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  1. I recently purchased the advanced warfare and ghost season pass, ive only seen the advanced warfare dlc on my ps3 download list. Is there any other way to claim the dlc on ps3? I was able to claim in on ps4. When i looked at the store it seemed to be full price on ps3 still.
  2. 1/10 - Batman: The Telltale Series (PS4) - PSNP - Obtained 2/10 - Spiderman: Miles Morales (PS5) - PSNP - Obtained 3/10 - Assassins Creed II (PS4) - PSNP - Obtained 4/10 - Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (PS4) - PlatPrices - Obtained 5/10 - Destiny 2 (PS5) - PowerPyx - Obtained 6/10 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) - PSNP - Not Obtained 7/10 - Dead by Daylight (PS5) - PlaystationTrophies - Not Obtained 8/10 - Devil May Cry (PS4) - PSNP -Not Obtained 9/10 - 2 options: Catherine (PS3) or Aliens:Fireteam Elite (PS4) - PSNP - Not Obtained 10/10 - Fall Guys (PS4) - PSNP - Obtained Not Qualified for any tiers yet, but i should be getting DBD done soon.
  3. Trophies before starting of the event Bronze - 1781 Silver - 516 Gold - 167 Platinum - 22 Total - 2486 Trophies on 3/5/2022 Bronze - 2013 Silver - 595 Gold - 198 Platinum - 28 Total - 2834 Ineligible Trophies Bronze - 34 Silver - 20 Gold - 20 Platinum - 2 Total - 76 Total Trophies During Event Bronze - 232 Silver - 79 Gold - 31 Platinum - 6 Total - 348 Eligible Trophies Bronze - 198 Silver - 59 Gold - 11 Platinum - 4 Total - 272 DLCs completed - 1 100% Games - 4 (ARK: Survival Evolved, Golf With Your Friends, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Assassins Creed II) I've been keeping track of my basic stats through the event in my own excel file, i hope this will help when you have to update everything.
  4. I do think it would make it easier to recognize which team is ours. I will be playing dead by daylight, assassins creed brotherhood/revelations, team sonic racing, and anything else that will help produce points. gonna go for 5 platinum trophies this month if i can.
  5. @DORE145 @MattbluePT @B1ngBangBOsh If you guys got any games/ideas for the march challenge let me know. i will continue to churn out as many points as i can. On another note: @rahulrx0, since our team leader never responded with a name, can other team members propose one? Personally id prefer "Don't Get Last" as a reminder lol
  6. @DORE145 feel free to add me to any group you make. I was messing with my privacy settings and messed up my psnprofiles trophy access but ill fix it back soon.
  7. Strange, i just realized i have the 25 milestone one completed too. Definitely a buggy trophy list that im sure will get fixed eventually.
  8. For some reason my Performance Matters Trophy hasn’t popped. All you have to do is reach 10 milestones which I’ve completed multiple times over. My friends have it, I’m wondering if anyone else is having trouble popping this one.
  9. I’m also confused as to why dragon ball z kakarot doesn’t count. It has an average completion of 61%, the 50th fasted 100% is 2 days 7 hours, and the game has a base trophy amount of 42.
  10. How does the trophy tracking work? Do you do it yourself or have you set up a bot?
  11. Me and a friend put all barrels in the drop pod the other day and the trophy did not pop. Other than that i have not had issues.
  12. Our last member will be @dark_moon689. so Gamers for God will consist of: 1. @Fysh_Taco 2. @steveblazinggrin 3. @stift1000 4. @Ruhkillmeez 5. @dark_moon689 with me as team representative. Thank you.
  13. @stift1000 and @Ruhkillmeez will be joining our team
  14. I have two members for our team so far. 1. @Fysh_Taco 2. @steveblazinggrin 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? Our team will sign up under the name Gamers for God Team Rep: Fysh_Taco Will update with any future members.