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  1. Hello. I want to join. Thank you.
  2. Just a correction on my score. My count is: Common - 7 Uncommon - 2 Rare - 3 Very Rare - 6 Ultra Rare - 7 Total - 217
  3. Reward - The team gets one mistake per 8 hour block for their team. May we have further details on the above?
  4. Done. Got a couple more from type rider
  5. Im done. Unfortunately, someone else has updated my account but have already synced my trophies. @Couch @Andrea @Psy-Tychist
  6. Congratulations this month guys.. @epicnogg, wanna do a preliminary list of games for next month?
  7. YWould like to add the following update: Completed one challenge to finish dlc of a game, Sleeping Dogs. Completed the following games that fits this months hardcore theme: Type Rider and Tales from the Borderlands.
  8. I think there should be at least one game from ps plus...
  9. I hope I have a copy of next months game. Anybody else finished yooka laylee this month?
  10. Hi I would like to sign up as a back up
  11. Well played jem12345, i got beaten
  12. Yeah. Its close. I probably lose that one.