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  1. If a team needs an inactive, feel free to add me....
  2. Is there anyone interested to challenge a zero scorer like me? 😣
  3. Hi All, there's currently a sale in our region and aside from the alisha trophy, anything else to buy that can help with the grind or other trophy? Thanks!
  4. Hi. I would like to sign up for Artifact collector as I have the plats for Uncharted 1-3 plus golden abyss. I have the uncharted 4 cd but would like to work on it when all of the dlc has been released
  5. Hi. I would like to sign up for Titan as I have the platinum of all the GoW games excluding GoW Ascension (and the stack GoW 3 PS4).
  6. Hi All, my piece is more on to thank everyone. When I joined the event, my objective was simply to earn trophies and to survive the event as much as I can. I am glad and proud the way I have played the game as I have made it this far without much conflict or gap against other contestants and was able to meet and made friends with some of them. I understand that the event is supposed to be played with manipulation and lies but I was not comfortable with that approach and glad it stayed that way until now. Most of the reason for reaching this far is also largely due to my team which I am also fortunate to have met in this event. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the admins that made this event possible and interesting every week. And last but not the least, to thank midnightCJ and kira as I wouldn't even be a part of the game if they didn't back out earlier. I am looking forward to season 2 to meet more people and to compete in new challenges.
  7. Yay,managed to squeeze a score before the season ended.