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  1. EXTRA PS4 Beta Code for Ubisoft's Steep BETA: ATGPZNXEQW8J... MUST REDEEM ON ENJOY!

    1. skateak


      Sweet, grabbed it and also signed up. If I get one I will post it also.

  2. Train to Busan
  3. PSN ID: ZeRoCoOL06 PS Systems: PSVITA & PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: yes, but still it wouldn't hurt putting in that you're from
  4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare End of War Enjoyed the story, exo survival mode was ok could of been better though, I didn't even touch the competitive MP honestly since CoD Black ops so can't comment on that... 7.5/10 =)
  5. The Last of Us: Remastered Those online trophies>_<
  6. Uncharted 4 Borderlands Pre-quel Batman Arkham Knight Destiny Far Cry 4
  7. Watch Dogs Good game until the trophies Disk Space Full & Social Lubricant became a huge pain in the a** to achieve>_<, after constant re-tries on the drinking mini game and roaming for seems like forever searching for the last song I finally achieved this platinum=)
  8. Cause it was free on PS Plus... Thomas Was Alone =)
  9. Infamous Second Son... enjoyable & fun nuff said....time to do the infamous paper trail mission ^.^
  10. Hardest: Skyrim Easiest: Terminator Salvation
  11. That Pittsburgh crowd was awesome...poor Rey Mysterio got booed lol, fans we're hoping #30 entrant was D-Bryan... Can't believe a guy like Batista that hasn't wrestled in 4+yrs won the rumble smfh!
  12. Currently...Pokemon Red, emulator on my Samsung Galaxy S4
  13. PS3: Skyrim GTA V Battlefield 3 Borderlands 2 PS4: Battlefield 4 as of now
  14. TearAway (PSVita) 1st Platinum of 2014
  15. The Walking Dead (PSVita) my last platinum of 2013=)