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  1. FYI, Avengers is currently running 4x XP gain from 29/07 to 01/08, perfect time to get those hero levels up!
  2. Hello! I recently got 100% on Hitman 3, and so am ready to trade the game in. However, I’m worried that the game might drop some DLC in future and add extra trophies, like Hitman 1 and 2 did. Anyone know if they announced or planned for future DLC? I saw there was the 7 Sins stuff, but there’s no trophies for those
  3. Did you find a way to fix this one? I’m in the same boat
  4. I’m thinking the servers must be region locked - I’m in AUS and have been sitting in empty lobbies for hours on multiple days and have yet to get a full match… this is torture lmao
  5. Yeah sweet, I think at this stage I’ll just trade it in, can always pick it back up for cheap in future if needed - thanks everyone!
  6. Wild - I’ve been playing this game the last couple of weeks and never had anything like this! I’m playing on the PS5 though so could be related to the assets not loading due HDD speed / storage? Would your HDD be pretty full, or playing via extended storage etc? Otherwise not sure