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  1. I platinumed the game on PS5 when it was available as a PS+ Monthly game, Now both the PS4&PS5 versions are in the PS+Extra Catalog, so I'm just curious if I'd be able to auto pop the PS4 version with my PS5 Save?
  2. I'm currently going through my playthrough of my Male MyRise, on the Story Progress screen on the Champions tab all of the championships are listed as vacant, Is this normal? or should champions actually be listed? because it makes no sense to have the option if it always says vacant. Also, I've won the NXT NA Title 3 times in different storylines but as soon as I go on social media someone else is holding it, is this normal or should I get an actual reign with it? This has also been the case with the IC Title, I won it in the 5 way match but then on social media Samoa Joe is talking about defending it in an open challenge. is my game just glitched?
  3. There isn't a PS4 > PS5 Upgrade, Instead buying the deluxe edition includes versions for both consoles.
  4. Has there been any word about PS4 Upgrade to PS5 Version? I don't want to spend the money to preorder (Even if it is an amazing deal) just to be told on release day that I could've got it for free.
  5. I know the obvious answer is to create a gaming session on here for people to join but the game isn't showing up as an option so I can't do that, But I'm wanting to get going with this game asap.
  6. Is there an efficient way to track number of tasks completed? The in game stats state that I’m only on 70 tasks but I got the trophy for 100 tasks 2 weeks ago so that’s not accurate, and unlike all the other trophies (10 Tasks, 100 Tasks & all the kills trophies) there isn’t a built in tracker with the trophy. The grind towards 500 tasks feels never ending when I’m unclear how close I even am.
  7. A lifetime subscription is the automatic option that is presented to you, To pay for just 1 year you'd click the text below the options to change it to yearly payment.
  8. While setting up a new game save you're able to change some settings to best suit you and your experience and most of the options make sense. But there's an option to have all in-game text/Subtitles appear in Croatian? Why Croatian specifically? 😂
  9. It says PS5|FULL| So yeah it's the full game version. I was playing it a little back in December/January but I stopped, then when I went to play again the other day it wasn't working, so I updated, but that still didn't do anything... I've left it for a few days thinking maybe it's a glitch but still no hope.
  10. I've tried returning to the game this week and have had the "Unable to open game/app" message every time on the PS5 Version, But when I switch it to the PS4 Version it opens perfectly fine and works. Is this a problem on my end? or with the game itself? (I've tried updating the game and uninstalling & reinstalling it)
  11. Still no official release date?
  12. I'm currently in Zone 2 Of The Waterways, In the second half of the zone? Where 2 blue genies are standing on either side of the pit of water which I can't cross until the genie pushes a box into the water... But it doesn't. I call it over and it just stands behind the box and does nothing then walks off. Am I missing something? or is the game glitched?
  13. Hello, I have been trying for weeks on and off to earn this trophy and it just doesn't seem to want to happen. I've followed what the guide says about putting it on Max difficulty and entering a royal rumble hoping someone carries you, but they only ever walk me around by the arm instead of picking me up, I must've gone through 30-35 rumbles at this point trying different tactics (Entering as a cruiserweight and the rest of the entrants being big men who can lift me) and nothing seems to want to work for me. Any Advice? 😂
  14. Is the game still appearing as paid only for anyone else? I've been looking forward to getting my hands on the game since the announcement but gone on this morning to see it's still £15.99.
  15. I thought this for the ones that were 1-minute platinums. But it doesn't take 10 minutes to auto pop, does it?