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  1. I have this issue pretty much always when I freshly launched the game. I usually just keep pressing to get into the game as quickly as possible, losing no time at the main menu or somewhere else (only loading screens). But what helps is that I just fast travel to a different location. Not a near one but rather a location where you‘ll get like a 20 second loading screen or so. So if you are at one HQ just fast travel near another. Other than this I don‘t really have connection issues when I‘m already in the game for some time. Only in uncommon cases and when I fail to open a multiplayer app I just fast travel around the map, try again or just wait a few minutes driving around in singleplayer mode. As I said I like to rush into the game and then I can’t connect to a multiplayer session (or even open leaderboards). I actually tried letting the game buffer on the main menu a couple of times and I always waited a few minutes. For me at least, it doesn’t help, because there’s always a panel saying that the game is unable to connect to Ubisoft servers. And it doesn’t seem like the game would try to reconnect. So the only suggestions I can give to @Sundr0wn_ and everyone having connection issues before trying again to open a multiplayer feature are: fast travel to a different location wait a few minutes make sure your internet connection is stable
  2. I still haven't found a good mastery guide online. But I became member of an active club with many high tier players and luckily they answer my noob questions when I ask occasionally. They said, for geode mastery we should collect all of the companion eggs and upgrade our tools. And when I asked for normal mastery (I also asked this in Global chat) they always said we should buy cheap mounts, allies, mag riders and that other stuff on the marketplace. I just hit 160 normal mastery but there are not many cheap collectibles left, so you need to find a way to sell items for a lot of flux on marketplace. What both mastery systems have in common is item styles and recipes. So collecting these is not only time-consuming but will slowly add some safe mastery points. Remember, for the 2 mastery trophies we need 300 normal mastery and 100 geode mastery, resulting in at least 400 total mastery that you'll end up with. This is a huge grind. If you enter /mastery or /geodemastery in the chat the game will show categories with your progression of the things that give mastery points. So you can track what is missing and can be improved to boost mastery.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I made this post, because I'm new to PlayStation and this site and I stumbled across the "What Constitutes a Flag" post at some point and I remembered my Trove trophy falsely unlocking. So I wasn't sure if it's allowed and whether or not I should do something about it. But according to the "What Constitutes a Flag" post it should be allowed, because of the "In-Game Glitches/Exploits" rule. I have viewed some flagged game disputes and it seems that sometimes a player gets flagged for a game they played 10 years ago. Showing the evidence now that shows this is glitched is better in the long-term to avoid a future headache.
  4. I agree. Since I don‘t have a PS4 the themes are worthless to me. I really really like the Astro Bot avatars but they are locked behind bonus targets and I actually think the normal targets will be barely met. My most favorite Astro Bot avatar is the one in the last stage but I should just forget it. So I don‘t get anything useful, but I also don‘t care. I won‘t start any new games just for this challenge.
  5. The Recent Topics list doesn't show the sub-forum of posts. But when I saw the headline I knew it must belong to Control. The map is very confusing. When you take an elevator you don't know if you end up on a different level on the current map or on a completely different map. Most of the time it's rather clear, to me at least, but for areas that have stuff on different levels it's just a mess. It's not clear on what level you're at and if it's a top or lower one. I know they tried to show lower levels in a darker color but it doesn't work if a brighter color seems to be right above it. Combine this with a rather poor way of hinting the player what to do next and how to access the correct path and you wander around pointlessly, ending up at a completely different location that has nothing to do with it. Often, I just go in the direction of the next control point, hope it'll actually be there and then just fast travel, because moving around normally is not possible thanks to enemies spawning all of the time. I like how they put a maze in the game, because it's really just a maze within a maze. Simply amazeing! I found my way to use the map, so I only get confused sometimes and I understand how it could break the experience the game has to offer.
  6. I will also try to get the platinum without using cheats. From what I've seen you only need to finish story, do the collectibles and other miscellaneous stuff. I have a 100% save (without cheats) on my iPad (mobile version), so if the controls on the PS2-emulated PS4 version of GTA SA are fine, it should be feasible. That save also got like 200 hours of playtime but only because I used to just drive around when I didn't have my PlayStation. A never-fail-a-mission-run probably wouldn't be any shorter than this. To me it's still worth every hour. Yeah, that would suck. I've looked into some disputes and what I've learned is that in some cases you should just hide the game if you know the trophies you just earned aren't even possible. So when I play an online game and a hacker unlocks all trophies for me it's best to let them not sync onto this site. I wouldn't like it at all if I was forced to hide a game, but there are no better options, I think. It's good that for every trophy I earn a video and screenshot is automatically saved. Even though some videos or screenshots are missing, this feature works well for me. But I can't imagine how many TBs you'd have if you played hundreds of games.
  7. I hope I‘m very close to earning platinum in Control. I only have to spend some more ability points.

    1. HazyDie


      It should definitely push my completion past 90% again.

  8. I agree and didn’t know the drinking game used to be more difficult. The first time I discovered it was in Pawnee and I failed to beat level 3 or 4 multiple times so I moved on. I didn’t know yet that this guy is the hardest to beat and when I tried the other 2 they were easy for me. Not first try to beat level 1 to 10, but I hardly failed a level more than 2 times, as I remember. And after beating them, the Pawnee guy felt kinda easier. I still failed some times at higher levels, but not many. Without the patch it probably would’ve taken me a lot longer, so it‘s good that the patch exists. I didn’t even hate the drinking game just because I failed a couple of times. I love it, because I‘ve never seen such a mini game before, so it felt like a fairly normal trophy to earn. Again, without the patch I would’ve learned to hate this mini game, most certainly.
  9. 11 months since the last reply in this thread, I think it’s time to revive it!! 😁 I would consider myself a Cross Breed. Or at least I don’t know yet what side is stronger. And I know I don’t have many games on my profile yet. I kinda try to finish a game before starting another. On the one hand I like: – having fun while playing: I like Open World – earning trophies in general since every trophy counts: yes, trophies that are not platinum count as well – only starting games I can finish: meaning completing (nearly) all in-game stuff and trophies – completing different game versions (not other regions) to get some trophies twice (e.g. playing PS4 and PS5 version) – earning trophies in an unusual (and legitimate) order or multiple at once – entry-level trophy-speedrunning: only at rarest occasions and only when I already know the game by heart (never done it yet) And what I don’t like: – PVP: PVP-only games? Hell no! Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer Showdown? Sometimes, yes – playing a game I absolutely don’t enjoy just for trophies: only if I know it before earning my first trophy (this is where a second account comes in handy to review games) – playing shitty games that give platinum in minutes: who does that? It’s silly – I absolutely don’t care about trophy earning rate, I’m more on the completion side – autopopping trophies when playing different game versions: might not be preventable in online games, but if I wanna get a trophy list twice I better beat the game twice legitimately So for example, I got PS4 and PS5 version of Control from PS Plus. Currently I’m on my way to finish the PS5 version, since it should deliver the best experience. After that I would probably start the PS4 version, because of the trophies. I admit I would enable the in-game immortality and one-shot option in my second playthrough, but I would still have to go through the missions and collectibles. So I wouldn’t do it with a game that’s almost too difficult for me to complete just once.
  10. Thank you for your replies. I didn't think I would get replies this fast, because the last post in this sub-forum was updated like 5 months ago. As I said I don't plan to start GTA SA in the near future and I thought I would be waiting way longer for replies. I will buy it when there is a discount going on and when I feel like it. This game (and the bundle) is on discount over and over again, so I don't think I'll need to buy it ASAP at the lower price. I know I would be doing it entirely for my ego only and it doesn't prove any real skills, but I can seriously see myself trying this challenge. It could be that I fail it very early when playing and that's the charm for me. I don't know if side quests can earn me the trophy, so I think my only concern would be to finish all story missions. To me it looks nice in your trophy list as you got the trophy later in the game. By no means will I speedrun any GTA game. I actually don't know how one could get all trophies in less than 1 day or even a couple of days. So for me it would be a longer project.
  11. The first time when I played this game was on my iPad (mobile Version) in 2014 and I love it. Since then I finished the story multiple times and once got 100% completion. Recently I purchased my first PlayStation and noticed that you can play GTA SA on here too. I know it‘s the og PS2 version emulated to run on PS4. So there is no doubt that I‘ll also play it on PlayStation some time (not near future). There is the Assert Yourself Next Time trophy for failing a mission. Is it possible to get this trophy as the last trophy (unlocking platinum) in this game? Usually you would earn it very early in the game, but couldn’t I pause the game and restart from a prior save slot when I think I couldn’t finish a mission successfully? This would probably prevent the mission fail. I know this kinda sounds stupid but I would definitely give it a try, because how cool would it be if it worked? It would also take like a lot of time and nerves but when the time comes I could be ready for it, to be honest. What do you think of this plan? Should I try it when I‘ll get back to GTA SA, or is this the most ridiculous and insane thing you ever heard and I should just play it like a normal person?
  12. I also thought of completely restoring my PS5 to manufacturer's settings, but I have an issue with my controller. I don't wanna create an extra side hustle that doesn't solve the problem, because I think it might be normal like @DesmaBR suggested. In addition to automatic videos and screenshots I like to capture a lot of media myself while gaming. I have about 92 GB of just that, so I put it on an external USB drive and then I can back it up and view it with my computer. However, simple things like trimming videos is easier within PS5. So I would not lose any data if I completely restored my PS5, but if you have trophy videos (or any media) on an external USB drive you cannot copy them back to your PS5, which also don't like. I might just hope for every trophy I earn that my PS5 will have that video and screenshot ready at some point. Maybe this will get fixed later on. Edit (second reply): The other issue I was briefly mentioning has to do with the trophy notification that shows up while playing a game but also in the trophy video. I discovered that the trophy notification in the trophy video is like 1 or 2 seconds too early. So in the video it kinda looks like I got the trophy just a moment before I actually fulfilled the requirement. And also the screenshot is taken like 1 or 2 seconds earlier, having the same effect. I looked through some older trophy videos and screenshots and those don't have this issue. Is this normal too? To be honest some trophy videos look weird when the notification is just a moment too early.
  13. I would say about 3 weeks ago I noticed that whenever I earn a trophy on my PS5 the automatic trophy video doesn’t immediately get added to my media library. The screenshot is there after a maximum of maybe half a minute, but the video usually appears 5 to 10 minutes after the trophy actually popped. Sometimes the time stamp of the video is even some minutes later than that of the screenshot. So why does my PS5 need at least 5 minutes to add a trophy video to my media library when I earn one? Another thing I noticed is that the automatic trophy screenshot seems to be taken like a few seconds before the trophy pop notification appears, making it look weird sometimes. Is this normal or should I do something else to resolve this? I don’t wanna wait 5 minutes for a video to appear, because sometimes a screenshot or video of a trophy is not at all saved. So I have some missing. I don‘t remember my PS5 taking this long when I got it last year and I think these issues came with a recent software update.
  14. I have had the same issues. Sometimes when I was in Options it would just keep scrolling down. And when I pressed L3 to sprint, Jesse would either sprint for some seconds only or not at all. So in addition to fighting overpowered and creepy enemies in the game I was fighting the game either. It sucks when I just lost 75% of my health, because one of the flying things exploded right behind me and I can’t run away from the remaining 2. This was the moment when I opened artifact viewer in Astro‘s Playroom and selected the DualSense controller to check inputs. You know when you move your sticks and press buttons, it shows up in the game. I discovered that when I moved and held my left analog stick forward, the console would register an ever so slight forwards and backwards movement. So that stick was glitched or beginning to break down. This is my only DualSense so it was the one that came with my PS5. I only played about 700 hours on this platform (with that controller) and I‘m mildly shocked that I encountered stick issues this early. I can’t say when my issues started, because the games I played before were much more forgiving. I sent my DualSense in and hope I will be owner of a properly working one again soon to resume playing. I recommend everyone that you use artifact viewer in Astro‘s Playroom as well to see if one stick delivers faulty inputs when you move it. A YouTuber explained it well in this video (he was checking for stick drift, but you could also move them):
  15. Hi there! The Beaucoup Bombs trophy ("Throw 5000 bombs in Bomber Royale") falsely popped when I was doing Shadow Towers early in the game about 2 months ago. It popped when I defeated the second boss named Weeping Prophet and the game shouldn’t have given me any trophy. This trophy is normally unlocked after you threw 5000 bombs in Bomber Royale. I attached the trophy video that my PS5 recorded below, so you can see how it unlocked. My concern is that somebody is gonna flag me, because I got this trophy in less than 3 days after I got my first trophy in Trove. I don’t think it's possible to get it this fast if you just keep playing Bomber Royale mode normally. I don't know what the highest rate of throwing bombs in this game mode is, but I feel like it would take longer than a few days to throw that many bombs, considering matchmaking takes some time. Earning your first trophy in a game doesn’t necessarily mean you just started playing it. However, in Trove the Inkling of Power trophy ("Achieve 100 Power Rank") should be one of the first quick trophies that you get just by playing the game normally. Especially if you play Bomber Royale, you get a lot of XP (depending how long you stay alive) and if you level up you gain 15 Power Rank points for each level. So you should reach 100 Power Rank very quickly with any class, not speaking of gear which gives even more Power Rank and is a standard way of getting stronger. Also, the 16 different playable classes start at 15 Power Rank and level 1 if you unequip the basic weapon that gives 1 Power Rank point. I think this trophy is glitched and falsely unlocking for some, because I found other players who either got this trophy early or got it very close to the other 2 Shadow Tower related trophies that you get when defeating other bosses at later stages (and bosses can be insanely easy depending on your strength and difficulty). For example Haramfood05 (https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5664-trove/Haramfood05?order=date) got the Beaucoup Bombs trophy in just less than 1 hour and 10 minutes after the first trophy and Antonusgr (https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5664-trove/Antonusgr?order=date) got it in less than 1 day 19 hours after the first trophy. I can only speak for myself and I only looked at some profiles but there are other players who also earned this trophy early game and perhaps also got it in Shadow Towers or somehow differently in the game. I’ve read the "What Constitutes a Flag" post (https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/52663-what-constitutes-a-flag) and I don't think it mentions falsely popped trophies. My situation should fall under the point "In-Game Glitches/Exploits" which reads: I didn’t use any glitches like going out of the map and just played the game normally, but to me it sounds like this point would include falsely unlocked trophies. I would consider it a glitch if a game gives me a trophy when it's not supposed to. So it should be allowed in my opinion. What do you think of this situation that the trophy seems glitched and that some players got it very early in the game? Maybe it is possible to earn this trophy very quickly and I'm overlooking something. For me it didn't unlock while playing Bomber Royale and after I firstly saw the requirements of the trophy after I earned it, I was very confused because of that. I don’t wanna hide any games, because I like to view every game I played and resulting statistics on this website. I'm not sure what I should do if a game has glitched trophies and gives me trophies that are normally earned later in the game. Sorry for this long post but I don't wanna get falsely flagged and I tried to provide crucial information with this post beforehand.