself I guess.

  13. Oh, From Software. Shadows Die Twice.

    1. BG_painter


      hey look, our last plats were Dark souls 3 :D the force is strong in us 😎

  14. Everything I say is true...... from a certain point of view. :D

    1. PermaFox


      I'm listening...🤔

    2. Stargazer2600


      Now that is a phrase I haven't heard in a long time.

    3. Galactic Nordic Nuts

      Galactic Nordic Nuts

      you must work and make the economy grow for our country


    It can't be.. It can't be... I cannot watch anymore.



    1. Redgrave


      I know this is a bit soon but someone has already gone out and recorded footage of the slain Younglings.




      19 BBY is off to a rough start...