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    I have retroactively (on 4/2017) decided on February 2016, due to time constraints between work, wife, and family, to quit trophy hunting. Platting something will be an outlier.

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  1. Listening to metal is always pleasurable to me.


    1. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      So uncivilized. 😏

    2. ShonenCat


      Kenobi? Metal? 🤔


  2. So, who won? Who lost? You decide! What was your favorite news from E3? Who and what were you disappointed with? Your reactions?
  3. I guess I'll more updates to go.
  4. I didn't think the Solo movie was all that bad.

    1. Cthulhu


      Me neither. It's not as bombastic, dramatic or refreshing as The Last Jedi was, but it was a very decent heist movie. I feared a trainwreck, but Ron Howard did a good job. Shame it's flopping. I hope Disney sees it's not the fault of the people who made the film, just like how the producers of Blade Runner 2049 were still happy with the film itself even though it made a loss in theatres.


      P.S. that it wasn't as "different from the norm" as The Last Jedi and didn't play with expectations but just deliverd what people thought Han's early life was like might both be why TLJ-haters like Solo, and why it's not making much money right now.

  5. Who wants that update?! no one does. lol
  6. Deadpool 2 And I just realized I forgot how to insert pictures. lol
  7. Knack Life is Strange Tales from the Borderlands Wolf Among Us The Walking Dead: Season 2 The Walking Dead Sleeping Dogs
  8. Nope! Gravity Rush!
  9. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
  10. Van Morrison
  11. Life is tiresome. Let me sleep forever.......
  12. GFTO, slayer of demons!
  13. I guess I'll just moonwalk my way outta here...
  14. Why are the same 3 people responding? lol Purple Love