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  1. I've played through all levels up to this point.
  2. In that case, I'll use my alts to help you out 🙂
  3. I've been hit with it too 😖 I'll download your creations next time I play.
  4. Looking to get at least 10 downloads for my track, kart and mod. PSN: SilentBun I'll be going through and downloading everyone else's creations shortly
  5. Here's my very short level: I've gone through the thread and queued up all your levels. Please play mine too 🙂
  6. My level: Just about to queue up all your levels and play them. Please play my level too 😄
  7. Yes, very nice.
  8. Platinum #408 X-men Origins Wolverine
  9. Yeah I've had this happen to me too many times. I try to wait about 5 seconds when on the weapon store at the start of a stage as this seems to lessen how much the game glitches on me, I also cycle through all the weapons once which also seems to help stop the game from hanging at the start of a level. It's probably different for everyone but I find without doing this the game will not load the level when you press start.
  10. Yeah the game is pretty easy as long as your smart about saving, the DLC is pretty annoying though especially the Born Dead trophy.
  11. You'll probably be able to use level select to start from the last level you beat and slowly make your way up to round 17.
  12. Thanks so much for posting this. I've been going crazy trying to figure out how to get the Last Round PS3 trophy list.
  13. I was wondering when this generation's SEGA collection was going to come out Seriously though I'll be looking forward to see what this turns out to be if it does result in sever disappointment.
  14. Lol I think that's what everyone does. Congrats
  15. ^This Don't worry about your score, it's all about filling the other screen up with beans. You need to concentrate on setting up combos and also hopefully you'll get lucky and get some good chains unintentionally too, Also you didn't mention it so I'm assuming you're not using it so make sure to save the game when you're doing well, that time you had Robotniks screen filled you probably should have made a save state to give you many more chances at beating him. If you don't how to save, press select and then you'll see it in the menu, you can literally save at any point so if you wanted to you could make a save every time you get a good chain or just feel like you're doing particularly well. Hope this advice helps in anyway and good luck