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  1. Would like to pick up Outer Wilds, but the DLC comes out in two weeks. Surely there will be some kind of bundle then? Eh, idunno. I'll just wait it out with Deathloop and Wario en route via Gamefly and god forsaken Kitaria Fables to finish.
  2. Nice to see more use of the trophy tracker.
  3. One of my most favorite games of all time. Plat took me 150 hours without exploits, but we've got over 400 hours in now. The multiplayer is an Overwatch clone, but it's done very well and I love the characters and maps. The single player levels are great and very fateful to the plants vs zombies universe with their humor and creativity. Also, everything can be played in local splitscreen which is relatively uncommon for shooters like this. The main problem with the character grind is that you have to play with EVERY character and they have to each be levelled up A LOT. They also limit you to a certain number of XP you can buy everyday with your coins. I would definitely not recommend trying the plat grind in single player only because the XP is so limited, but custom games with bots on the max difficulty give the same as online matches I believe. Expect 5 hours minimum grind for each of the 20 characters and some are far worse than the others. They still have (shitty) exploits for the zombies, but I don't think there's a working exploit for the plants.
  4. Doesn't appear to be in the 1.05 patch notes, but the list does look like good progress for them.
  5. A little off topic, but I'm wondering if the DLC content will be on the (new) disk or if it will be a one-time code for sharing purposes. I don't think Sony has a precedent for DLC like this? Spider-Man GOTY is the only I can think of that was re-released with DLC and it had one-time codes.
  6. Looks like it's online only which is a little disappointing.
  7. Unfortunately, $70 is the new normal. Hate to sound like an ad, but I'd really recommend GameFly. Since May 1st I've gotten a ton of game variety in with the trial and now on the 2 game plan. Don't sleep on that $7 tax either, because it adds up. If there aren't that many games you really really want to keep it's a great service. Miles Morales $50 - Also steep for only a 20 hour plat imo. Sackboy $60 - Co-op is great. Returnal $70 - Would've regretted it. So mf hard Pokemon Snap $60 - Would've regretted it. Got monotonous fast. Ratchet and Clank $70 - On the way, but I don't expect more than 30 hours of it from myself. Nintendo Switch launch titles are still pretty much all $60 four years later with one sale a year, so we could have it much worse.
  8. My guess is to try highlighting Montreal on the world map based on the trophy name. The first two levels aren't bad, but this game is not a walk in the park without screen cheating. It's pretty similar to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes or Them Bombs where one player reads the manual and the other explains what the puzzle looks like, but with a lot more variance. We're going to replay the first two as the other character to get a better idea of what we can each see.
  9. Haven't played a hunting game since the Cabela's games on GameCube many years ago, but I'd like to try it out. The lack of info makes it seem like it's either a very niche game or it's bad. Does anybody know about how long this platinum is? Are we looking at like 20-30 hours? 50-100? Are the points of interest and training each dog a grind? It also seems very silly that the PS5 upgrade is not free despite not adding anything other than load times and draw distances, so you can't even buy a cheap used ps4 copy.
  10. Recently played Guns, Gore, & Cannoli 2 in couch co-op. It's a fun little side scrolling shooter with an easy plat. Overcooked All You Can Eat is wonderful with a very easy learning curve, but a lot of things to master. The DLC's are all very fun on their own. A Totally Reliable Delivery Service is worth looking into. It's absolutely hilarious and driving all of the vehicles is very fun. If you don't have a local friend or buy the DLC it's a hella hard plat, though. If you like shooters, Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is absolutely amazing and you can couch co-op the whole game including matchmaking. The gameplay is basically plant based Overwatch and it's so much fun after you get good at it. There's a lot of XP glitches you can do to ease the grind, but the plat is like 150 hours minimum without them. That being said we're up to about 350 hours in it now. Can't wait for a next gen version.
  11. First patch doesn’t look like much. From their website: “Oddworld: Soulstorm 1.05 Patch Notes: News Soundbite VO in Train Hijack level changed Ranking in PS5 leaderboards is now correct Fixes for several cases of Abe becoming softlocked in rare circumstances Fix on PC for Keyboard and Controller remapping when language is set to Russian and Japanese Our next patch will be 1.06, coming for all platforms in just a few days. Among other things, this will include fixes for some rude Sligs that are, in rare cases, ignoring Abe and some strange behavior when Abe is turning off the timed toggle mines in a few areas.”
  12. If you're having trouble getting them to pop I'd suggest this guy's youtube video and literally no one else's. He goes a lot more in depth on which cheats disable certain things. I'm by no means an expert, but this guide got me all the trophies in one run less than 30 minutes. Whenever you use bobthebuilder it turns on FIVE cheats most of which will keep things from popping. Any time you are about to pop one you want to turn ALL of them to false. But that doesn't mean you can't use nocost or fasthatch to manipulate the game beforehand. For example, you can use fasthatch to hatch the egg, and you only need to turn it off right before you release the cuttlefish. You can even use nocost to build the entire rocket and all of its components you just need to turn it off before it's launched. fastbuild nocost fastgrow fasthatch radiation Anything in the GIVE section is fine. If you're about to run out of air just spawn a seamoth. Also, when you teleport with the Dev menu you need to pause IMMEDIATELY and let it load for a while.
  13. The matchmaking is definitely not random. It’s based on which letter grade your sportsmanship is in. Boosting is 100% impossible, but the lower your sportsmanship the higher chance you’ll have for a pole or win. Type in your PSN on the GT Sport section of kudosprime dot com to see what your sportsmanship is then look up the race ranges. Game may be old enough where they don’t matter anymore though.