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  1. @JORDANM95 i hearted you tell me when if u hearted me
  2. @JORDANM95 i can't find you just friend me through psn it will be easier
  3. @Kerl_mit_Pony @JORDANM95 can you guys heart me i will heart back
  4. i couldn't find ur guys levels can u acctpet the friend request so i can heart them will u also heart my stuff back i will aperciate it
  5. Looking for hearts to my profil and my level hearts too and be played, I will do the same you. Psn: JORDANM95 will heart pls heart me and my levels just add me as lonleydel21 or look up top of the class trophy
  6. i searched it up couldn't find the level also will i get the story trophies for collecting all prize bubbles from the community level
  7. i tried the 60 heart trophy method and it didn't work i had two alts and heart all 20 levels on all 3 of my accounts and the trophy didn't pop
  8. Username: lonleydel21 i just need help with the create trophy and 2 player prize bubbles in story mode heart me and my levels and i'll return the favor just search lonleydel21