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  1. No problem at all ! I just thought it was Random seeing Mario posted everywhere ha ha - Just do your thing dude - I clicked the post becuase I have an invested interest in Youtube. Best of luck with the channel 👍😀😀
  2. Im not hating - just seems like a massive waste of time to promote Nintendo content on one of the biggest online portals for Playstation users.....bit like me trying to sell Cat food to a Dog Kennel.
  3. Your promoting a Nintendo focused Youtube channel on a Playstation focused website?? I mean come on man........at least try to relate us !!
  4. Ah that explains it then - weirdly I just unlocked the 150 items trophy - just 50 km to drive, cant complain really, loving the game again so it should only takle me a couple of weeks or so...
  5. Evening All, So Ive just updated and returned to Rocket League with a view to getting the Platinum - I need two trophies, drive 50km and unlock 150 items. Simple enough... Here is the problem, I played the game when it launched and put hours upon hours in, unlocked loads and must have been close to 50km. Now I have updated the game it appears that all of my stats have been reset to zero....no distance travelled on any tyres etc - Anyone else expirienced this? Any solutions?....Im just playing again, so its not the end of the world, Platinum is more than achieveable.
  6. Another week of Playstation News compressed into one simple video.....enjoy.
  7. IT IS DONE !! Rank 50 and the platinum trophy in the bag The grind on this is the worst Ive expirienced for a long, long time - I think the nearest comparison for me is the multiplayer kills required in Resistance 2 ha ha, Anyway, good luck to those continueing the grind.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen....this is it !! The weekend I get my Platinum trophy.....One final rank to go.
  9. I just need 7 wins in Storm to complete all the PVP trophies - utter ball ache of a game mmode though - take forever, just seems to be a case of who gets frustrated first, as soon as people start to leave, the other team is pretty much nailed on for victory. 7 more to go.....
  10. The latest episode of the PS4 News is live - be sure to check it out 👍
  11. 190,000 left to go.....honestly can't motivate myself to play for long periods - I play every Sunday with Friends, so probably another two weeks before I get this Plat.
  12. Not from the sounds of it......pretty sure you have to complete the match??
  13. PFFFFFFT one final rank to go.......