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  1. 0.48TROPHIES PER DAY :(

    1. Dreggit


      He's played more new games than me this year. Soon, I might be the staff member with the lowest game total... :hmm:

  2. probably this week or next since normally trophy lists don't get added to PSN until release is within like a week or less.
  3. yeah that's a manual process its not going to be instant but if there's another trophy list then its going to be different regions...
  4. One is NA and one is EU how is that confusing? are you new to stacking?
  5. they added them 32 times why you surprised?
  6. The $911 Operation is classified as a side mission in the game, you will unlock it after meeting up with Raymond Kenny. This will involve setting up multiple ambushes on enemies, and end with breaking out a person from the Alcatraz prison.
  7. o.o
  8. difficult games can be done quickly if you have perfect runs so using completion time isn't good to use either...
  9. could just put the code needed for leaderboards on my site and just pull all the psn names synced on this site lol
  10. People just want different leaderboards so it benefits their rank "I don't play easy games so let's barely have them matter or not have them matter" Besides rarity people may just want a completist leaderboard where extra points can be earned based on their completion percentage or the number of games done to 100%, etc. Or just let people make custom leaderboards...
  11. you could just base the leaderboard off the number of ultra rares people have if they are the same number then whoever has the highest next rarity "very rare" and so on would decide the rank....
  12. hahahaha I have to comment on this...based on that you would need a ridiculously high amount of easy trophies to equal a few ultra rares lol say there's 4 trillion trophies each ranked 1 to 4 trillion points. Say someone gets the rarest one at 4 trillion points how many trophies would it take to equal 4 trillion points if they only got the easiest ones 1 points, 2 points, 3 points, etc. well just say the easiest 1,000,000 trophies would only get you to 500 billion points so they would need even more than that....sounds fair right?
  13. Sony created the trophy system so Sony controls how trophies work... Its been pay to win since day 1 you need a lot of games to be at the top of the leaderboard....
  14. its not how trophies work there's a .TRP file inside the game files that contains the trophy data for the game that is installed once you launch the game... same thing can be said for someone who is rich that can buy a lot of games vs. someone who is poor who can't...the playing field will never be fair regardless....
  15. you would have to at least load the game for the trophy list to install on the console...