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  1. Even Mayo is not a popular game, some people can still play it.
  2. Here is my best Warrior of Light, a Black Mage! How about some his little black magics?
  3. Nice! Are you gonna make other Final Fantasy songs in DJ mix version?
  4. Well, I guess I should buy physical games better than digital games when I get a new Switch.
  5. But they are fixing it, right?
  6. Wifi like playing online game or like using a store to download anything?
  7. What's wrong with their online environment?
  8. Hey good morning pal!

    1. NEV


      Hey! Good morning, Shiro.

      It's good night here by the way. ^^

  9. Well that doesn't sound any make sense about FFVIII. How can Squall dream if he's really dead?
  10. Nice, this suits your avy well. 10/10
  11. Well yeah, that would be piece of cake to beat him up.
  12. Yes, all of it, but I'd rather with Manga because they have Enishi!! My favorite villain of all Rurouni Kenshin!! Dragon Ball Super?
  13. Thank you, Shiro, you have a good choice, too. :)) 10/10 for that cat!!
  14. Pretty nice piano song, I think I'll probably play this game someday. 10/10
  15. 10/10 I'm starting to love this Anime!! Dragon Ball Super