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  1. Haha tell me about it. People are smashing through these challenges. Fair play to them. My aim is to just have one rainbow card where I'm really happy with all the colours, rather than retroactively force any game I complete into it because it has an errant splash of my necessary colour ha. That's my (poor) excuse anyway haha.
  2. Yeah, I still play a couple of runs now and again in the hopes that the trophy pings! I was hoping they would release more DLC, which would give them some impetus to fix it (plus provide extra trophies I could work towards in the meantime), but it looks like they're pretty much finished with the game for now. Thing is, they're missing out on sales because a lot of trophy hunters will research the game beforehand and see the platinum is unachievable.
  3. Yeah, it's a shame. The trophy was really only achievable for a 3-4 month period between April and July 2022. It was broke both before and after that. And it's a really fun game. One of the better deck-builders to come out in recent years.
  4. Interesting to see everyone's varying opinions on this game. Appreciate I'm late to the party, but I've been really enjoying it so far (about 40 hours in). I found the original okay. Nothing special really, but I felt they really improved the graphics, immersion and acting this time round. Having recently platted Ghosts of Tsushima, I honestly didn't understand the hype around that game at all. I found the main plot uninspired, the main character and side characters were all dull and lacked personality, and many of the side missions were boring, forgettable fetch quests. Every question mark on the map was a fox den or a health pool. Yawn. So playing Horizon Forbidden West immediately after has felt like a breath of fresh air. The characters actually had ... well.. character. And I felt they really made an effort to make side quests somewhat original. That's not to say it's perfect, obviously. There's still a bunch of fetch quests and "follow the tracks" missions, and it does feel like the combat hasn't improved much from the original, although it's been a while since I played it. But I definitely thought it was better overall, having only somewhat enjoying the first game. I guess it was kinda overshadowed by Elden Ring, which really does push the genre in a new direction. Perhaps I wouldn't have enjoyed this so much if I hadn't played it immediately after Ghosts of Tsushima, which I thought was massively overrated.
  5. It's a bit of a long story, but essentially the trophy was broken at launch. So anyone who was playing it from launch was locked out of the trophy for the first few months (which includes me). The developers then released a patch. I think this was around April/May 2022. This temporarily fixed the trophy, and a few people were able to get the platinum if they started playing *after* that first patch. (The people who had been playing it since launch still seemed to be locked out though). However, then the developers released another patch in summer 2022. Unfortunately, this introduced a new glitch for the Neverending Story trophy. So, it seems if you were able to start the game after April/May 2022, and get all the narrative events before the second patch in summer 2022, you had a slim window of opportunity to get the trophy. I saw that someone got the platinum for this a couple of months ago, but when I checked their trophy list, they got the Neverending Story trophy in May last year (i.e, within the grace period). I've sent a few messages on Steam and in the developer's Discord channel, but the consensus from everyone is that they're not interested in fixing trophies/achievements for the game. Which is obviously a shame, as I'll be stuck on 98% completion forever ha.
  6. The trophy is broken at the moment. It's not possible to get it due to a glitched patch. If it was working properly, you would only have to see each event. No need to choose all the options. And no, there isn't any tracking. The developer has shown no interest in fixing the trophy either, so... sucks to be us.
  7. This is my second monthly update. A couple of days early, but I won't have much time to game this week. B4 – Marvel's Midnight Suns – Okay, so I picked this for my 'Hype!' game. Not because there was a tremendous amount of industry hype (there wasn't) or because I'm a massive Marvel fan (I'm not), but because it's a biggish budget deck-builder, and I'm a huge fan of deck-builders. I really enjoyed the game; there were a ton of characters to play as, and the mix of deck-building and strategy kept things interesting. I got the platinum, but not 100% because I'm too cheap to buy the DLC at full price at the moment. G4 – Hidden Agenda – The peripheral for this game is your smartphone, and you need to use two smartphones in conjunction for some of the co-op/competitive trophies. Hidden Agenda has been on my backlog for ages, largely because I was too lazy to sort out two smartphones. But this challenge finally gave me the impetus to finish it off. It's a reasonably interesting decision-based narrative tale about a serial killer called The Trapper. As with many of these games, going through and getting all the endings is a bit tedious, but the game itself holds up okay after six years! G5 – Doki Doki Literature Club Plus – Really enjoyed this. Such a quirky game, and while it doesn't translate across quite as well on console as it presumably did on PC, it was still a ton of fun. It's a tough game to describe without heading into spoiler territory, but it's definitely work checking out if you like a genre mash-up with a bit of a satirical twist. Just Monika.
  8. Yeah, I got the plat for it last week, after nearly 6 years on my backlog haha. Glad it seems to be working for you too (and hopefully anyone else who comes across this problem). I felt like kinda silly myself after I did it – especially after I tried a bunch of way more complicated solutions fiddling with my router and internal PS5 settings etc!
  9. I've had a couple of meetings that took quite a while to actually occur, however that was typically when story elements were playing out in the evenings. I was quite fortunate with Emo Club because I missed an invite for about a week, but went back and was still able to get the trophy later in the game.
  10. Thanks for responding. Yeah, sorry, I probably wasn't massively clear in my first post. I don't mind following a step-by-step guide for my second playthrough – Thankfully, I'm not a total purist who wants to figure everything out by themselves! But I do like my first playthrough to be blind So 60-90 hours seems like a nice estimate. Thanks a lot. RE: Disco Elysium – it's probably my favourite game of the last 5 years. I absolutely loved it. It's also not massively long, so you can do a blind playthrough and not worry about trophies much at all really.
  11. I have Torment in my backlog – it was stupidly cheap, and I'd recently finished playing Disco Elysium and was on the lookout for similar games. As with so many games, it's sat languishing there ever since. How long would it take to get the platinum for this if you wanted to do a blind playthrough, rather than follow a guide? I don't really like to play games where I have to follow a step-by-step guide to get the platinum in as few playthrough as possible. That being said, I also don't really have the time to play 50+ hour games 3-4 times either.... and Torment sort of looked like one of those games on closer inspection ha.
  12. Hey man, just to resurrect this thread again. I tried using my old PS4 at my girlfriend's thinking it might be some weird router issue or something. It didn't work. However, I deleted the apps on both my phones and reinstalled them. And it worked! Such a simple solution, that you might have already tried tbh. But I think in my situation it's because the phone I was using for player 2 was quite an old phone. I'm thinking maybe it had missed a couple of automatic updates because it was switched off? I notice Hidden Agenda was actually updated recently as well. I have no idea if that'll work for you, but I thought I'd mention it!
  13. I have this pencilled in as my 'white' choice, so I'm hoping it passes approval! I started playing it last year, but then got distracted by other games. Story of my life.
  14. Ah, I got the platinum for Heaven's Vault a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it also. I remember struggling to get the "Change of Heart" trophy to trigger, which meant I had to do a third playthrough (I almost always do a blind playthrough of games, plus a 'clean-up') because I somehow messed it up and didn't have a save to revert back to haha. Nevertheless, awesome game. And a great one for Tan.
  15. I've hit full Light balance around the middle of Act 2. I did consider starting going for the dark narrative options now, but it sounds like it's going to be too difficult to swing all the way back across. That's a little annoying, but not the end of the world. I'm enjoying the game enough that I'll consider getting the Deadpool DLC too. Presumably that kicks in reasonably early in Act 1? Then I can play around with all the characters right from the beginning and have a few other trophies to pick up other than just the dark balance one. There's probably a sweet spot where you can make a manual save somewhere in Act 1 after earning a certain amount of dark points, then switch to earning light points. Then you can get the light side trophy in your first playthrough, and then reload the save with at least a few hours saved on the dark side one. Because at the moment, I'm maxed out and just 'wasting' balance points.