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  1. I confirm, this is everything but not an easy platinum at all! finish the game is not a problem, but 3 stars in all levels and hard mode are going to be really tough!!!
  2. EDIT: I got them both and finally I have the platinum. For sure something is wrong with these 2 trophies. Probably the cross playing is creating issues. I think I had minimum 20/25 hot pursuit for each side (cops and racer)...eventually they popped out both ! I am so happy now !!
  3. I am facing the same issue. I don't know how many hot pursuit I have done till now, but still no trophy, both for cop and for racer. My counter all the time is stuck on 10. I miss only these 2 trophies for the platinum. Did you fix it somehow or you're still stuck? Somebody knows how to do it? thanks!