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  1. Yeah that’s a pretty viable theory as I bought the DLCs on ps5 but the original copy of the game is ps4, and I have changed my primarys over since then. It could also be that just buying the DLCs on the ps5 instead of ps4 caused the issue but that’s a bit dumb is that’s the case since I’m still buying the dlc for the version of the game that’s it’s intended for.
  2. Hi all, As the title says, I cannot access any of the DLCs at all. I have a disc version of the game (which I 100% completed a couple days ago) and purchased the season pass digitally. I then installed each DLC individually and booted up the game, only to realise that when I loaded into the watchtower, none of the DLC levels have appeared on the map and none of the DLC characters have appeared on my character roster. I’ve tried everything I can think of, I’ve deleted and reinstalled both the game and the DLC packs, I’ve restored my game licences, I’ve restarted my console and still no DLC . I read somewhere that u should download the DLC in game from the additional content section on the main menu, but every time I try to do that an error pops up saying “content not found” and have no idea why that is happening. I downloaded the digital version of the game available on ps premium right now and can access this menu (and therefore hopefully the DLCs) just fine. But I can’t seem to transfer my 100% save file over to the digital version. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I rly don’t wanna replay the game again on the digital version just to access DLC. Any help would be appreciated (Apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this in, I’m rarely on these forums so am unsure of where to put this) (Also apologies for this post being so long but I’ve tried to give as much detail as possible)
  3. Glad to know restoring licences worked for you! I tried doing that a few times and it didn’t work for me. I am on a ps5 which may be a reason why but I’m not sure
  4. Unfortunately the only thing I could do was download the digital version and play the game over again. I just rushed through the story and unlocked only the characters and areas I needed to so I could get all dlc trophies. I don’t know what causes this or if it can ever be fixed, I tried everything I could think of, and starting over on the digital version was the only option. If u manage to find a solution without starting over plz share it, as it may help others in a similar situation. (Apologies it took a while for me to respond, haven’t been checking the forums lately)
  5. I’ve always wanted trophy/achievement lists for some of the Mario games so why not do one here. Since Mario odyssey has already been done by someone, I’ll do Super Mario 64 as I love that game. Platinum = 1 Gold = 5 Silver = 15 Bronze = 29 Total = 50 (Platinum) Now, about that cake? - Earn all other Trophies (Gold) That’s it! A kiss on the nose! - Defeat Bowser in the sky, complete the game and rescue Princess Peach (Gold) They’re Mine! They’re all Mine! - Collect all 120 stars (Gold) Oh come on! This isn’t New Super Mario Bros 2! - Collect 10,000 coins (Gold) Mario? It that really you? - Find Yoshi and receive 100 lives and a worse triple jump from him. (Gold) Completionist to the Extreme - Collect all 120 stars on all 4 save files (copying save files is not allowed) (Silver) So long-a-Bowser - Defeat Bowser in the Dark World (Silver) So long-ga… ahem, I mean, So long-a-Bowser (phew) - Defeat Bowser in the Fire Sea (Silver) My preciouses! My preciouses! - Collect 100 stars (Silver) From Rags to Riches - Collect 5,000 coins (Silver) Noooo! I misclicked! - Delete a 120 star save file (Silver) The most infamous trick in Speedrunning History - Perform a Backwards Long Jump (Silver) The Green Demon - Activate a 1 up mushroom in a stage that follows Mario around until collected, and then collect all 8 red coins and the red coin star without collecting the 1 up (Silver) Better Safe than Sorry - Obtain 50 lives (Lives obtained from Yoshi do not count) (Silver) Sorry Latiku, can’t talk, got a Princess to save - Perform Latiku Skip (Silver) “L is real 2401” - Run 2401 laps around the “L is real 2401” statue in the Castle Courtyard. (Silver) Leaving no Coin Behind - Collect every coin possible in One Stage (Silver) I’m a Plumber! Not a Blue Hedgehog! - Complete the game in under 3 Hours (Silver) Come on, Mario! Gotta burn off all those Mushrooms and Pastas - Walk 5,000 km (Silver) Trick Shot - Complete Princess Peach’s Slide in under 15 seconds (Silver) Mamma Mia! - Lose a Life in every possible way (Bronze) The Nostalgia Begins - Collect your first star (Bronze) A tiny Collection - Collect 10 stars (Bronze) Enough to fill a display case - Collect 40 stars (Bronze) - Must. Collect. More. Shiny. Stars. - Collect 70 stars (Bronze) Penny Pincher - Collect 10 coins (Bronze) Average Payload - Collect 1,000 coins (Bronze) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super Mario - Find and obtain the Wing Cap (Bronze) Now you see me, Now you don’t - Find and obtain the Vanish Cap (Bronze) Indestructible.. Until it runs out at least - Find and obtain the Metal Cap (Bronze) The King Dethroned - Defeat King Bob-omb (Bronze) Bob-omb Hurler - Pick up and throw a total of 40 bob-ombs. (Bronze) I won’t Gravel, er, Grovel - Defeat the Whomp King (Bronze) Mario, Ice Slide Champion - Beat the penguin down the slide in Cool, Cool Mountain (Bronze) Hey! No cheating! - Find and take the shortcut during the penguin race in Cool, Cool Mountain (Bronze) Isn’t this Luigi’s Thing? - Defeat 100 Boos (Bronze) Who’s the Bully Now?! - Defeat 50 bullies. (Bronze) Rock, Paper, Scissors? No? Ok. - Defeat the eye hand boss (I forget what the actual name of this boss is, sorry) (Bronze) My Hat! - Have your hat stolen by Klepto and retrieve it from him (Bronze) I hate birds.. - Have your hat stolen from Klepto and retrieve it from him 10 times (Bronze) Gotta go fast, Gotta go fast… - Beat Koopa the Quick in a foot race in Bob Omb Battlefield (Bronze) …Gotta go faster and faster and faster and faster! - Beat Koopa the Quick in a foot race in Tiny Huge Island (Bronze) Breaking and Entering - Defeat the giant Wiggler (Bronze) Just Passing the time - Stand still on a Rotating Clock Hand for 5 minutes (Bronze) Toasty - Take Damage from the fireplace in the Big House in the Sky in Rainbow Ride (Bronze) You’re not a cat, Mario - Lose 9 Lives (Bronze) How did I end up here?! - Find and use a teleport (Bronze) At least the controls are better than the DS Version - Fly around using the wing cap for a total of 15 minutes (Bronze) How does this cause damage!? - Take Damage to a Bubble (Bronze) Mass Murder - Defeat 1,000 enemies total
  6. @LancashireLad87 This is a really nice trophy list. There’s not too many games on here yet but some of the games you’ve completed on here is outstanding, Crash 3, Doom and Doom eternal, Super street fighter IV, Elden Ring. A lot of these games are quite challenging so it’s impressive to see quite a few of them platinumed. The one that particularly stands out to me tho is DMC5. That game, and it’s worthy of legend trophy is notoriously difficult. The fact that you’ve got that is one of the most impressive things I can see on this list. You’ve also got a very high completion rate at 97% and 150+ ultra rares, which is a very good amount. There’s not that many easy plats on here either, they’re very few and far between (so basically the opposite of my account ). There is one noticeable weakness however. There’s quite a few games left unfinished on here and a few that are agonisingly close to being finished. I’d suggest taking the time to finish some of these if u get the time available to do so, you’re more than capable seeing some of the other games you’ve completed. Overall an impressive list. Well Done! U get an easy 9.5/10 from me
  7. I’ve just checked and it says region 2 on the back cover of the game. This is correct (I think) as I’m from UK and I downloaded DLC from the UK store, so I don’t think the region is the problem here, but thanks for the suggestion. Interesting that your save from killzone 2 just carried over to the other version. This is not the case for Lego Batman 3. This might be because game progress is saved on their servers tho, so it recognises that the same account is logging into killzone 2.
  8. Hmm.. I’ll check this out later when I get on my ps5, but I think that’s a bit stupid if this is what’s causing the problem. It didn’t specify anywhere that the DLC is region locked to specific regions. Did u have to restart killzone 2 after buying another copy or could u transfer your save?
  9. Hey can u help me get the People Love Me trophy then as not many ppl play this game and this is the last trophy I need for platinum
  10. Yes please, I rly need those items
  11. Hi does anyone here have a thermal/burnout/nitrous rocket boost for the don’t look back trophy and an iron rocket boost/halo topper for the metaverse trophy Can help with any trophies in return
  12. Hi, has anyone got a thermal, burnout or nitrous rock let boost as well as a tradable iron rocket boost or halo topper Can help with stocked and car collector in return