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  1. This is a very dumb trophy. I am NOW level 21 and still manage to get zero episode wins.. like wtf. probably 10-15 finals now. Every finals appearance that I'm in, there are atleast 11-12 contestants to get that victory. when you have 12-15 contestants going for a finals win, it makes SO HARD!!!! i dont know what to say about this...
  2. I’m level 10 now, with 0 total wins!! Zero!!! Made it to the finals 3 times where I’ve lost in the mountain fall on some last second bs where I couldn’t secure the crown. And I lost a hexa and rumble. I would seriously like to get some help with a party too.... this 5 in a row episodes thing is straight bs if you ask me. Whoever has played GT Sport, this reminds me of the get first on 91 wins gold grindy trophy strictly only from multiplayer mode... straight 90% luck and 10% skill.... tbh
  3. Does it have to have a yellow circle next to the area? I searched online and the flash point for this week is... io. i believe it was 4/28, 2 days earlier. i did the adventure/2 public sector/3 bounties and trophy didn’t unlock? how long is a flashpoint typically on the destination map? It did not appear on mine. I’m afraid that this trophy may glitch??? btw I read somewhere that you need to be atleast 950 power level to be able access this flashpoint? My character is a 925 atm. are there any pre requisites or requirements to unlock this flash point?