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  1. Too late for me... But apart from what other person said, if you are in public don't engage in freeroam fights or hand your controller to kids ever. You will wonder for a while how they got them when you shouldve had them... Eventually one time it ended up in a baseball bat fight and other guy just wouldn't die in freeroam... Then poof freezed before i could report him to being a hacker next time you open GTA online suddenly rp is rising fast and then level trophies and then suddenly youre up to 8k and then it reverses to MINUS rp and your apartment is locked and then you have to contact rockstar
  2. So searched this, found nothing maybe the wrong keywords. In any case... Say there is a finished game or a game you aren’t gonna go for 100 percent/plat anytime soon... Now when we browse sessions, we see sessions for all the games we have. Is there a way to hide sessions of games we don’t wanna see entirely, coz it does get a bit cluttery Also finally a bit silly perhaps but is there a way to default order by game instead of date when we are looking at sessions?
  3. It’s quite simple more users, more plays is always good for Sony financially, and so is more purchases no matter what kind... less of that, which ps communities was enabling to happen, meant a loss for Sony... The original post was about the update and ps communities... The removal of that feature was justified We don’t want Sony to adopt the nasty tactics of other competing corporations Just so they could get ahead or even perhaps financially break even even quarter
  4. Question was about in app not the phone system settings
  5. Perhaps U seem to take this personally. Another guy here also had some issues regarding this matter, scroll up maybe is relatable. Point still is everyone pushing digital sales and yet NO PERMANENT ownership to that purchase (BAN, SUSPENSION DOESNT matter) even without that it’s still not a permanent ownership. maybe it’s the trade off for much cheaper digital sales There was a way back then too to mute notifications by changing ur online status to busy/not available. Any news of if PS App also has per party mute?
  6. Well I’d say those discussions didn’t really benefit IMDb or it’s members financially speaking. it’s all business and servers need money to run and so on, only those who truly understand won’t complain. yes ps communities is way better than psnp even for PS3 it’s just inside the psn ecosystem and one click basically very true. Well if it really matters, people should start some sort of protest to get it back (perhaps even improved with some extra features than psnp and discord have here) If there is enough voices SONY has to heed to them or risk losing a lot, but by surmisal it’s just a tiny minority who knew about ps communities much less use it perhaps 5 percent of psn user base at best so any corporation no matter how ethical simply won’t care they want profit and doing charity to 5 percent player base isn’t profit, unfortunately every company needs profit from every aspect. YES EVERY ASPECT (Perhaps it can be a ps plus benefit maybe in future) which is why they are making tv shows and movies about exclusives instead
  7. Yeah that’s true as well. But people can still use Discord, u don’t need to have the psn discord link. What I mean by racism and cultural hegemony is that in discord mostly is bigoted coz they only allow English(in servers that really matter) giving pathetic lame moderation excuse when they can easily get multi lingual mods. plus then the this would make it harder to sell Japanese products and culture and also other ones than the Anglosphere ones... coz ps app sucks so bad for such a. Long time everyone will be doing the discord link and be forced to use English (which then would force anglosphere culture) even psnp here is a good example of this, why do people have to submit to being forced to using one language and one cultural norm of a particular community? Simply put it’s easier, laziness to find multilingual admins/ create channels, forums in multiple languages and not just that but more important culturally appropriate content optimisation in the other languages etc and the Anglosphere just doesn’t care about the rest of the world. SONY SEES ALL THIS, AND THEY WANT NONE OF THAT NONSENSE (This is the actual reason, coz there is no other real one, really) And therefore rightly not integrating discord, and leaving it to people to organise if they want to use discord, coz really what does a discord link to psn do? Just removes one step of asking what’s your discord or server link aka the above mentioned laziness
  8. Although it was a nice feature mostly, but typing from controller and navigation lol c’mon! The app discontinued should’ve made people angry not this It’s very simple, Sony trying to be strict and heavily moderate makes easy victim hunting for those who want to abuse Playstation Safety, and most likely they are coming from Xbox otherwise why would they want to boot accounts off psn coz more players is always good for the community, and for Sony sales too... it’s coz they want people to hate Sony after a suspension or ban and ‘Switch’ over to Xbox (coz there it’s only comm bans and mostly temporary, u don’t lose purchases(big deal), trophies, save progress backup saves, files ps plus etc this is what is meant by saying Sony is making the right move here They have the vision and understanding to see this happening and rightly remove the communities feature finally.... Good corporate decision indeed
  9. They are all definitely related, once if you ever experience you’ll realise
  10. Had a real problem with ps app today, it had too much lag and wouldn’t even connect to vc, couldn’t read new messages. The boosting session went fritz, name calling nastiness this and that and we never got another match started after we switched from discord to ps app for the convenience of the two players who wouldn’t or blatantly refused to get discord (we were 6 on discord, 2 left for work/sleep so we needed 2 more to boost) But strangely this was coming off discord same day same hour coz two guys didn’t have discord and they clearly could’ve got it, but we needed the players to start match. Sometimes stubbornness and brand loyalty is bad to successful boosts so I totally agree with you As for the updates, the biggest bad one was the voice chat moderation and report enabling. There are some jokers around, probably Xbox players whose sole purpose on psn is to see Playstation only long term players get suspended or banned like they did to our guy @Miles Vanilla as their experience shows. Xbox players have this lfg thing, even on app which is akin to ps communities so makes sense they go hunting for victims and perhaps this is why Sony is removing it finally
  11. It says ‘Choose a platinum/100% from the person above’ booooooo spoilsport
  12. It will never happen due to the toxicity and politics etc of Discord. In a way glad it never will. Sony is globalised Playstation community whereas Xbox community is mainly North America and Anglo sphere focused some parts of Western Europe too maybe... and sad to say very racist and bigoted, which is why people don’t buy it outside those regions much and discord is simply an extension of that experience. Sony has the long term vision of preventing cultural hegemony and evils that psn-discord link can breed and rightly refused to do it and hopefully never do it even for a few big bucks
  13. I’ve seen people post nsfw content on very large communities and nothing happened to them lol, and it wasn’t even sexy more like eww stuff lol. yeah always use a throwaway alt, I have lil cousins who play so I got lucky before I learnt about suspensions and stuff coz I always used their acc to communicate Honestly Sony T & C keeps it clean and humble unlike Xbox and people got everything to lose on psn if not communicating on alts (which is why I always only do group party chats no solo DM) psnp discord server itself has better prospects than Reddit, the private boosting channels need some work 30 mins before is redundant really and permanent auto game channels for every game you own would be really cool too easy way to get boosters (with the option to hide it of course, once you’re done with the game)
  14. Playstation Communities app was the most convenient of things, ever. Even discord doesn’t compare. That was taken down a few many months ago and now this Maybe they’ll integrate it into the new but super laggy PS App, hopefully
  15. Tales from the Borderlands. What got Gen Z like us into the whole series craze! Really wanted to say Titanfall 2 but you’re a couple trophies short! (ರ ೃರ)