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  1. Servers seem to be back online for Ranked. Just got the trophy tonight.
  2. I just want to say thanks to @Sly Ripper for the quick update on the site after that unexpected Trophy changes!
  3. Awesome that is a real relief. Thanks for the info you guys/gals!
  4. So I didn’t get all the trophies in the base game and I was wondering if anyone knew if I can still get the trophies from the base game even though I bought the expansion. For example I do not have the ‘Hunters United Forever’ trophy for playing 100 multiplayer quests. Do the quests I play in Icebourne count towards that? Or am I kinda just screwed for the base game?
  5. Disappointing that they still do not have a platinum trophy since the Xbox version has the full 1000 achievement points. I’m sure once this is on sale I’ll pick it up since I usually enjoy at least 2-3 of the new games. This collection also has YDKJ as one of the games so that makes it worth it right there.
  6. I’m excited about this game. I got the plat for the Rainbow Moon while playing on my commute to work and I plan on doing the same for this one.
  7. I remember it was talked about on some podcasts so I bought it when it was on sale months ago and finally played it tonight. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood but it definitely was not a “me” game. I’ll finish up the platinum run some time this week but I certainly will not be encouraging anyone to play it sadly. I’m glad other people liked it but the story made no sense, the characters/environments were ugly, it controlled poorly and the pacing was off (sometimes it felt like it was dragging you through super quickly and other times walking down a hallway felt like forever). The music was good though and really matched with the tone of each scene so I did appreciate that.
  8. What is ridiculous about this? They’ve simply packaged four of their games together and no one is making you buy it. I would recommend this to someone who hasn’t played TWD games because I personally enjoyed them a lot and I think others should play them too.
  9. I have Dark Cloud and Ni No Kuni!