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  1. And here I was thinking that this bit of news was cool. I regret posting it. Immensely.
  2. No word on a release date, but second one is coming to the PS5
  3. Trophy hunting isn't fun for most people. I did, for a while; until I my job and wife started taking more of my time.
  4. I just started a week ago. Still has frame rate drops, sometimes, the game will glitch out if you fall by mistake, 20-30 second loading if you go into a new zone too quickly, enemies not loading quickly enough. Also, that loading time after you die!!!! Other than that, it seems OK. Not sure if today's update fixed anything, still a bit laggy but better in terms of in-game loading and enemies not appearing quickly enough.
  5. First "gameboy" I had was a Gameboy Advanced. That and the DS where the only ones I had and didn't buy many games for either one..... I just remember Chrono Trigger remake and Metroid.
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles was probably the last one that felt that I really liked. After that, maybe Journey, Seikiro, and Horizon.
  7. ?

    I would recommend Hwang Jang-Lee films. The dude makes kicking an art form. With John Liu in Instant Kung Fu Man: Dance of the Drunk Mantis with Yuen Siu Tien Yuen Siu-tien is the other martial artist that I tended to gravitate to. Sleeping Fist:
  8. I'm so glad that I started watching AEW. It's been almost 20 years since I've been this excited watching pro-wrestling again. Just wish I found this gem of a show earlier. Pros: Great storylines, Investing into tag team matches, awesome matches. Cons: Slow down sometimes, you don't need to go at 11 to be exciting. Women's division is atrocious.
  9. Would love to see how this will pan out.
  10. Honestly, Demon's Souls was the closest one for me. I must have played that game at least 10 times through, with 4 different characters. I actually had the exact opposite happen to me where a game was so good, that I couldn't play it again, because I would never be able to experience it like the first time ever again. Xenoblade Chronicles did that to me.
  11. #51 Batman: The Enemy Within Such a great game
  12. Final Fantasy 13 and pretty much every single "Tales of" game I play. Ironically, life and patience and persistence helped dwindle my interest in doing so....
  13. #49 and #50 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Life is Strange 2 BAM!
  14. I did my best to come up with 10 Dark Souls Bloodborne Xenoblade Chronicles The Last of Us The Walking Dead The Witcher 3 Journey Horizon: Zero Dawn Dragon's Dogma The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword