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  1. Where is my mind

    1. CandiBunni


      In your head. In your head. Zombie. Zombie. Zombie.

    2. Kittens Are Awesome

      Kittens Are Awesome

      In the gutter...or clouds. All I can think of.

  2. Looking to buy some DLC and clean up a little backlog while I try to platinum Advanced Warfare, any suggestions?

    1. STFUxDxD


      Finish up the Harley DLC for Batman AC and maybe also check out The Tyranny of King Washington DLC for AC3. Imo it was actually better than the main story.

  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas <3

    1. TheRealPadman88


      no its 4 days before xmas o.O

  4. Would you kindly?

    1. Memnoch


      probably best I don't finish that sentence

  5. Just turned 24 today, fuck my life. .-.

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    2. DEMON


      Ok :P I'm not an old person ;)

    3. JaM


      @d3m... ooooh.. you have that curse also? I am 18 now for 9 years :P

    4. RudeBoyWillie


      Just wanted to say thank you to all does make me feel better.

  6. Our Lord and Savoir Raptor Jesus.

  7. Uncharted 3 Hoarder & Collector Trophies are becoming a pain in the ass. Only need 4 treasures left

    1. ShadowGandalf


      I need most of them... haven't done any boosting and rarely find any. I mostly hate the fact that I keep finding duplicates.

    2. RudeBoyWillie


      Yeah I'm so close to 100% just need these 2 and 2 other not so hard ones.

  8. Fitz and the Tantrums - Out of My League <3

  9. Beaten DmC, now to platinum it <3

  10. HappyThankGiving

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    2. Kittens Are Awesome

      Kittens Are Awesome

      @ProGamer - It's the day native Americans regret that ever became a holiday.

      It pretty much signifies the help they gave starving settlers from Europe...right before they stabbed the natives in the back...literally.

    3. Kittens Are Awesome

      Kittens Are Awesome

      Oh yea...and happy Thanksgiving my fellow North Americans.

    4. McJacs2


      Gobble gobble, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you PSNPers out there :)

  11. Just watched Catching Fire, amazing :)

  12. Batman Arkham City Platinum Yay :)

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    2. Redgrave


      Congrats! Hopefully I'll get the plat for that soon.

    3. RudeBoyWillie


      Thanks guys, it's a pain but worth it hopefully your able to get it :)

    4. zadorvp


      Congratulations ^^

  13. Deadpool Platinum :)

  14. Man of Steel was amazing

  15. New favorite show It's always Sunny in Philadelphia

  16. You start to forget the things you should remember and you can stop remembering the should you should forget

    1. Mr_MovieMan29


      I was going to post something clever to this, but I forgot what it was.

  17. I love you so much, wish you were here and will be missed by many rip grandpa your in a better place

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    2. GhostBaneR3aper


      Sorry for your loss. I hope your best memories of your Grandpa live on.

    3. RudeBoyWillie


      I just want to thank you guys for the support it honestly means alot to me.

    4. REDSHIRT64


      Sorry for your loss pal.