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  1. That’s actually a really useful tip. I never thought to do it but it makes sense. Could have save myself a lot of time and frustration haha.
  2. Something I observed whilst trying to fix these trophies was that when one or more milestones were achieved either at the same time or within close proximity from each other it often caused one to not pop the trophy. For this reason when going for ‘Contact’ I ensured that I did not learn any alien words and this worked for me. Similarly with ‘Have Spacesuit - Will Travel’ and ‘The Forever War’ I ensured that they were the only milestones I achieved around the time I met the requirement and once again both popped perfectly fine. I may have been very lucky but I thought I’d share this just in case it does help. Ultimately I think it’s probably more RNG but information can be so scarce to come by on these sort of glitched trophies and I can appreciate the annoyance it causes.
  3. This is not a PSNProfiles feature but more something that certain PS5 games utilise and PSNP therefore displays. Some PS5 games (Sackboy: A Big Adventure is one example) incorporate this trophy tracking feature whereas others don’t. To my knowledge, no PS4 game utilises this feature, though I could be wrong on this. You can view trophy tracking for applicable games in the trophy list menu on the PS5. Hope this helps.
  4. That is strange. I wouldn’t like to say really. I have only had issues with No Man’s Sky and trophies not unlocking when they should. ( I have had other issues with trophies in other games but they’ve been on the game’s side rather than the particular trophy. ) It’s great that you’ve had a breakthrough though and hopefully your information will be able to help someone else too. I found the trophies for No Man’s Sky to be a massive letdown in an otherwise impressive title.
  5. I feel your pain. After this post I had a few others act up too. I was able to resolve them all but it’s a really annoying time sink for something that should be a given. The Prisms update released this week but I didn’t see anything about any sort of trophy fix. Hope you can get it sorted soon!
  6. Quick update on this as I found information on this topic hard to come by: **disclaimer - this is what worked for me, it isn’t a guaranteed fix. Potential spoilers ahead too** Context: On my first playthrough I had noticed some cards didn’t spawn and then on my collectible playthrough, as noted above, the first card in the Jack Karnas dream sequence was absent from the desk it should have been on. This rendered the Pandemic trophy unobtainable on that playthrough. What I did: 1) Just to be safe I wiped all my saves and deleted and reinstalled the game. 2) I went through the main story of the game collecting all the nanophage cards from the dream sequences. (Amir, Helena, Jack and then tracking the killer right up until the attic. DO NOT go up into the attic until you have 53 nanophage cards. 3) I then did the Pieta dream sequence 4) After this I did a general clean up of all the nanophage cards around the building 5) Finally I did the 7 new nanophage cards contained in ‘Her Fearful Symmetry’ ‘An Errant Signal’ and ‘It Runs in the Family’. Using this method meant I had 53 cards before the attic. The remaining 16 cards spawned as they should and the trophy unlocked for me. Hopefully this helps someone but just to reiterate I can’t guarantee that this will work as it’s a very glitchy trophy and the exact stipulations for causing this trophy not to glitch are not really known.
  7. After my second playthrough closely following a guide I got to the Jack sequence only to find the nanophage symbol on the table but no card to pick up. I’ve been scouring this forum for any advice on how to prevent the nanophage card glitch from occurring and I was aware of it before I started playing. I’ve noticed that a lot of people who had similar issues have since got the platinum trophy for this game. I just wondered if anyone has any advice or idea on how to prevent this irritating problem from occurring. Going to start a third run shortly but ideally don’t want to spend hours and hours just stabbing in the dark.
  8. On the console itself the only games you can ‘delete’ from your trophy list are those in which you haven’t earned a single trophy. If you’re following your completion stats on this website you can ‘hide’ the game from your profile but be aware that this will effect other things such as your milestones etc.
  9. Control Existing outside of normal reality, something’s not quite right with the Federal Bureau of Control and Jesse Faden seeks to unravel the paranormal secrets within in a bid to find her brother. Control is a game that’s been on my list of games to check out for a long time and its announcement prior to the PS5 was the equivalence of an early Christmas present for me. I’m pleased to say it lived up to my expectations and some. The world building in this Metroidvania inspired game is captivating and I’ve never found myself so engrossed with collectibles. Collectibles in Control are collectibles done right, with branching side quests tied to Altered Items and Objects of Power and characters past and present fleshed out and humanised. I would go as far as to say Control became one of my favourite games of all time. Though I’ve seen it criticised elsewhere I found the combat a joy to perfect and found myself challenging myself with no-hit boss runs (masochist Craig emerges once more) and returning to DLC challenges such as the Shum minigames and Jukebox expeditions. The gradual acquisition of more and more powers kept the game feeling fresh and meant I kept adapting and altering my playstyle, this combined with new enemy types and a few complex bosses kept a fair challenge and rewarding gameplay at the forefront of the experience. I was almost sad to see this game conclude, but it left me optimistic for future single player gems. Memorable Moment - Mold-1, potentially the most single difficult boss fight in the game was one of those I managed to do without taking a hit. No Man's Sky Critically slammed on its original 2016 release, No Man's Sky is a tale of an originally unpolished game that with considerable developer support has found itself delivering on some of its original promises. I embarked upon this voyage with little knowledge under my belt, my goal was simple... to reach the centre of the Universe on permadeath mode. I set the parameters, the most important of which is that I did not want to be piggybacked to the centre. I set out to achieve systematically working on all of the trophies along my journey, keeping my focus on survivability. As a newcomer to this game, I wanted to enjoy every quest the game had to offer and though the premise of this game is a completionist's nightmare, I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and what better way to do that than with a game which can't technically be completed. I would be lying if I said the incredibly glitchy trophies didn’t sour the experience for me but overall, my time with the game was mostly positive. I explored and discovered and as someone who’s never been one to shy away from a grind or a repetitive task, I found plenty to do to keep myself entertained throughout my 100 hours with this game. By the conclusion of the main storyline, I was overjoyed to see myself transported to the centre of the galaxy. I’m glad I didn’t skip over this truly unique game. Memorable Moment - Kitted out in my helmet for completing one of the quest lines accompanied by my S-Class explorer that I took days farming nanites to upgrade, residing on one of the games beautiful planets.
  10. I’m pretty sure I know the answer but do our PS4 season pass cars work on the PS5 version of the game?
  11. Great shout on the space station. I’ve currently got my character rubber-banded and hopefully that will nab me the 50,000 steps. Unfortunately the alien met trophy is still glitched for me. Started a new character and despite meeting 10 aliens still no trophy. Potentially might be worth completely wiping my save, uninstalling the game and then trying again and just reinstalling my permadeath save when the problem is solved... trying to stay optimistic.
  12. This was my initial thought process too. My character would be dying constantly through a depleted life support bar so I’m guessing it would take a hell of a long time. So annoying, I’ve been really enjoying the game up until this point too.
  13. So I started this game on permadeath and upon comparing my milestones to my trophies I noticed I’m missing two trophies that I have definitely unlocked. They are for: Meeting 10 Aliens (Bronze) AND Walking 50,000 steps (Silver) I’ve read that starting a new character is a potential way to fix this annoying issue. Can anyone confirm... also any farming methods for the 50,000 steps... I’m very reluctant to spend an additional 7 hours to obtain that milestone again.
  14. It was a really hard decision but ultimately I wasn’t proud of the fact that my rarest trophies were ones I had to boost on Overwatch. It felt like a lot of my great achievements weren’t earned legitimately or had required some sort of workaround. I miss having games rare platinums like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Battleborn, that’s for sure. Thank you for the feedback and kind words. I really like the concept of the memorable moments, I just hope I can manage to dig one out for each game I play.
  15. **reserved** **apologies for re-bumping this post for the third time but my reserved slots kept getting merged**