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  1. Yes you can ! It's quite common to jump on worlds which are already at Day 30-40, and ending up getting the trophy when hitting 100 days.
  2. - Spider-Man 2 : Enter Electro (PS1) - 40 Winks (PS1) - The Simpsons : Hit and Run (PS2) - The Incredibles (PS2) - Sonic Heroes (PS2)
  3. I can confirm there was a guide, I used it two weeks ago to finish the game. But now it’s gone and there’s only the walkthrough left …
  4. It came back mid-day, but it was down for 4 hours (8-12), in Europe at least. I don't know why, but I have the feeling this game is not going to stay online for long ...
  5. I just tried again, and can confirm that servers are down on PS4
  6. Severs are down once again.
  7. Same here, I didn’t get my rewards for Monday challenges. When launching the game today, it tried connecting to the servers for a minute, but it failed. Tried again 2 min later, and this time I could access challenges but the times did not appear on the board. I started one of the challenges, left it right away, and when arriving in the hub one of my rewards (Xtreme) was awarded. The other one did not appear in the usual notification screen, but it was counted in Awesomness progression. Maybe try this method if problem persists.
  8. Between « Priorities », you should talk to every available NPC in the Citadel and thus you shouldn’t miss any side quest. In order to get the Platinum trophy, you need to prioritize some side quest which can disappear if you don’t finish them as soon as they appear in your Journal (refer to the guide to know which ones). Finally, one gold trophy requires you to reach 4000 points of support from allies and alien species. To get to 4000 you’ll need to finish as many side quests as you can, as soon as you can. Side quests can give you up to 200 points.
  9. Everyone here seems to think that the CoD licence in its entirety will become Xbox/PC exclusive. Microsoft could very well keep Warzone on PlayStation, make money with its micro transactions, and on the other hand offer yearly solo campaigns (MW2, Cold War 2) and Zombie mode as exclusives, launching with Game Pass. It would be the best way for them to maximize profits without compromising the CoD brand.
  10. In light of recent news regarding Activision dismantling Toys for Bob and Vicarious Visions in favor of Warzone teams, I don't think people should cry too much for Spyro and Crash. Microsoft indeed bought a lot of ips, but studios owned by Activision Blizzard have been harshly treated in recent years, and it'll probably take ages before Microsoft reinvigorates life in the brands.
  11. On PS4 I have been trying to find matches but it takes forever. As suggested, you should boost the mp trophies with someone, otherwise it’s gonna be long grind. I actually have the same problem since none of my friends own the game.
  12. Thank you for your answer ! I'll probably follow your advice and start with a solo playthrough this week before going into coop play, just to make sure I don't miss anything.
  13. Hi everyone ! A friend and I are very much interested in playing this game coop on PS Now. We’d like to know if we can start by a coop save and then go for the solo runs without being locked out of the platinum ? I read the guide available on psnprofiles, and it seems like some collectibles can only be found in coop mode. Can we find ALL collectibles in a single coop save ? To sum it up, I’m looking for a way to stack a maximum of trophy with my friend before going for solo play, thus we need your advice ! Thank you in advance for your help
  14. Thanks for the advice ! I just realized I could access my stats through battlefieldtracker.com I unlocked Jack of all Trades during my last game so it shouldn't be long before Elite unlocks too.
  15. I'm already Level 26 and it did not pop for me ... Is someone else in this situation ?