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  1. thank that was of great help ! actually this was the best tips i got for this game, if i had know it before it would have cut my time for the plats by half probably this should be put somewhere in the guide
  2. if you could explain what that strategy is, that would be helpful as i found the 2 other class hard to grasp, iv beat it with the warrior deck, took a couple of try but i think now i could beat it again easily on a 30+ deck, but if you have a couple of pointer for the mage that would save me a couple of hours learning about the cards and which to choose or the cards to unlock and grats on the plat!
  3. 126 hours...... il be surprise if i manage to get the platinum but sometime you just have to bite the bullet and enjoy the game first tips that im sure would cut that time by a lot would be a way to farm money cause its seems this will be the part that gonna take the most time; buying everything that unlockable, and from my first hours its seems gold are a rare commodities so here first tips......dont waste your gold in shop and keep it to unlock stuff
  4. i dont often praise game but wow what a surprise, what blow me away is only 59 person here got that game ??? if your wondering to pick it up on sale or not here some selling point: - have a look similar to darkest dungeon - slay the spire/roguelike/MTG gameplay im barely 5min in and i know im gonna sink a lot of hours in it, so i hope other people gonna pick this unknow gems cause there seems to be no info for the trophies, not saying will write a guide but il post what i can find, and now go pick up that game!
  5. that not right....to trigger the real Tokugawa you have to finish stage 6 with 1 continue or the easier way use 10 continue before starting stage 6 and it can be done with any character
  6. check back soon someone just plat it and made a great guide for it
  7. to get the option to destroy the sorrow at the end to get the trophy for matkina Dangerous Idea the guide is missing one important part you need to finish thoses mission first https://guides.gamepressure.com/tormenttidesofnumenera/guide.asp?ID=38802 https://guides.gamepressure.com/tormenttidesofnumenera/guide.asp?ID=38803 without it even doing all of this you wont get you the ending, rather the sorrow will kill you permanently hope this will save someone hours of searching update - i still didnt get the trophy, probably something to do with the relationship statut with matkina or something, one thing for sure if you want to kill the sorrow those 2 missions must be done, theyre both at the end and take 20min to do
  8. THESEUS HEIR - FIX...MAYBE? last night ive try for 3 hours this goddam trophy knowing i was under 15 sec, from another forum today someone was saying to not activate the door when you get to it just turn around and walk well guess what...that work on the first try!!, so i dont know if it was a flux, but it work for me so before throwing your control in the tv you might wanna try that and confirm this
  9. there really not much info on that game online, and no seed list to help out with trophies, so if anybody have seed that they use and got some trophy with it feel free to post them here my contribution OPCZKZIS - 1st floor - helmet&boots goblin pike blueprint and 14 letters 2nd floor - armor&gauntlets also youll be able to enchant your weapon and get all the element on multiple run altar x 600g = 1 extra life both floor are really easy and short hope this can help out someone!
  10. iv been doing this for my playthrought on hard (it really help finish the boss spamming both player special) but i dont think it cound as finishing it with both only first player count that mean a lot of boring playthrought and grind
  11. i was missing the words suspend and found out why i miss it following the guide as there an error making you miss it start chapter 7 Quacker Check Quacker Location: Principal's Office (scroll down) 1) Sorry. Location: Reference Room Location: Hallway if you follow the guide you will enter the reference room to find it empty, so the order should be start chapter 7 Quacker Check Quacker Location: Principal's Office (scroll down) 1) Sorry. Location: Hallway Location: Reference Room now when you enter the reference room the two girl will be there to give you the words in hope this cant be fix in the guide and help others avoiding putting 1 more minutes in this god awful game!
  12. you need to get the satchel from the 3 hidden island that let you hold more then 999 gems