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  1. It's a good game, but heavily overrated. Boring after 20 hours, I don't do the platinum. It is so extremly repetetive a 7 or 8 /10 is enough.
  2. Thanks, had the same problem on my PS4 version on PS5. Trophie popped after the way steel6burgh posted.
  3. It works with the settings in the picture and sport medium tires. I made also my car higher. A little bit slower but better than nothing.
  4. Doppelplatinum is mine. Love these games. The list seems to be like the other games wich is fine. I would suggest a NG 7+ Trophie or something like that.
  5. The Resolution Mode looks better in this game, especially if you sit near your 4K big screen TV. So I prefer that mode.
  6. Yes i am looking forward to play this gem again to platinum.
  7. It is very challenging on the higher difficultys and a good coop game. IGN sucks.
  8. This time zombie mode is very easy, just play and upgrade your weapon for 2500/10000 kills. And use your pearks. You can do it in multiple sessions.
  9. You have to connect a new Activision Account with your Playstation Account. At least this was a possible way in Cold War to get a trophie you got before on the other system.
  10. It is now in the EU store.
  11. I restarted my PS5 an loaded the save. That helped and unlocked the trophie.
  12. It should be right. But i would at least level up on more level to try, let the ps card get the actal progress. Sometimes it needs a trigger to count progress. If the level in the trophyprogresscard dont level up, i would not take the risk to do the level 99 hardcore trophie this way until it is 100% confirmed that it pops without the counter in the trophiecard.
  13. Yes Hammerdin is OP but no fun to play.
  14. Yes you can load the save, if it is an offline character. These characters can only play solo offline. But it is safer for hardcore. The online characters are saved in the ballte.net cloud. If you die you are dead forever. But you can play with 7 other players, trade and level up faster together. The summon necro should be the safest character for hardcore.
  15. Are they aware of the trophieproblems?