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  1. If i buy both season passes, can i get 100% on this game? The trophy list shows 8 DLCs but each season pass says it contains 3 maps, and doesn't specify which. And someone mentioned an upcoming season 3? I am considering buying since i enjoyed Zombie Army Trilogy, but it's confusing and seems overpriced even on sale
  2. I have always tried to get 100% on my games whenever possible, but i am glad my completion will never be 100%. That would be quite a burden to try and maintain and i would miss out on some great games for fear of losing it. I do like to finish games in the same order i start them, so sometimes i will hold off getting the final trophy until i complete a previous game. But there are exceptions, like gta 5 which kept adding dlc, and a few games i have gone back to several years after giving up on them
  3. I have platinum on Home Run Derby VR with 37 achievers. Not too many of us trophy hunter/baseball fan/VR owners out there
  4. Littlebigplanet 3 - ace all adventure levels Transformers Devastation - all chapters, highest rank on hardest difficulty Uncharted 1, 2, 3 remastered - Hard and Crushing playthrough I definitely intend to revisit each of these. I wasn't a heavy gamer when i first got PS4, hopefully now i have the necessary skill and determination.