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  1. I restarted my PS5 an loaded the save. That helped and unlocked the trophie.
  2. It should be right. But i would at least level up on more level to try, let the ps card get the actal progress. Sometimes it needs a trigger to count progress. If the level in the trophyprogresscard dont level up, i would not take the risk to do the level 99 hardcore trophie this way until it is 100% confirmed that it pops without the counter in the trophiecard.
  3. Yes Hammerdin is OP but no fun to play.
  4. Yes you can load the save, if it is an offline character. These characters can only play solo offline. But it is safer for hardcore. The online characters are saved in the ballte.net cloud. If you die you are dead forever. But you can play with 7 other players, trade and level up faster together. The summon necro should be the safest character for hardcore.
  5. Are they aware of the trophieproblems?
  6. I restarted my Playstation and the Trophies then were correct in my list.
  7. 5 minutes to the game and no offical list on the psn. Thats a record.
  8. They should fix the counter so that everything you have currently counts. I dont see why this should be a problem to program in a future patch.
  9. Level 99 incomming
  10. Alex is very adorable. She and her history is why i don't regret the purchase.
  11. Up to the part that you should kill yourself in the first match, i understood it but when exactly should the invitation go out and be accepted. I tried it as a ps5 user with three ps4 users. Did not work in the base. Does the invitation in the mission screen with the 60sec countdown have to be accepted? Do i have to invite every mission?
  12. I have 28 after the patch and i hope the trophie unlocks after the thirtieth weapon.
  13. What is the strategy?
  14. Thanks guys, it works. Searched Mortal Kombat Unchained and it was in my recommendations.
  15. yes, it only worked in ghost n goblins for me.