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  1. I think it is fairly random. The first time a saw a social chest was during the story mission "Trust is Earned" in Sequence 9. That is the only time I have seen one, and the one I got my trophy with
  2. HTC amaze 4g FTW...
  3. Got Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy plat about half an hour ago. My 2nd plat of all time, now to work on Sleeping Dogs
  4. Going for my first ever plat for Red Dead Redemption... Its not that difficult just might need some help with some MP ones like "Create a posse and get to the max number of players", "Win 4 matches in a row", and "Be the top player on 3 FFA games in a row" Also getting to Lvl. 50 in MP
  5. Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!!

  6. My old one is this one I got free for PS Plus... My new one is a MLB The Show 12: Detroit Tigers avatar I bought for 50 cents on the store Now on my trophy card and PS3 profile on this site it is a black box as you can see Thanks
  7. I just wanted some random help. A few days ago I changed my PS3 avatar. Non on this site it doesn't show my new avatar... just a black box. It was working before so I changed it so I don't know what's up. Not a big problem just wondering, Thanks!
  8. Welcome. I'm also new and this site is great
  9. I think Borderlands 1 & 2 have awesome intros To lazy to embed them....
  10. Watched Sinister last night... Pretty scary
  11. -The Last of Us - GTA V - God of War ascension
  12. A few weeks ago... Colin said he used it sometimes for trophies
  13. Pretty sure they mentioned it when talking about trophies
  14. Hey guys, I'm a PSN Profiles noobie and just found out about the through Podcast Beyond (BEYOND!!). I don't have that many trophies (Lvl 8, 66%) but I just stared hunting trophies and am looking to pick up my first platinum soon. So ya... Hi
  15. To platinum in progress: Borderlands 2, AC Revelations, CS:GO, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Skyrim, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Also I want to play Fallout 3