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  1. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst WWE game, yes the game is a total micro-transaction hell but as a WWE fan it’s not that bad. Sure the controls sucks ass but you’ll get used to it. I had no idea what I was doing until I just started to learn how to cheese opponents online and I won a tournament. I would say the game is not worth for its original price but because it’s for free, give it a go. If you like WWE All Stars, you might like it. I give it a 6/10 just because there have been worse games cough cough WWE2K15 and 20
  2. If anyone wants help with dlcs. I have the Crimewave edition and I can invite you so we can boost dlcs together. Message me on PSN if you need help.
  3. That’s messed up man.
  4. It sucks, i spent almost a week playing this game without realizing the servers were closed plus I didn't use any guides as i didn't know there were guides on this game. So I spent almost 60 hours or so getting all collectibles and it was all for nothing. Really dissapointing. Don't play this game if you are a completionist because it really pisses me off when i look at it 76%
  5. So I'm currently at 58 talents i just need to get one more character to mastery 8 in order to get the trophy and today was free rotation day. I got Vora and Pip (i already have Pip). I got Vora to Mastery 2 and it didn't count in my awards page. If anyone's still grinding to get this trophy, VORA DOES NOT WORK FOR MASTER COLLECTOR for some reason.
  6. Can I still join or am I late for this?
  7. Never played either 2 of them, but i can say Ubermosh looks more interesting Untitled Goose Game or Donut County
  8. Simple, just take a look at their trophy list and rate it out of 10 and give details what you specifically liked, or didn't like etc. Be honest.
  9. His profile is private.
  10. Superhot Challenging, but once you get the hang of it. It's fun.
  11. let me know on ps chat after your games are done.
  12. if you want to we can grind together for bonus xp?
  13. First of all, playing in a party with a friend gives you %10 more xp and gold. Try to finish all of your daily quests as well as the daily queue. Try to complete achievements as they'll give a lot of gold. Last of all, while grinding to get your champions to mastery 8, you'll get a lot of gold just by playing Siege VS Bot matches as they tend to give more gold. Don't forget to get your free rotation champions to mastery 8 as well.
  14. I would say this game is definitely a 7.5/10 platinum, it varies of how good your team is. But it did take me a month of playing the game to get the platinum. The hardest part is that you have to finish all heists on DW and there is this one map that keep spawning Headless Bulldozers which almost have infinite health. I was lucky to find a decent team in https://psnprofiles.com/sessions. You have to learn stealth because there are a few stealth required maps in order to progress, the worst one is The Yacht Heist and that mission took me 3 hours to complete the mission in under 6 minutes. The game is glitchy as well as sometimes your game crashes and you lose all of your progress but there is an easy solution for this problem. So to sum it all up, if you're looking for a challenging and a game that takes really long to platinum. Go for it, i think it's worth the rarity.