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  1. I amassed my first 1000 play hours on PlayStation, very recently (according to PS5 stats)! 1012 to be exact. I really like the Watch Dogs series and spent 132 hours with the first game and 410 hours with Watch Dogs 2, making up 53,6% of my total play hours. It doesn't take long to platinum these games, but I love open world games and driving around in a public session in Watch Dogs 2 is very fun. The PVP stuff is okay but I don't really like it.


    I also spent 257 hours in Trove, which is my longest time I played a game without earning the platinum trophy. The other games I've played don't have a crazy play time like hundreds of hours but they were also very fun.


    Have fun with whatever you play!

  2. Good job! It's also my first platinum and my first game played on this platform. I instantly fell in love with the console, controller and Astro Bot, rather obsessed to be honest. I would definitely play the other Astro Bot games if I had PSVR. Some people have their memories of playing GTA SA on PS2 and I have my memories of playing this game on PS5. I also played GTA SA of course but only on mobile so far. Even though Astro's Playroom is a short game, it's a very good demo for the controller and they lovely packed the history of the brand in this game. My favorite trophy is Play Has No Limits!, because it has a PS5 in the icon.
  3. Finally got another annoying Trove trophy out of the way. It's the 'water plants 1000 times' trophy. Now I only have the most grindy trophies left. RIP but I won't give up, I can do it!!!!

    The grind is insane!

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    2. HazyDie


      @Jelly Soup Thank you and your Trove trophy list is quite amazing. Sorry for my late reply. It's possible to get the Bomber Royale trophy by getting 500 kills. I already put 257 hours into the game and I think this trophy and the geode mastery trophy are the most grindy ones. I totally suck at Bomber Royale but I'm making slow progress. Mastery just sucks in general and I think I'll destroy 1 mill blocks lastly. I already destroyed 200k blocks by playing and shooting bombs with dragons.

      I didn't know destroying 1 million blocks can be that easy.


      What do you mean with Geode chests? Do you know the exact in-game name? I'm not much into Geode stuff and I couldn't find any chests that probably give Geode mastery.


      I haven't lost my will to earn the 100%. I just hope they don't add more DLC trophies, because Trove is very unstable and at least one trophy is glitched where it pops when it shouldn't. Better than unobtainable, I guess.


      I hope you had at least some fun while playing. Trove can be fun if you just play without thinking about trophies. But it gets repetitive and if you're going for trophies you'll soon discover that you entered hell.

    3. Jelly Soup

      Jelly Soup

      Had to look it up, but the chest I was thinking of was both the Lesser and Greater Geodian Topside Cashe. You can get them randomly from dungeon rewards or buy them directly from the cash shop. Tests have shown that 50 or so of those should, on average, provide you a huge chunk of Geodian Mastery since the Lesser ones can give piles of rare crafting materials and the Greater one can drop everything possible to collect except delve gear upgrades.

    4. HazyDie


      Thanks for the tips! I will try to get these caches and hope that they boost my geode mastery. I'm also going for the Bomber Royale trophy and I'm very bad at it.


      Also sorry for almost posting the exact same thing! Sometimes I pre-write a post and then I forget to send it, or in this case I send it twice.

  4. 8 games played, 7 completed, 6 unearned trophies ... Yes, I'm gonna start a new game soon but maybe tomorrow. It will be Wreckfest and I hope I can relax while playing it. Would be a good balance compared to what I've played so far.

  5. #7 Control (PS4) Director of the FBC I became Director of the FBC ... again This is my second time playing the game, because I played the PS5 version before and wanted to try version stacking. If you wanna read my thoughts about the game, have a look at my other post: Assist Mode is a good help to do so. Still, it takes quite some time to earn all trophies, because with the DLCs the game isn't really short and some trophies just need time. The stacking was a good experience for me, but it may not really be worth it to replay a full game just to have the list twice on the profile. Makes more sense with really short games that can be completed in a couple of days. Originally, I planned to edit my first post, because I could have added some more thoughts to it. Now that I earned this platinum a week ago, I don't remember how to add more to the post so that it still makes sense. Instead, I'll add it here: Some more thoughts about Control (may contain spoilers) … Next up is Wreckfest. PS Plus gave me some great games since I started using this platform and I'm at least trying to keep up with the PS5 games that are on PS Plus. I won't play the online only games so I have Maquette and A Plague Tale: Innocence on my list of PS5 games that I will play. I'm not sure about whether or not I should start Maneater and Oddworld: Soulstorm. And every month there could be another single player PS5 game added that strikes my interest. And I'm not talking about PS4 games. There are so many PS4 games from PS Plus and the PS Plus Collection I wanna play, that it will take me a long long time to keep up with them and the new games. I won't rush through games, because I want to enjoy them and often I even like to just play when I already earned all trophies like 100s of playtime-hours ago (looking at you, Watch Dogs 2). I guess it's Trove. I wanna finish that game and it takes so much time. I'm also close to 500 trophies (less than 100 left) so that I need to plan what my 500th trophy will be. Would be nice if it was a platinum, of course and after that I might earn my 10th platinum. I also have to plan it so that this milestone doesn't become a game I don't like. So I'll have to start and play multiple games soon, but without finishing them. Just for some milestones on this site.
  6. Finally got my Watch Dogs to 100% (PSNP profile not yet updated). The DLC was very fun, just like the main game. Might be the best story I've played so far.

  7. The trophy cabinet has very limited spaces, especially without premium and when you played a lot of games. I put the most important trophies there. I pay a lot of attention to the trophy icon, because this is the first thing you'll see and to be honest is the only important metric when it comes to rating trophies. This is not sarcastic, I am 100% serious (okay, maybe I am sarcastic). I love my PS5 and I absolutely love Astro Bot! So, I have to put these little bots everywhere. My profile pic, my banner, my trophy cards, and my trophy cabinet of course … pure Astro Botness and I love it. The only picture that's not related to Astro Bot is my PSN profile banner. My most favorite trophy is the Play Has No Limits! trophy from Astro's Playroom, because it has a PS5 and the accessories in its picture. It doesn't get any better than this right now. You have to have this trophy! The other two trophies in my cabinet are there, because they have the first PlayStation in the picture and I like it also. Luckily, I can save one spot in my cabinet by not putting in the platinum of Astro’s Playroom, because you can just scroll down to my trophy milestones and see it twice! Sadly, I can't feel the nostalgia of this brand, because PS5 is my first PlayStation and my first real gaming device but I can imagine how nostalgic someone would feel if they played Astro's Playroom and also earned every PlayStation system before. I also like the Watch Dogs series. I have played the first and second Watch Dogs game and will start Legion maybe next year, I have it in my shelf. So, if I had premium I would definitely add any trophy of the series to my cabinet that has the Watch Dogs logo in the icon. It would fill the cabinet quite well, so even 10 spaces might not be enough to also show some other trophies. If you did this, any visitor would instantly see that you like Watch Dogs and I think it would be very nice to look at. (I hope I haven't overlooked a trophy)
  8. Before going offline I tried to find a coop partner for the T-Bone: Tag Team trophy (Watch Dogs 1 DLC). Matchmaking actually found another player after some minutes and we really did 10 missions and both got the trophy! What are the odds of this happening?

    Do you even have a conception of how rare that is? MILLIONS TO ONE! ASTRONOMICAL!

    I thought the DLC is dead but the video game gods decided otherwise. I enjoy the DLC very much. It's similar to the main game but just shorter and slightly different. Like replaying a miniature version of Watch Dogs, a demo if you will.


    Thank you and good night!

  9. Just got my second Control platinum off the PS4 version! I'm at exactly level 160 now with 0% progress towards the next level. I'll play the Watch Dogs DLC though and maybe I can earn some more trophies today.


    I'm just happy that I completed my first version stack but it's not really worth it. You just rush through the game and honestly lose valuable time you could have spent in other games. I'll definitely need to update my post of the PS5 version in the Most Recent Platinum thread, because I forgot some details that became clear to me when replaying Control.

    Such a great game, the audio and visuals are exactly what I like.

    1. HazyDie


      Just updated my profile and the timestamps of my last 3 Control trophies are nice, because they have at least some symmetry. They popped at 11:15:15 PM. Well, I was too late for 11:11:11 PM so I'll have to take this instead.

      But I like this. I guess it isn't that difficult to get the digits for seconds how you want them. Depends on the trophies, because not every trophy is so easy that you only have to press a button for 2 seconds (once you have the needed materials).

    2. ihadalifeb4this




    3. HazyDie


      Thank you @ihadalifeb4this! I like your username. But I hope you have fun when playing games.


      It turns out the Watch Dogs DLC trophies aren’t that fast, so I'm gonna enjoy it for a good time.

  10. @GuilhermeFr__ Sorry for the delay again. Congratulations on your Trove platinum! I'll add you. Do you still play Trove? My biggest concern is the Glorious Gladiator trophy which requires 500 kills in Bomber Royale. I can barely get kills, it's a very slow progress. How did you get this trophy so fast? Did you boost it or did you have the most kills already and only needed a few more? Do you have tips on how to get kills more easily? If you like to help me get this trophy I created a boosting session in this forum. The problem is that Trove has at least 2 servers and they aren't compatible. I'm on EU server and the first guy to join the session was on NA server. I don't know how many players here are on my server as well but I have a feeling most are on NA server. So it could be very difficult for me to find a boosting partner here.
  11. I think I'm also using the EU store. If you haven't already bought the base game I would definitely wait for the Gold Edition when it's like 75% off and buy it for sub 30 bucks then. Don't buy the Deluxe Edition, because it doesn't include the Season Pass. @J_E_B_B @smithylfc2008 You already own the base game so I think you only have the option to wait for a Season Pass sale or play the waiting game. As always: Nobody knows when the next sale will be but hope dies last! Just wait it out if you can and if there are no online trophies on the DLC list.
  12. Until yesterday I thought Watch Dogs Legion is the first game of its series to not be plagued by DLC trophies. I actually bought the ultimate edition and will perhaps play it next year. I rather wait until all content is available before I start it.


    Good night, it’s really late for me!

  13. I think everyone has a slightly different definition of trophy hunter and completionist. In my opinion, this post explains the terms very well: For example, I wouldn’t consider myself a pure trophy hunter, because I don’t do it competitively. I don’t want to platinum or 100% thousands of games in order get a high level and appear on top of the leaderboards. However, I certainly don’t mind collecting the same trophy list twice. But when I play a game for the first time I don’t do it just for some trophies. I need to have fun while playing and I like exploring, so trophies probably only make at maximum 1/3 of the fun for me. I'm definitely a completionist, because I wanna 100% all the games on my profile. In my opinion a truly great game is one that makes you come back regularly just for a short time or longer even if you already earned all trophies and there wasn’t added any new content. You know, just playing again and having fun while revisiting it.
  14. I'm no expert but you can't fix unobtainable trophies. You can't earn them anymore. I'm not a trophy hunter but a completionist. So what I would do is hide the game. This is also not a favorable thing to do but it would make the games with unobtainables disappear on this site and your profile on PSN. If you want a three-digit completion rate on this site you could achieve it like that but then it would also show that you've hidden some trophies. There is no way you can get everything you like if you have unobtainables, so you'll have to find a compromise that makes you comfortable given the situation, I guess.
  15. It's funny to see my completion rate drop into the 80s when I start a new game. I'm right behind 90% again. I knew I should've gotten one more trophy last night when playing Control but it was getting late. I'll clean up my profile a little by finally earning the DLC trophies from Watch Dogs after I finish PS4 version of Control