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  1. Looking forward to this! As a huge Stallone fan, I loved Rocky on ps2 and Creed VR. Besides, there hasn't been a new non-VR boxing game in a long time. I never buy games day one, as I have a good size backlog, but I will make an exception for this one
  2. Yea, that was it. I picked up another ps3 for a decent price and it reads the disc with no problems. I'll still try to get the other one working, otherwise it will be digital only.
  3. The blue bit has come off the end of one of the cables. Guess I'm screwed now
  4. Thanks, i will watch it. I keep rechecking the ribbon cables, still nothing. Very frustrating
  5. Used a video by zfix
  6. Ok, thanks. Seeing as even the original is not working at this point, I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. I'm still resetting the connections to try and get it working
  7. I don't know. I installed the whole part that they sent me, and it sounded like it was trying to spin the disc, but failed. This is my first time opening a playstation
  8. The replacement from ebay doesn't have a model number on it, but it looks just the same. They claim it is compatible with my model of ps3. I keep reopening it and resetting the connections, and I'm not having any luck so far. Maybe I've messed something up inside the ps3, and will have to get another one if i want to play discs.
  9. Yes, i recently played a ps1 game with no problem. So i figured the problem was either the blu ray drive, or that particular game disc. And the disc is in pretty good condition, a couple very very minor scratch marks
  10. My ps3 super slim kept freezing or getting stuck in loading screens while trying to play Spider-man Edge of Time on disc. Research led me to believe my blu ray drive might be failing, so i ordered a replacement. After installing the replacement drive, the disc wouldn't even spin nor show up on the menu. I put the original back in and now that one is not working either. Anyone have any ideas or ever have a similar situation? I'd rather not buy another ps3 just to finish up a handful of games...
  11. Interesting read. Respect to you for cleaning up your profile, some people would probably just start a new one. I have a few games on mine I'd like to go back and work on at some point as well. It's tough to do, when there are so many good games I haven't played yet and only so much free time for gaming
  12. There are lots of good ones, tough to narrow it down. And there are some good ones I've yet to experience, but here goes. Just Cause 3 Guitar Hero Live (before the server closed) Creed Rise to Glory Rock Band 4 Ratchet & Clank Mafia III Overcooked Spider-man Blood & Truth Agents of Mayhem I thought we were excluding remasters and such, but some people included GTA V and even San Andreas! If those are in, my top 4 are Vice City, GTA III, San Andreas, and GTA V
  13. If i buy both season passes, can i get 100% on this game? The trophy list shows 8 DLCs but each season pass says it contains 3 maps, and doesn't specify which. And someone mentioned an upcoming season 3? I am considering buying since i enjoyed Zombie Army Trilogy, but it's confusing and seems overpriced even on sale
  14. I have always tried to get 100% on my games whenever possible, but i am glad my completion will never be 100%. That would be quite a burden to try and maintain and i would miss out on some great games for fear of losing it. I do like to finish games in the same order i start them, so sometimes i will hold off getting the final trophy until i complete a previous game. But there are exceptions, like gta 5 which kept adding dlc, and a few games i have gone back to several years after giving up on them
  15. I have platinum on Home Run Derby VR with 37 achievers. Not too many of us trophy hunter/baseball fan/VR owners out there