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  1. I was lucky enough to Plat LBP vita earliler this year and had intended on going back for the others - so this news is a big letdown for me. I guess I would be less annoyed if I could remove the game from my trophy list but even then I'm kinda glad we cant or everyone would be able to easily have 99% completion rates haha. maybe I just want the ability to move the game to the bottom of my trophy list
  2. When this happened to me for Manheater (on the platinum no less) it turned out to be the save game cloud upload was stuck and showing an error. I chose retry and the save uploaded and trophies synced. This was after a few attempts at power cycling the console and toggling network connection. It would be interesting to see if this same save sync issue was causing the trophy sync issue for anyone else.
  3. I figured out what was going on. Normally the process is: 1) Kill Sasquatch, 2) see the Eddies transfer, 3) Save, 4) Load that save, repeat. But sometimes when you load the save the game automatically gave you another Eddy payment without you needing to Kill Sasquatch, so those times all i had to do was 3) Save, 4) Load that save. But when I didn't realise this was happening it just looked like the process had stopped working! Hope this helped someone.
  4. Patch 1.23 Yesterday I started exploit at 100k and at around 375k i could no longer 'rekill' sasquatch for the bonus... even if i loaded earlier saves it would always cap at 375k. Frustraed, I turned off the system for the night. Today, I loaded up the latest save (or the one before, tbh I cannot remember now) and the exploit seemed to be back, i could kill sasquatch again. This worked up until I have 675k. Again, loading earler saves and trying again still caps at 675. I tried restarting my PS5 but no change. I will leave it alone and try again tomorrow to see if waiting a certain amount of time between attempts 'resets' the exploit. Maybe something limits the exploit pay out to 300k per period of time. I'll update this thread with what happens
  5. Good news! fortunately I only bought a small amount of missing dlc etc.. it probably would have been a lot more if i could have bought from a browser lol
  6. i bought the marvel cart (Australian Version) a few weeks ago and all marvel DLC is on the cart, no codes required
  7. I only play this game co-op, i feel doing it solo would get way boring. Also having more fun with it now that ive beaten the campaign and am doing the dreamstones. I paid full price for it at launch, I dont regret it because I wanted another PS5 game to play. If this was mid console cycle i would think otherwise. FWIW The primal update did seem to fix all the glitchyness I had.
  8. This is my situation now! maybe I need to start a boosting request thread (not sure this is the first time ill be trying to get a boost session happening)