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  1. There's no way to disable it on console version. The only reason why you can on vita was because the ink caused video lag making it much harder to platinum. For the console version I recommend staying in 1 corner and just shoot enemies and dodge their bullets there.
  2. Delete user method isn't always on option. Besides it taking forever to backup everything and re-add everything back to the profile...there's times users can accidently sync their trophies when not realizing hacked ones popped by either having someone else play on their console like little brother or just simply wasn't paying attention at the time they popped or if they have trophy notifications off.
  3. disable ink on the vita versions makes it much easier. its best to stick with staying in one corner of the screen instead of moving all around to make dodging bullets easier. Should take about 5 mins to platinum it.
  4. yup doesnt have the screenshots, doesnt even own a ps4 so he didnt complete the game on his own lol and lies saying you can't make screenshots for trophies plus I know for a fact he got timestamped
  5. just adds supporting evidence if its cheated...people who just timestamp trophies never have screenshots as the trophy never actually popped on the console just edited on PC...
  6. Because Sony screwed over the devs that were still making vita games by not giving them a heads up they were closing the stores then later Sony changed their minds so I'm glad to see those devs will continue making vita games.
  7. I was told by a Sony employee that they can delete any trophy list but they won't do it for you lol
  8. send screenshot of the 2 trophies then
  9. Glad to see vita games are still being made. When does this release?
  10. No I meant that he thinks there's no way to edit ps4 timetamps. You can with ps4 testkit. CFW doesn't exist on PS4. Guess whoever edited the timestamps made a mistake and didn't set last trophy the same time as platinum trophy...
  11. what's interesting is that you think you know for a fact that there is no way...
  12. they dont want someone who knows all the methods to cheat including PS4 and PS5 stuff
  13. super strict on who they hire
  14. more people did offer to take the job without pay but they refused to hire so its their loss....
  15. When I finish a game that has no replay value which there's tons I always delete the save after getting all the trophies so really don't see the need to keep over 1000 saves...